Evohome Remote for Honeywell smart thermostats heats up and enters the Store

Back in December we brought word of Evohome Remote, a third-party creation for controlling Honeywell Evohome smart thermostats through your Windows Phone. Thanks to feedback from the Windows Central community, the developer, David Horn, has fine tuned the app and released it now into the Windows Phone Store for all to download.

If you're familiar with Nest, then Evohome is along a similar line. It's a connected heating system that allows you to use such things as mobile devices and voice activation to control the temperature throughout your home – and much more besides. There is no official app for Windows Phone, so David took it upon himself to make one. It's a free download without any ads, and it looks great.

Evohome Remote

Some of the features include:

  • Compatibility with the any generation Evohome system
  • Compatibility with the Honeywell Single Zone WiFi thermostat
  • Hot water control
  • Flexible and resizable tiles
  • Scheduling
  • Capability to set exact finish times on overrides (system wide or by zone)
  • Layout improvements on smaller screens
  • Multiple themes

Since the first beta the app is now much faster and easier to use, and it's a fine example of the excellent work some third-party developers are doing on Windows Phone. If you're using one of these systems in your home, definitely download it and give it a shot. You'll find the necessary links below.

QR: Evohome Remote

Richard Devine
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