Facebook Messenger

We've received reports from readers that the Facebook Messenger app is now listed on the Windows Store as a beta. There's only one issue: you can't download it yet. The app remains there to as a tease for those who desperately seek the messenger on their Windows 10-powered device.

That said, at least we know for certain that previous leaked images and video footage were indeed accurate. As one would expect from a Facebook Messenger client, you'll be able to communicate with friends on the social network, as well as participate in closed group chat. Stickers, GIFs, videos, photos and more are all supported, as well as handy notifications.

Update: It appears if you switch your PC's region to Spain or Italy you can download the app to your PC; however, like the Facebook beta app you may not be able to log in due to invite status.

Here's the link to the Facebook Messenger (beta) listing, which should let you download when the app goes live:

Download Facebook Messenger (beta) for Windows 10

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