Eventbrite wunderapp Events for Me updated, brings wallet integration and more

Windows Phone is happening. The gap for quality apps is closing every day, whether it’s an official app or an excellent third-party one. Eventbrite doesn’t have an official app on Windows Phone yet, but Events for Me is so good we might not need them. The latest update adds some sweet features that just put this over the top. Let’s check them out.

Eventbrite is a service that aids people in the entire process of organizing and running an event. Users fall into two basic categories: event planners and attendees. Events for Me is aimed at attendees, allowing them to log into their Eventbrite account and access their tickets, check upcoming events, and more. Here’s what’s new in the latest 1.3 update:

  • Added Wallet integration. Now you can store your tickets in the Wallet!
  • Now showing multi-day symbol next to multi-day events
  • Localized the project - new languages will be added in the next releases. Please submit requests for which languages you would like to see via the UserVoice link on the About page.
  • Removed the limit of max 5 events only on the main events pivot
  • Added UserVoice, Rate This App, and Our Other Apps links to About page
  • Added 'Forgot password' link to the login screen
  • Added Share option using QR code
  • Bug fixes
  • More exciting features coming soon

Having the ability to grab Eventbrite tickets from the Wallet in Windows Phone 8 will be very handy for those with many upcoming events. That’s the biggest update in the latest release, but the other small changes are welcomed for making the app better overall. Bug fixes are typical, but the UserVoice addition will help allow you to become part of the development process of Events for Me.

Right now Paras Wadehra, the developer behind Events for Me and a Nokia Ambassador, is going to be focusing his future efforts on adding NFC to this app. He’s also working on an app for event organizers to accept check-ins and manage events. NFC will allow attendees using Events for Me to tap their phone to an event organizers phone to check in.

You can grab Events for Me for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Store for free, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right to grab it. 

QR: Events for Me

Sam Sabri