Evil Dead: The Game is looking groovy at The Game Awards

Evil Dead The Game Ash
Evil Dead The Game Ash (Image credit: Saber Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Ash returns in Evil Dead: The Game, out in 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The game is being developed by Saber Interactive, which is best known for the World War Z game and a number of ports.
  • Not much else is known about it at this time, but you can quote Evil Dead again.

Name's Ash, housewares — I mean, video games.

World War Z developer Saber Interactive finally unveiled Evil Dead: The Game after years of speculation at The Game Awards Thursday.

Not much is known about the game just yet, but it'll feature both co-op and PvP. It'll also be available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It's unclear at this time if this is a full exclusive or a timed one. We also know that Bruce Campbell, star of the series, will be returning as Ash. He announced that back in 2018 in an interview with Bloody Disgusting.

The trailer, which features the first footage we've seen, showcases a number of faces and locales from the franchise, including the famous cabin in the woods and, of course, Ash himself.

Players and fans have been wondering about an Evil Dead video game since Campbell mentioned the possibility in an interview back in June published in Diabolique Magazine. The reporter asked him about what he was going to be promoting, and Campbell said the following:

I have been looking at and approving a bunch of new stuff. They are full-fledged, full bore into it. I think they are talking 2021 for an actual release. Its rolling along, looking great. It got delayed because of the nightmare of video games. Platforms change and evolve. You look at somebody else's games and go, "Shit! We have to change everything now." We have to stay current. I have to finish doing the voice work.

The original Evil Dead movie was released in 1981. The cult classic, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Campbell, was low budget, but it was recognized for its audacity and incredible practical gore effects. It was followed by two sequels and a spinoff series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, which ran on Starz for three seasons. There was also a remake in 2013.

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