Excited for Surface Go? Share your thoughts and questions on our forums.

It's Surface Go launch day, which means devices are showing up on doorsteps and store shelves around the U.S. and Canada. Whether you've picked one up for yourself and want to share your thought, or are considering one and have questions for the early adopters out there, our Surface Go forum is the place to be.

In his review of the device, Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino found that the Surface Go exceeded his expectations, stating: "The Surface Go is arguably the most fun Surface created yet. It's adorably small, the performance is excellent, battery life respectable and it's a great inking experience."

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But, of course, everyone's experience is going to be different. If you want to find out how others are enjoying (or not enjoying) Surface Go, or want to share your own experience, head on over to our forums to chime in.

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