It appears that Microsoft will finally flip the switch and enable Exchance Activesync for Windows Live Hotmail. According to a ZDNet UK report, this feature will become active on August 30, 2010 allowing for contacts, calendar and hotmail to be synced with your Windows Live Account (some devices will be compatible with Task sync as well).

This will put Windows Live on an even playing field with Google, who has supported Activesync with Gmail, calendar, and contacts for some time. This will also give the new Windows Phone 7 a more complete connectivity package.

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Indications are that in testing, Activesync was fast, simple and glitch free.  It appears the server address for Activesync configuration will be but nothing official has been released. 

So with the ability to sync contacts, appointments, and now email with Windows Live I wonder how many will switch over from Google?

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