Enhance Pro Gamer Cable Holder conquers mouse-cord chaos

Wireless mice are great, but if you prefer a wired pointer how do you keep the cable from tangling on pretty much everything on the desk? I usually tie the cable to the keyboard tray bracket, but not everyone can do that. This is where a mouse cable bungee comes into play. Much like an actual bungee cord you use tie yourself up and jump off a ledge, this handy little accessory allows you to feed the mouse cable through and prevent it from getting caught up.

What you'll like about the Enhance mouse bungee

The bungee is a strange PC accessory and is not one I considered purchasing at first. I know of a few other vendors who sell them, including Cooler Master, but today I'm relaying my thoughts on the mouse bungee from Enhance. Priced at around $25, it's not the most expensive option available but it's also not cheap.

One of the good things about this bungee is that it works. If you happen to have a tangled mess after using the mouse for some time — I do when running a mouse on the top section of my desk, it can get tangled everywhere — this thing can really make a difference. It's all about how the bungee feeds the cable through the arm, supported by the weight of the main unit.

The base of the bungee houses a single USB input port on the rear where the support arm can be installed. On the front, there are four USB passthrough ports, which are ideal for offering more ways to hook up a device, or few of them. This connectivity isn't required, nor do you need to have the bungee plugged in if you're not a fan of LED lighting and do not require extra USB ports. It's simply nice to know both are presently available.

The design is also nice, with the LED lighting coming out of only a few of the pillars, as well as under the circuit pattern on the top surface.

What you'll dislike about the Enhance mouse bungee

I didn't really notice any issues with the device, aside from a few instances where it would slide a little when making some aggressive mouse swings. The LED lighting may be a deal breaker for anyone who doesn't wish to create a light show, but thankfully this can be disabled fairly easily making it a no-brainer if you seek some sort of solution to pesky mouse cabling.

Bottom line on Enhance mouse bungee

A mouse bungee is a worthwhile purchase for anyone having trouble keeping cables at bay on a desk. It's inexpensive compared to alternative products and does the job well, offering extra USB ports and LED lighting. For the price of $24.99, it's a neat little package.

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Rich Edmonds
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