In a late night surprise, at least for those of us in the States, as Facebook Messenger beta built for Windows 10 Mobile is now available in the Store.

The Messenger app was announced as in the works back a few weeks ago when the desktop version was released. It looks like the wait won't be too long as the version available right now is quite usable, despite some initial quirks and performance issues.

The new Messenger app features a new, more modern UI and is filled with new features like GIFs, change theme color, change username, and more.

One caveat to mention is that not all users can evidently download the app. Some of us were able to download it in the States, while others were not. Some had luck overseas, whiles others did not as well, so this could be a rolling out type of situation. It does not seem to be dependent on your OS release Ring, however as we are running it on Production and Release Preview.

We'll follow up more with this app, but for now, head to the Store and grab it (if you can) and let us know what you think!

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile

Thanks, Aakash S., and @Sedp23, for the tips!

QR: facebook

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