Escapa, a simple yet challenging Windows Phone 8 game

Escapa is a simple, straightforward Windows Phone 8 game that isn't without challenge. The goal is to guide a little red square around the playing field, avoiding contact with the blue objects and the playing field borders.  Sounds easy enough but those pesky blue boxes are persistent and room to maneuver can get tight.

Escapa has a level generator that reportedly can generate four billion levels of play giving you plenty of gaming.  You can test your avoidance skills up against the clock or play on-line against other Escapa players to see who can rack up the best score.

Graphics are simple, game play direct and overall Escapa isn't a bad game to pass the time with.

With Escapa you'll need to log in with your Windows Live account and create a user name for the leaderboard.  From there you have two choices... play Escapa Classic or choose a random level of play. Escapa Classic is a local game without any online competition.

The Random Level option will let you generate a random level (here's where the 4 billion levels come into play, compete for the best scores on levels being played right now, play the level of the day, or choose from the top fifty levels.

Regardless of your gaming choice, the playing board has a red dot that you control by touch and an assortment of blue blocks. Once you tap the red dot, the game begins and you have to move the red dot about the board avoiding not only the blue blocks but also the border.  Once you make contact, the games over. Your score boils down to how long you survive before getting hit or running into the border.

Online play is against other players but instead of real-time, head to head action, you are competing against others on the same game level for the best score.

Escapa is a fun game but it's easy for your finger to get in the way. The only way to avoid that is to make the playing board larger but with more real estate on the board, that might water down the game's challenge. Escapa doesn't have many bells and whistles but it is a fun game choice to pass the time with.

Escapa is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device. The free version lacks the online play and to unlock those features, you'll have to pay $.99 through an in-game purchase.  You can find Escapa here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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