What you need to know

  • Fallout 76 is getting a new underground region on May 21.
  • You can explore a research facility with a variety of biomes.
  • The game is currently available on Amazon for $25.
  • The new patch will come with a number of bug fixes.

When Fallout 76 launched many months ago, it was plagued with a number of problems like poor performance on Xbox One, and a lack of compelling content.

Bethesda is all too aware of these problems and over the past few months, has focused on improving performance and fixing bugs. Bethesda is working on improving the content spread too, because there's a new location opening up next week.

The company issued the following statement on its Fallout 76 blog.

This week, we're taking you beneath Arktos Pharma. At this new underground location, players will dive into the latest event for Fallout 76, Project Paradise, which you can sink your teeth into starting next week on... May 21. That same day, we are also planning to release Patch 9.5 which will contain a number of fixes for bugs that have surfaced in recent patches... Beneath the Arktos Pharma building lies one of the company's most closely-guarded secrets: a sprawling subterranean research facility made up of three cavernous labs. Each of these labs features their own biomes, which created opportunities to perform experiments on a wide variety of flora and fauna... You can join Project Paradise by making your way to Arktos Pharma in the Forest region of Appalachia. Head into the building's lobby and access the elevator on the right to descend into the labs. Alternatively, if the event is already active, you can join it immediately from your map by selecting the... marker.

Hopefully even more regions will be added in the future. However, computer-controlled characters would probably elevate the experience more than anything else.

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Are you excited to explore beneath Arktos Pharma? Do you still play Fallout 76? Let us know.

Wasteland adventure

Fallout 76

War never changes

Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer online game for the Fallout series. Take on the beautiful but infected land of Appalachia West Virginia to see if you can find your Overseer and figure out what happened to Vault 76. Team up with other players to figure it out together or become a raider by killing them instead.

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