Facebook Events menu entry making a return in an imminent app update

The team behind the Facebook for Windows Phone app has announced an imminent update that will address an issue, which was introduced in the recent 2.3 update. A number of our readers noticed that you could no longer access the Events from the main menu (this now requires hitting the "..." menu and filtering our the news feed).

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Good news for those who utilise this feature often and miss the easy menu entry. We'll update you all when the fix has been approved and rolled out on the Marketplace.

Source: Facebook, via: Plaffo, thanks Antonino for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • @Rich, the Events feature that's missing includes the inability to view Birthdays. This currently is not possible via the Events filter in the News Feed. It's surprising that this got accidentally taken off. If this was part of the intended features for rollout, it makes me concerned about the type of testing being done.
  • Ah, yes this is true. It does make you wonder exactly how they managed to leave out a main menu entry, especially for a feature that's used extensively by many. I assume the QA team would have ensured that main functionality of the app/service is accessible at least.
  • Can we not search in this app, either? I can't seem to find a way to do it.
  • You bring up a good point. I can't find it either.
  • We need to be able to search the entire Facebook, not just our contacts. Thats one thing I hated about the last version.
  • Yay!
  • are notifications working for people?
  • Sporadically. It didn't work the past couple of days, but today it's been working without any issues. I had disabled and re-enabled notifications via the Facebook settings, and restarted my phone (for good measure).
    Edit: No longer working! I just received a message and no notification popped up for it.
  • Yeah I have not gotten a thing since the upgrade. I'll try the restart though.
  • The one thing I REALLY dislike about the app is that your limited to the amount of comments you can view on a status. Example, my friends and I have this status that we keep going back to from almost a year ago, with over 2000 comments.  However, I can't read any of the new comments because the app only lets you see the FIRST 100 comments.... would be sooooooo much better if they displayed the LAST 100 commetns, or enable you to view all comments.
  • Hope birthdays make a return. REALLY glad our app does not have Timeline.
  • I was upset about the removal too, but then I remembered you can get to events using the calendar app :)
  • Excellent! Having to use the mobile site to view my events isn't good enough!
  • I too was wondering what happened to my events and birthdays. I really rely on pinning that tile to my start screen to keep on top of birthdays. But just like SaPlaneGuy, I can always just check my calendar and this great OS has everything already synced in there for me. Of course, that doesn't mean that the official app shouldn't also reflect being best of the best as well to go along with Windows Phone OS!
  • I would like to know of its this easy to add a missing feature, then why does it take so long for updates?
  • I haven't been able to log into Facebook the app since it updated. Keeps saying that the log in was unsuccessful. Has anyone run into this problem? I have restarted my phone at least a dozen times and reinstalled the app at least twice. Would really like to check out the new features. Can get into the website without any problem. Please if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.