Enjoy a dual monitor setup with $70 off the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro

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Whether you’re illustrating logos as a graphic designer or sifting through charts as a data analyst, nothing boosts your productivity like a second monitor. However, if you need to get work done while on the go, whether at a coffee shop or on a plane, you’d be crazy to haul an entire monitor with you. That’s why Mobile Pixels has designed this portable dual monitor, which you can get for just $179.35 by using coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro is a portable dual-screen laptop accessory that allows you to work with two monitors anywhere and everywhere. With a second 1080p display, you’ll have more screen real estate for video editing timelines, illustrations, data analysis, and more.

Simply attach the DUEX Pro to the back of your laptop and swing the hinge out to double your screen space. The hinge rotates up to 270°, so you can extend or contract your second screen depending on how much workspace you have. You can also swing the DUEX Pro 180° away from you, which is perfect for 1-on-1 presentations or conferences.

Some jobs require multiple monitors, and with the DUEX Pro, you’ll always have a second screen on you no matter where you go. Normally $249, you can get the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro for just $179.35 with code SAVEDUEXPRO today.

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