Everything you need to know about Battlefield 1's 'They Shall Not Pass' DLC

Battlefield 1 is about to receive its first downloadable content (DLC) pack since launch, with the release of "They Shall Not Pass" across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. With a focus on the French forces and battles within the country, the expansion introduces supplementary content across all aspects of the game's multiplayer. This includes four further maps, new game modes and a wide range of weapons and vehicles available for use across the multiplayer sandbox.

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They Shall Not Pass is set to roll out over the course of a fortnight, giving Battlefield 1 Premium members two-week early access to all content offered as part of the expansion. Although regular Battlefield 1 owners must wait until Tuesday, March 28, to purchase the add-on, Premium members should get access on Tuesday, March 14, on all platforms.

Like with previous updates, Battlefield 1's online functionality will be down for a two hour period to prepare for the launch of They Shall Not Pass. Maintenance downtimes differ on a per-platform basis, as detailed below.

  • Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 2 hours ending 7AM PT / 10AM ET
  • PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 2 hours ending 3AM PT / 6AM ET
  • PlayStation 4: Multiplayer will be offline for 2 hours ending 5AM PT / 8AM ET

Update: They Shall Not Pass is now available to Premium members across all platforms.

Once online functionality is enabled again, new They Shall Not Pass content should be accessible to all Premium users.

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Four new maps

Defend the homeland

Arguably the biggest aspects of They Shall Not Pass are the four new maps, each taking place in various locations across France. With a balance of close-quarters conditions and expansive vehicle-centric battlegrounds, the expansion offers something for every type of play style.

Verdun Heights is a prime location for brutal combat between infantry, among the fiery remains of Verdun after a heavy artillery strike. With complex paths throughout the crumbled ruins, combat is sure to get up close and personal throughout its scorched terrain.

For more close-quarters warfare, Fort Vaux traps players in the unforgiving hallways of Fort de Vaux, Verdun. Comprised of a maze of galleries and corridors, players will be confined to the map's tight corners and limited lines of sight. However, with the constraints of its snug architecture, you'll want to be on the lookout for any pesky grenades on the loose.

Soissons takes the form of a classic Battlefield map, offering a balanced mix of open fields for vehicles and structures for tightly-packed infantry. Taking place in a small village in the French countryside, this gives tanks and planes the freedom to assert dominance on the field.

Covered by a blanket of poppies, the somber plains of Rupture are an unusual sight in contrast to Battlefield 1's other multiplayer maps. With expansive areas littered in vehicle remains, tanks will have the freedom and sight lines that give them an upper hand. When playing as a foot soldier on this level, players should try to stick within the shelter of the trenches.

New game modes

Forward to the French frontline

They Shall Not Pass also debuts an entirely new game mode, Frontlines, which brings together elements of both Rush and Conquest into a single encounter. Taking on a more linear approach to objectives, Frontlines sets the stage for a two-way battle between enemy bases. Players must take capture points while pushing up towards the enemy's base, before detonating two telegraphs to win the match. Although this retains the larger-scale of Conquest, the new structure lays out a set path and a clear final objective.

When Battlefield 1 launched late last year, the game also introduced a new game mode called Operations. At the time, only four variations of the game mode were offered, despite being one of the biggest changes to multiplayer. They Shall Not Pass adds two new map rotations to the Operations roster: The Devil's Anvil and Beyond the Marne.

New Elite Class

Trench raiding

The Trench Raider is a distinct addition to Battlefield's Elite Class lineup, the first of its kind to focus on melee-centric skills. Wielding a "Raider Club" and No. 3 revolver, Trench Raiders have the ability to deliver quick one-hit blows or pick off fleeing enemies at medium range. If played correctly, this class can be a devastating opponent in Battlefield 1's infantry-based levels. Although the Trench Raider doesn't pack a huge amount of armor, his included Medical Crate can heal both himself and his allies.

New weapons

Toys for the trigger happy

Battlefield 1's first expansion also includes six new firearms and three melee weapons. Introducing almost one of every weapon type, the expansion provides content for each of the four classes. However, unlike the guns available at launch, you'll need to complete a set of assignments with specific objectives to wield their stopping power.

  • For the Assault class, the Ribeyrolles 1918 makes its first appearance in Battlefield 1. With a high rate of fire and 25 rounds per magazine, this automatic rifle is best suited for close-range encounters. With the option of a bayonet or bipod, the weapon can be adapted to varying ranges.
  • Assault players will also be treated to the Sjögren Inertia — a 12-gauge shotgun which shares several traits with the existing 12g Automatic. Sporting a five-shell magazine and semi-automatic fire rate, the shotgun will find its place on smaller multiplayer maps.
  • The RSC 1917 will be the new self-loading rifle available to Medics, with formidable accuracy at range. With two variants set to be offered in-game, you'll either be using the base factory weapon or equipping an optic for long-range takedowns.
  • Support players will get a Chauchat — a light machine gun (LMG) used by French forces in World War I. Like the game's other LMGs, you'll gain increased accuracy with sustained fire, or when using a bipod.
  • The Lebel Model 1886, a new sniper rifle for the Scout class, packs heavy damage for great use at longer ranges. However, with bullets being fed individually into the magazine, you'll want to hang far behind the front lines when reloading.
  • The Mle 1903 Extended is a variant of an existing weapon in Battlefield 1, accessible across all of the game's kits. This bumps up the number of available rounds per magazine.

The Cogwheel Club, Nail Knife and Trench Fleur also make an arrival in They Shall Not Pass. Like the firearms, these will be unlocked via assignments.

New vehicles

Gas guzzlers

They Shall Not Pass brings three vehicles to Battlefield 1's arsenal, once again centered around the concept of French engineering. These vehicles can be used by any DLC owner and aren't locked behind any perquisites.

  • The Char 2C tank is a heavy ground vehicle with overwhelming firepower and armor. While it doesn't bear the speed or maneuverability of the game's other tanks, its resistance to light or medium attacks won't go unnoticed.
  • The St. Chamond assault tank is designed for a squad of up to five players, with four supporting gunners alongside the driver. Due to its arrangement of onboard weaponry, this vehicle is able to consistently cover all angles with supporting firepower.
  • A more unconventional addition with this expansion is the Siege Howitzer — a stationary field gun for long-range supporting fire. Like mortars and artillery, this fixed weapon can deliver some hefty damage if aimed correctly.

But wait – there's more!

In conjunction with all the new in-game content, new additions to Battlefield 1's ecosystem are also on their way. Ten new multiplayer ranks will be added as a part of the update, alongside new medals, dog tags, service stars and more. However, we don't know many of the specifics, so we'll have to wait until the expansion's release to find out more about these changes.

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