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Even more evidence that Snap, Touch Pro 2 will hit T-Mobile

Not that we really need more indication that the HTC Snap and Touch Pro 2 are headed to T-Mobile, but here you go. TmoNews snagged a couple of inventory screens that show the "Dash 3G" (aka the Snap), and the Touch Pro 2 (which may or may not still show up as the Wing II - we're hoping not).

And that's cool, and everything. More confirmation is good. But if anyone wants to shoot us some launch dates (July has been rumored) and prices, that'd be even better.

Via TmoNews (parts 1 and 2)

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  • wtf, why does everybody thinks its a big deal cus T-Mo is getting the Snap and TP2?!?! AT&T will get em, VZW will get em, and Sprint will get em too. Don't even waste your time editors...
  • Obviously because its one of the BIGGEST Phones to come out and T-Mobile has an Exclusivity for the First Few Months, maybe 6 months. This is A BIG BIG Thing!!! Don't listen to the Haters, they have no lives and that's all they live for.