Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney confirms Nanite and Lumen PS5 features will be available on Xbox Series X

Unreal Engine 5
Unreal Engine 5 (Image credit: Epic Games)

What you need to know

  • Recently, Epic Games unveiled Unreal Engine 5.
  • The tech demo was showcased on a PlayStation 5.
  • It was unclear if advanced features like Nanite and Lumen would be available on Xbox Series X.
  • Today, Epic's founder Tim Sweeney confirmed that both would be available on Microsoft's console.

A few days ago, Epic Games revealed Unreal Engine 5 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5). Since then, there's been some confusion about whether advanced features like Nanite and Lumen would be available on the Xbox Series X. Both of these are used to achieve photorealistic environments.

Luckily, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney clarified this a few hours ago. He confirmed that both Nanite and Lumen are coming to Xbox Series X. He said, "The Nanite and Lumen tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both."

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This should clarify matters because many gamers have been confused. Many Xbox Game Studios are using Unreal Engine for their upcoming titles, and the advancements of Unreal Engine 5 should help with that.

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  • I couldn't imagine epic doing anything proprietary in this day and age. They are a pretty open company. The pc exclusives being the one exception.
  • Makes sense, the video implied the tech would even run on current gen, so the Series X is a given. Confirmation is always good though.
  • Ummm... PS5 reveal was nothing more than marketing... of course all features will be available on the more powerful XSX...
  • Absolutely. But if you read the comments in YouTube etc, the masses are stating how PS5 is now destroying Xbox. Was clever marketing by the PS team.
  • Right... that is because there was zero good news coming out if the PS camp. The demo didn't hit 4k or 60fps. Maybe it may not have hit 60 fps on XSX.. But I bet they could have got the demo to hit 4k on the XSX... good marketing? Yes.. is PS5 more powerful because of ssd speed... not by a long shot. Delusional PS fanboys are going to be very disappointed when Xbox 1p studios show their games off in July.
  • Yeah, it's pretty hilarious watching Sony fanboys dance around over *checks notes* 1440p 30fps footage with no ray tracing
  • The XSX wouldn't hit 4K in this Demo, nanite scales with resolution meaning that when you increase resolution you increase poligon count, maybe the XSX could achieve 1440p without dynamic resolution but that's it. We don't know if the flying part of the Demo would run on the XSX without downgrades though, Epic kind of implied that it didn't but we can't be certain.
  • XSX could handle a higher polygon count.
  • I will say it was a giant mistake for Xbox to show first "gameplay" footage of the XSX... headlined by small studios that didn't take full advantage of the hardware. Any idiot on team Xbox should have known their would be negative press after that show.
  • The amount of people on the internet that somehow thought it meant Series X could not do it was crazy. What's important to note as well, is UE is just one of many engines. It may turn out not to be the best engine. Who knows what Crytek might do. Unity is amazing. And then there is engines that Turn 10 build and 343 with Slipspace Engine. Among many many others. I never thought for a minute Series X was not capable of the LOD seen in the PS5 demo. It's SSD is more than fast enough for Assest streaming.
  • Was anyone actually confused by the situation? I doubt it. I struggle to believe that anyone, even the most rabid fanboy, would think this was not coming to Xbox. It's a Dev engine, and Epic want everyone to be using it....... Edit, came as a reply to yours, my error. Was meant as a general comment.
  • Ohhhhh I read an article on Kotaku that states otherwise and all the comments backed it up. People honeslty believe that the SSD is going to make that much of a difference. It's simple: 3.5 < 3.8
    2060 < 2080 Regardless if you have a SSD or a HD. The 2060 will never equal or best what the 2080 will do. Nor will 3.5 be faster than 3.8. Ever. Not in this world or any other parallel wierd world
  • What? What are those?
  • I believe the 3.5<3.8 is the GHz of the Processors (PS5<XBSX) and the 2060<2080 is referring to the Nvida GPU version used. Sony is using something comparable to a 2060 whereas the XBSX is using a 2080.
  • You are being disingenuous at best, it's 3.5Ghz vs 3.66Ghz, the 3.8Ghz is only with SMT disabled. The PS5 is in pure Tflops stronger than a 5700XT, that places it in 2070 Super territory and not 2060. If we count with potential IPC improvements (that AMD is strongly implying) both consoles will actually be stronger than a 2080 super, the PS5 might be slightly bellow the 2080ti and the XSX might match the 2080ti or be slightly superior. This is the generation by far where the consoles are closer in terms of GPU and CPU performance. The CPU difference is basically non existence, and GPU is almost insignificant.
  • Cheers. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Was never confused. Its unreal engine. Cross platform.
  • UE5 runs on PC first of all, so on DX12. Xbox X or wathever xbobx runs on Windows, so on DirectX, so anything ported to the PS5 can run first on DX12 so on PC and XBox. Simple.
    It makes me laughing when i read these articles honestly.
  • I assume PC too but I'm afraid to ask.