Eyefi Mobi for Windows Phone will help organize photos from your phone and camera

People who take pictures with both their Windows Phone and a standard digital camera can now have images from both devices organized under one app. Eyefi has just launched its Eyefi Mobi app for Windows Phone, which will not only get all those images together but also allow them to be shared with others quickly.

Eyefi says:

"Eyefi, the modern photographer's companion, is the only solution that works from the moment a picture is captured - automatically organizing, classifying and syncing photos regardless of what camera was used to take them. With Eyefi, anyone can experience the satisfaction of finding and sharing pictures from all their cameras without having to wait. The app leverages unique features that are part of the Windows phone platform including Live Tiles."

Eyefi Mobi screenshots

In addition the app works with any Eyefi Mobi and Mobi Pro WiFi SD card:

" As soon as a picture is taken, Eyefi wirelessly transfers it to the phone, organizes it and syncs the photo across all devices beautifully displaying them, all together on your PC, tablet and phone."

Pricing for the cards start at $49.99, and all of them include a limited time membership to the company's Eyefi Cloud service. The regular monthly subscription fee is $4.99.

Download Eyefi Mobi from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

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Source: Eyefi

John Callaham