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Evernote revamps its Windows desktop app with improved UI, smarter search and more

Note-taking app company Evernote is launching an all-new version of its Windows desktop app. The app, which is a major rival for Microsoft's OneNote, includes some new user interface improvements, better search features and more.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Evernote says the new Windows app includes a revamped left sidebar in the UI with some new features:

  • Select 'Notebooks' to pull up all your notes in the Note List. Expand the 'Notebooks' section to reveal all the notebook stacks and notebooks not organized into a stack.
  • Drag and drop a notebook into or out of a stack to move it to a different location.
  • 'Trash' now sits permanently as its own section, permitting easier access to deleted notes.

The sidebar can also be reduced down to an even thinner navigation strip in the app. Also, Personal and Business Evernote accounts can be accessed on two tabs on top of the sidebar. The blog noted some of the improvements for searching in the app:

You'll notice that the search bar sits at a new, more natural place on top of the Note List, closer to your results. Now when you perform a search, Evernote will suggest narrowing down to specific notebooks and introduce parameters to refine or broaden the breadth of your search. Evernote will also scavenge through 'Trash' for relevant notes that might have been accidentally deleted.

New color options are now available to label important notebooks and tags in the Evernote app.

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  • Great, now all I need is the app converted to UWP, supported on Windows 10 Mobile, and their Web Clipper extension ported to Edge. Then I'll be happy. :) Posted from Windows Central app, Built for Windows 10.
  • Aren't you happy today?
  • Happier* ;)
  • Alright, let's listen to Coldplay - Everglow to cheer up the Evernote spirits :)
  • These are some welcome changes that have been long overdue in the desktop app. Thank you, Evernote team! Still outstanding and a major sore point for me personally: A UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app will be a welcome addition for use on tablets and phones (and on the desktop too). The current Evernote Touch app has always been awful, while the Evernote app on Windows Phone has some odd behavior that still does not feel natural, even after years of using it. A consistent user experience across platforms is very much needed, and that's where I think that a UWP release can help streamline coding and design efforts. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • agreed. Also, having a Surface with touchscreen, Evernote just isn't as useful with handwriting as OneNote is. You can create a handwritten note but it 1) doesn't scale well to mobile and 2) you can't write on an existing typed note. Glad they're trying but a real UWP with better integration with Surface Pen is a must for me.
  • I'm over Evernote after too much neglect. I ported everything over to OneNote. Maybe they'll show a little love to Win10M and I'll give another look. They have so many add ons and ancillary apps for iDroid that never make it to to my Lumia.
  • For what reason would they justify investing in a dead mobile platform at this point?  And if they aren't going to target mobile, why bother going UWP if they already have a desktop app that works?  The Surfaces do come with keyboards, last I checked...