Enpass now lets you sync passwords with OneDrive for Business accounts

Enpass for Windows
Enpass for Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Enpass 6.4.0 is now available for Windows.
  • This update adds cloud sync support for OneDrive for Business accounts.
  • The move was made possible by some API changes from Microsoft.

Enpass added one of its most requested features with its latest update: OneDrive for business sync. While Enpass could already sync vaults with personal OneDrive accounts, this update allows anyone using an Office 365 business account to use the feature as well.

"Many of our users are using the Office 365 business account, and it was getting a little obnoxious for them not to be able to sync with OneDrive," Enpass said in a blog post announcing the update "The reason was, the earlier APIs of OneDrive for business was a little clunky to use for the developers, making it back-breaking even for Enpass to support the sync functionality."

Enpass says that Microsoft worked on updating its APIs last year to make it much easier to implement syncing with OneDrive business accounts. It's worth noting, however, that changes in the update will mean that sync with OneDrive will get disconnected once you update. All you have to do is re-enable OneDrive sync and it will continue to work as normal.

Here's a look at the full release notes for Enpass version 6.4.0 for Windows.

  • Support for OneDrive Business: Enpass now supports OneDrive Business. If you have OneDrive already synced, your sync will be disabled, and you would need to set up the sync with OneDrive again.
  • Keyboard Shortcut to reveal Password: As requested by a lot of you, we are adding a shortcut for displaying the passwords for a particular item by pressing Ctrl+Shift+H while viewing the item detail window. Improvements:
  • Enhanced Autofill: Your favorite feature, enpass Autofill, is now better than before.
  • Improved performance for the item listing.
  • Windows Hello Dialog box was hiding behind Enpass assistant window. Fixed.
  • Resolved issues with Categories for login items being displayed in the Spanish language.
  • The selected item was not getting deleted on pressing the delete button. Fixed.
  • Issue with TOTP fields while importing from other password managers. Fixed.
  • Tag updation was not triggering the auto-sync. Fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes & crashes.

If you're already using Enpass, you can grab the latest update now. If you're interested in giving the password manager a shot, you can download it now from the Enpass website.

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