Epic Games Store challenges Steam with 88 percent revenue going to developers (update)

Updated December 6, 2018: Epic Games is getting a lot of support for the Epic Games Store from titles like Genesis Alpha One, Maneater, Outer Wilds, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Satisfactory, World War Z, and Super Meat Boy Forever.

On consoles, there are only three major platforms which distribute digital games. You don't have to pick and choose which service you want to buy a particular experience on, aside from the console which offers the best visuals and performance perhaps. The same can't be said for PC. There, we have Steam, GOG.com, and the Windows Store. Apart from that, certain publishers like Activision, EA, and Ubisoft prefer to release their games on their own platforms like Uplay. Despite the fact that a lot of competition exists, Steam dominates the market share. Well, we have another challenger entering the market.

According to a report by GamesIndustry, Epic Games is launching a competitor to Steam. The outlet said, "The company today announced that it will soon open the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform that eschews Steam's standard seventy to thirty revenue split to give developers 88 percent of the revenue their games bring in."

Image provided by Epic Games

Image provided by Epic Games

The Epic Games Store should launch on PC and Mac computers. However, the company plans to open it up to over devices in the future. If you're using Unreal Engine, then Epic Games will waive all royalties generated through the storefront. This arrangement should bring a lot of game developers to the Epic Games Store because a lot of games are made using Unreal Engine nowadays.

Lastly, the Epic Games Store will also have a program designed to reward content creators for showcasing certain games. It seems like the company has thought of it all. It's unclear how successful Epic Games will be with their new store, but allowing developers — especially small studios — to keep 88 percent of the revenue is a great move for the industry. Let's see if Steam follows suit.

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  • How much does gog take?
  • I think the same at 30 percent. Only itch.io is smaller at 10 percent but I don't think a lot of people use it. Plus, the Epic Games Store is free for those who use Unreal Engine.
  • 88 percent.....great Scott Marty!!!
  • Needs a better name. Imagine if Steam was called Valve Corporation Store.
  • To be fair, unless you were familiar with Valve, you wouldn't know it had to do with gaming. However, "Epic Games Store" is a bit more descriptive of a name than "Valve Corporation Store." I will grant I don't think its a great name, but simply because its boring, not because of the reason you mentioned.
  • To be fair, I really doubt if majority of PC players at that time have no idea about Valve.
  • Remember the time Tim Sweeny went on about MS trying to destory Steam with the Windows Store? Lol Always love hypocrisy.
  • I forgot about that! This is hilarious!
  • LOL. Yet Another Store. That is what they should call it!