Every Oculus experience that supports Touch gamepad emulation

The Oculus Runtime version 1.14 began rolling out on April 20th, and with it came support for Touch controllers to be used as a gamepad. This emulation means that a bunch of games that recently only had gamepad support can now be used with your Touch controllers. There will be less switching of controllers when you decide to switch games, and besides, your Touch controllers are a pleasure to use.

No, this doesn't mean these games will now have tracked motion control. It just means that the Touch controllers can be mapped as if you were using a gamepad; two joysticks, four buttons, two bumpers, and two triggers.

Not all games that have native gamepad support work with this new Touch emulation. As mentioned in the Oculus forum, any apps with this new feature will be marked as so in the Oculus store.

Instead of having you plod through the store to see if any of your existing Rift experiences have support, or to see what other games have support, we've compiled a list of every experience with Touch (as gamepad) support.

Rift games that support Touch gamepad emulation

Rift entertainment experiences that support Touch gamepad emulation

Rift apps that support Touch emulation

Rift Early Access experiences that support Touch gamepad emulation

Your experience

Have you tried using a Touch controller instead of your gamepad? How did it go? How were the buttons mapped in the particular experience? Let us know in the comments section!

Cale Hunt
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