Exclusive: 64GB version of Nokia Lumia 1020 supposedly headed to Telefónica (Europe, Latin America)

While a few of you have lamented that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 will reportedly come with only 32GB of internal storage (and nothing expandable), we now have evidence that a 64GB version of the device is planned for the market,

Unfortunately, it is exclusively destined for Telefónica (O2, Movistar and Vivo) in both their European and Latin American markets.

The device is slated to launch in September and will provide double the storage of the “standard” Nokia Lumia Eros...

The information comes via a draft press release for Telefónica that happened to come into our possession through unofficial channels. While we can’t reveal our leakers info, we’re leaning heavily on the legitimacy of the content, due in part to the detail and our knowledge of the source.

Interestingly, we’ve been calling the device “EOS” for some time now but evidently “Eros” is also another codename for it (or the previous EOS was a mistake). Coincidently, we recently reported on how "Eros" and "Mars" both appeared for O2 Germany on their roadmap, which now matches up with the above info rather nicely.

From the press release, which should hit the wire tomorrow:

Madrid, July 11th 2013.

Telefónica today announced a global agreement with Nokia to sell Nokia Eros 64 Gb exclusively to Movistar, Vivo and O2 customers in Telefonica markets during 2013. The smartphone will be launched this September.This announcement is part of the Telefónica strategy to reinforce the smartphone portfolio and increase the ecosystem offer for their customers. Telefónica will actively promote Nokia Lumia Eros 64Gb, as part of Telefónica iconic smartphone offering.Nokia Lumia Eros brings stunning innovations only found in the SLR cameras so far, like a 41 Mpixel sensor, 6 lenses, and high resolution zoom. Taking excellent photos has never been so easy, as complex settings are turned into easy adjustments with immediately visible results.Eros 64Gb, for Telefónica customers, will have more than double capacity than the Eros standard version, extending the capability for customers to store large amount of content,  up to 4,000 images or 6 hours of very high quality Full-HD video.… of Telefónica,  said “Telefonica is firmly committed to deliver the best and exclusive experiences to our customers as part of our connected smartphones offering. This moves us one step ahead, and reinforces our leading position in front of the consumers looking for the best proposals”

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