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Fallout: New Vegas among the 8 new Xbox 360 games that can now be played on Xbox One

Fallout New Vegas
Fallout New Vegas (Image credit: Bethesda | Obsidian Entertainment)

Microsoft has added eight more Xbox 360 games that can now be played on the Xbox One via its backwards compatibility feature. They include Fallout: New Vegas, the Fallout 3 spin-off.

The eight new additions were revealed on the Major Nelson Twitter account. Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and is based on the Fallout 3 engine. The other seven Xbox 360 games that are now compatible with the Xbox One are Red Faction Battlegrounds, Joe Danger, Crystal Quest, Comic Jumper, I Am Alive, Blood Knights and Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara.

With this latest update, there are now over 210 Xbox 360 games that are on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

  • Where can we see a full list for all 360 to One games? Thanks
  • Thank you
  • Wasn't Fallout: New Vegas a sequal to Fallout 3?
  • Yes and no. It is a Fallout game that came out after 3 but was made by a different devlopment team.
  • Yeah, not really a sequel to 3, though it used the same engine. It's actually more a direct sequel to Fallout 1 and 2 (following up on the same factions, characters, etc from the first two games, and set in the western US), and was developed by many of the same people who worked on the first two games. Officially, it's a side game, not part of the main series.
  • Officially it's a great game IMO.
    Would be cool if Obsidian got to develop another using fallout4 engine
  • I'm waiting for Crackdown 1 and 2, Call of Duty Ghosts, Batman Arkham City.
  • Arkham City likely won't get it, because they're "remastering" it and Asylum for the Xbox One, coming out in July.  I'm hoping for Origins to get backward compatability at least, since it's not getting re-released.  It wasn't the best, but I never got to the DLC pack for that, forgot, and gave away my 360 already.  I kept the game, in case it got added though.
  • I'm starting to think some games will just have to be re-bought on XBox One. I'm getting tired of waiting. COD Ghosts is only $4 on Amazon used for XBox One. Might just buy that instead of waiting. Edit: Watch and see the game comes out on Back compat a week after I re-pruchaes it. Sigh.
  • For that cheap, you are better off with the native game. Back compat is nice, but it has its quirks and limitations (see: halo reach).
  • Well they remastered Gears Of War but it's backwards compatable. So there is hope.
  • True.  Is that the "Ultimate Edition"?  I got that with my Xbox One, but haven't finished up Halo 5 yet.
  • MS is usually a lot nicer with their first-party stuff. WB is....questionable these days.
  • Praise Phil Spencer
  • Pretty sure it's based off the engine for Fallout 3, not 4.
  • Damnit still no blops 2 and Spec Ops The Line. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So sad Too Human will never join this list because of Epic Games. I hate them.
  • ?  What's to hate about Epic? I think their Unreal Engine is one of the industry's best.
  • Epic sued the developers BECAUSE of Unreal Engine and their breach of contract, and it was pulled off shelves.
  • You didn't read my comment, did you ?
  • YES!!!! Been waiting for F:NV for a while.
  • Skate 3?
  • Oblivion.  Once that comes out, I'll retire the 360. 
  • When are we gonna see Red Dead Redemption? I played it during that 12 hour window that it was accidentally released so I know it's already compatible; this is just laziness on Rockstar's part.
  • I just tried NV and it said it wasn't compatible.
  • can't complain more games!
  • Awesome, although I personally wouldn't play it on console... It's incredibly buggy lol. Had to use PC mods to fix them. On PC sometimes I used to get attacked by legionaires who were either invisible or had invincible floating heads lol. Had to use the geck to create my own custom patch....
  • I hadn't finished FNV on the 360 before I migrated to XBox One. Does anyone know if there's a way to transfer my game progress from my 360 game to the One, or an I just going to need to start all over again?
  • Go on your 360 and move your game save to the cloud. Then you should be able to continue your game on the XB1. 
  • I'll give that a shot! Thank You!
  • Can we just get Forza BC P;ease esp Horizon 1
  • I own the Ultimate Edition on disc but both discs just play the game. So I ask how can I download all six DLCs with the disc its ******* me off.
  • If you're still having trouble, insert the DLC disc and on your dashboard there should be the same "Install Disc" option there was for the first disc. Hope this helps!
  • 210 games and counting. This is impressive. I like this much better than when they used to release them all once a month.