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Facebook adds Windows 10 UWP support for making React Native-based apps

Facebook is expanding the reach of apps that are made with its React Native framework. Today, as part of its F8 conference, the company announced it has added Windows 10 UWP support for making apps that use React Native.

React Native

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

The new UWP support extends the reach of these native apps to a new market of 270 million active Windows 10 devices, and the opportunity to reach beyond mobile devices, to PCs, and even the Xbox One and HoloLens. For Windows app developers, it also means an opportunity to embed React Native components into their existing UWP apps and to leverage the developer tools and programming paradigms that React Native offers.

React Native is an open source project, and Microsoft will contribute by offering tools such as the React Native extension for Visual Studio Code to that community. It added:

As opposed to a "write once, run everywhere" kind of framework, React Native expects each platform to differentiate with distinct features and capabilities that apps can, and should, uniquely capture. Instead, they use the phrase "learn once, write everywhere" to capture the fact that React Native is as much about the programming model and developer tools that populate its ecosystem as it is about sharing code. The same goes for React Native on UWP; an app written for UWP with React Native should feel just as natural as an app written directly in XAML.

  • Oh my gosh!
  • Exactly what I was thinking...
  • OK, that's what I call news. Posted from my Firefox Web Browser
  • I didn't get this. Can someone explain what's so good? :)
  • Very cool! Hoping they end this conference with an announcement on the availability of the UWA versions of Facebook and FB Messenger!
  • I am really hoping they arrive soon, will be very happy once Messenger lands on my phone
  • The app I need most on my phone.
  • Until then, you can always use the existing Windows Phone 8.1 app. Just don't forget to turn off the location option in the app's settings, otherwise it drains battery stupidly fast. Other than that, it works just fine. What I'd like is such an app on my desktop, which is where I see the benefit of a UWP version, since Windows simply hasn't ever had a Facebook Messenger app yet. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Oh I do, I've been using it heavily for a couple of years now. It does the basics just fine and serves me okay but it does lack quite a few features that iOS and Android have since gotten . A nice shiny app that can run on my phone and PC is very enticing and will be a very welcome change
  • The windowsphone 8.1 app is a very good app, but as I've said before on other related articles, it's sadly only barebones of the up to date app on other platforms. Missing simple features like viewing and sending gifs, nicknames, chat colours, them one off things buttons/games like they did on valentines day and that basketball game they had (there are others but can't remember them from the top of my head) also having an app optimised for windows10mobile (and desktop ;) ) would be really good. But for now the 8.1 app will have to do :p +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • So what I hear you saying is that in the end, I will probably actually prefer the current Windows Phone 8.1 app, since none of the additional features appeal to me in the slightest. You inadvertently just made me feel even better about leaving the iPhone world behind 3+ years ago. Seriously, though, I have some Windows Phone 8.x apps I'd *love* to run on my desktop... even a fixed aspect ratio window would suit me just fine. That would also help bridge the gap while we wait for developers to migrate over to UWP. One such app is Facebook's Messenger. Another is Shared Shopping List. Oh, and for those rare days that Windows Central doesn't completely satiate my need for a Microsoft news fix, perhaps the MSPowerUser app (yes, I admit I actually read their stuff from time to time, and I feel like I die a little inside almost every time I do... but I still find myself going back) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It may be my phone (Lumia Icon that always had have a very bad battery life NO matter the OS 8 Black or 8.1 Denim), but the facebook messenger app drains my battery way too fast NO matter which trick i try to make it last longer:
    Use only 2G
    turn location off (in the settings)
    turn screen rotation off
    Bluetooth off
    NFC off
    Baterry saver ON until next charge
    Advertising id turned off (i did it because every part of software runing in the background may affect the battery)
    Feedback off (and not because of privacy, just to avoid using my very limited battery life)
    call+SMS filter off
    No haptic feedback using navigation keys (i turn it off a lot of time ago for saving that minimal power use)
    Reduced screen brightness when battery saver is active
    NO motion data collection 
    And Hey Cortana turned off ( i like it but i don't care what they say, it does use "a lot" of power from my poor battery ) It doesn't matter, it drains my battery faster than a shark swimming behind blood. And i truely believe that isn't a problem exclusive for WP, also a couple of friends using iPhone uninstalled it because its juicy power consumption.  If any other trick i can do to help save my little battery life while using facebook, well other than uninstalling it and just use the web site (i wish the browser could send me notifications from incoming message, if that were possible -in WP 8.1- i'd do the switch).
  • I went through this nightmare too, and I narrowed it down to the Location option INSIDE the Messenger app. Even if you turn off Location settings at the OS level (which you don't need to do, and you can also leave everything else you mentioned on too), the Messenger app will *still* drain the battery in no time flat if Location is turned on inside Messenger. So when you fire up Messenger, first thing you should do is make sure the location "dot" is gray and not blue. At that point, battery drain should be relatively low. And yes, same goes for iOS and Android, although the Windows Phone version is worse. With location on inside the Messenger app (i.e. it shows the blue dot next to the text entry field), even if you do nothing and don't send anything, it keeps the GPS churning away and rechecking location more often than any mapping / directions app ever. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • We are waiting a FINAL Facebook UWP (PC/Mobile) almost one year now. #SHAME
  • And windows10mobile had only been publicly released recently. It didn't really make sense to update to a beta OS (despite the fact Win10Mobile will technically we always be in beta, I'm talking about before public OTA update) while they are working closely with MS and can take their time creating a fully-fledged stable app. With you kind of people, nothing is good enough. U demand they release it as early as possible, and complain when they don't. But when they do and it has tons of bugs because you rushed them, again you complain. Make up your mind and stick with it. (not just you, but everyone who does this ^) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Let's hope!
  • its great to see that the facebook does understand the value of universal windows platform.
  • this is good news, although I would like to know how many dev's take advantage of the FB dev platform?
  • I did 2 courses on it but never finished the courses and didn't get a chance to use that knowledge on a paid project. Its pretty different from Angular. With its JSX syntax you write your HTML markup inside your javascript. And you can create components and both courses I did showed how to use nodejs npm package manager and gulp to automate the crap out of developing ReactJs apps. It's a little hard to get into but I've heard the learning curve is easier than Angular. Plus I'm starting to see more and more job ads here in the Houston TX area ask for ReactJs devs where it was mostly .Net MVC and/or Angular in the past.
  • I need to see what React Native is all about. Currently I'm hearing Angular JS + Cordova + Ionic is the current trending technology set for building cross platform applications. And then there is Xamarin... Which gives the power of C# + .NET Framework... Choices, choices...
  • yep, to many choices.
  • Too* Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's so ironic and funny when someone tries looking smart and correcting somebody, despite the fact that there's nothing to correct. He spelt "To" right in the context he was using. Check your own grammar before you "correct" someone else's ;) +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • No he didn't
  • Actually, "too" would be the correct context. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • In my opinion article comments r like texts dey dont hav to include correct grammr or correct spelling, just make it short & sweet & get back to ur day already. as long as the point is made that is all dat matterz. and I defintitly made my point when I said "yep, to many choices". writing that extra "o" in the word "to" woulda made me 0.00157% less eficcient at my job today and I cant have dat.
  • Oh, sweet irony indeed...
  • Got momentarily excited that this was to do with their trio of UWP apps (Messenger....need.....messengerrr), but it's a good sign that they're taking their links to Windows 10 even further with this.
  • Umm... OK, but they still aren't making us a Universal for mobile? Maybe their current beta for W10 will add mobile support eventually, but I'd like it before next year. Bullturds.
  • I don't think it will add support for mobile. The main reason Microsoft is still developing their app is to keep the people hub integration intact. Bringing their Universal app to mobile would mean wastage of Microsoft's effort in developing the new app for mobile. So I'd suggest not to hold your breath for their version to come to mobile. It's still possible, but chances are slim.
  • Facebook are working on the apps, Desktop first Mobile later, it's in private beta... Since it's UWP it would be wasted effort to not bring it to mobile. I'll happily hold my breath on that one.
  • I don't know why they down voted you because you only told the truth. Messenger on the other hand will be updated
  • Cool
  • Can't wait for the UWP apps from Facebook
  • Yes you can. You're on Windows Phone, you're used to waiting. Make no mistake; not only can you wait, but Facebook will make you wait even longer. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Truth
  • Sort of off topic, but does anyone know why FB blocks some of their api's for Microsoft, mainly people app integration. Android and iOS can still access those api's through their default contacts apps.