EVE Online 'Project Nova' shooter cancelled, but there's a new EVE Online shooter in the works

EVE Online
EVE Online (Image credit: CCP Games)

What you need to know

  • Eve Online is a popular space multiplayer game.
  • The developer has tried making two first-person shooters in the past.
  • The latest, "Project Nova," has been canceled, but another one is in the works.
  • You can play Eve Online for free on PC.

Eve Online is an incredibly popular PC massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that has countless players even after all these years. If you follow the game, you may have heard of "Project Nova." It was supposed to be a first-person shooter spin-off of Eve Online, but unfortunately, it's been shelved.

Today, a report by PC Gamer broke the disappointing news. The outlet said the following, referencing a Pearl Abyss parent company earnings call.

Project Nova... is officially dead according to CCP Games. The news was originally announced during a Pearl Abyss... earnings call over the weekend, but since then developers have taken to a few different forums to confirm the news and elaborate on what's happening.

However, don't lose hope just yet. CCP Games' George Kelion said the following on Reddit.

We're continuing to develop our... multiplayer shooter game concept actively evolving it beyond the original scope for what was formerly codenamed Project Nova... Development efforts on this concept are now the full focus of CCP's London studio. Project Nova team members based in Iceland have been moved onto other projects at our Reykjavík studio.

Let's hope that this mystery project sees the light of day because this will be their third attempt at the first-person shooter genre. We wish them the best of luck and hopefully, we'll know more about it soon. You never know, we may even get a trailer or some early gameplay footage.

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