List of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 vehicles

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is open for business we can take a look at some of the extras available in the game. In the Blackout mode — Blackout is Call of Duty's new Battle Royale mode, and it's amazing — there are four main vehicles to help you escape from the collapse of the safe zone, and to generally help cause as much mayhem as you can before being taken out.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

The ATV is a small, lightly armored two-seater for getting around the map as quickly as you can. While it has some small protection for the driver, your passenger is completely exposed and any good sniper is going to destroy you.

If you need to use it to escape the collapse do it, but get on, get out, and get off as soon as you can.

Zodiac inflatable boat

The Zodiac boat is probably the least helpful of the four vehicles in Blackout. There really isn't that much water and the only time to use it is escaping the collapse.

Using it in combat is not really effective and though it can carry five people, everyone is open to being murdered in short order.

Little Bird helicopter

The Little Bird is the only flying vehicle in Blackout and is a fun, fast way of traversing the map with five buddies. In the words of our resident Blackout expert Quentyn "The chopper's pretty good, nimble and fast. Only problem is you're exposed a lot, though that's true of all the vehicles".

It seems Call of Duty really wants you to feel the vehicles should be used sparingly.

Cargo Truck

The biggest of the vehicles in Call of Duty, the cargo truck is an armored vehicle capable of moving a squad of five. Of all the vehicles this one gives the most cover and protection for your team but still, don't be in it too long. A well-placed RPG or a frag grenade or two will see you all dead in seconds. It is a lot of fun watching one of these rolls up the street and have a squad pour out though.

So while the list is short and sweet these vehicles are what you get in Blackout. This feels like an area that will be expanded more as the game grows but right now they seem like a well-balanced mix. They are fast and help move you around the map sure, but they also leave you exposed to all sorts of hellfire. So use these vehicles sparingly to do the job they were made for, running away from terrible things at the edge of the map.

James Bricknell

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