Fan video beautifully pays homage to the Nokia Lumia 920

If there’s one thing our audience knows is that those with Nokia Lumias tend to be…loyal. It’s not hard to imagine why as there is something quite unique and satisfying when handling a Nokia phone, especially their high-end polycarbonate ones like the 800, 900 or their best yet the Lumia 920.

One of our forum members, Nisse Tuta, has gone ahead and made a gorgeous video review of his beloved 920 and it is hands down one of the nicest tributes we’ve seen. Nisse was also behind the other recent video showing off the 920’s wireless charging capability, a video that was also highly enjoyable and entertaining.

As the video notes, let’s cue the music and get the shallowest depth of field possible, because this is the Lumia 920. Not just a phone but art. Head into our forums for more to ask questions, learn new tricks or to just have fun.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • really nice video, and that dog was so cute
  • Well done! Is that the theme from Forrest Gump? Lol
  • Yea
  • The red Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia, Microsoft, T-Mobile, I really need a valid explanation as to why this phone did not land on our shelves, heck, everybody's shelves. I really want this phone and I'm leaving T-Mobile first chance I get sadly.
  • Y would u leave tmobile
  • i left tmobile for the lumia 920. never looking back
  • I'm leaving T-Mobile because Nokia has a love affair with ATT and clearly they aren't planning on changing that formula any time soon. And I want the best Windows Phone, not just a good one.
  • I left T-Mobile for the 920 too. I made a great choice the 920 is the best
  • That would be the only reason to leave T-Mobile for a badass phone but when it comes to price and data T-mobile is what I would move to if they had 920 but I'm still on At&t with 2 of the 920s one mine one my girls
  • I kept expecting to see a white feather floating through the video.....
  • After I watched this I held my 920 close, kissed it, and rubbed it! Then my girl called effing up the moment. Smh
  • LOL!
  • It's a good thing tech devices are getting smaller because I have a feeling that you and the guy who made this video would are looking for ports to slip your wangs into
  • My Wang is too big so actually I'm lucky because with phones like the 920 and note2 and other tablets getting bigger, its a WIN! so your wrong!!!!
  • Best comment of 2013!
  • watching this video makes you realise that this phone is not just another phone, but a piece of art Lumia owners should be proud of owning :-)
  • Wow, this video makes me embarrassed to own a 920.
  • Why?
  • You can be embarrassed by owning a phone? I think that says something about your lack of self confidence rather than this video :)
  • Thank you Dan, well said. The ridiculousness on the internets is just, well, ridiculous.
  • Lol, nope. Just think it's a ridiculous video. But like the other guy said, "The ridiculousness on the internets is just, well, ridiculous."
  • Johnny, all your comments tell us more about you - see here:
    You're a hater. Your comments are way more embaressing than this video.
  • That was an awesome tribute video lol
  • That was awesome.
  • This made me smile...a nice way to end the day ;-)
  • Lovely absolutely lovely!
  • The red is really shining through in this video. Stunning.
  • Love It.... & my L920 :)
  • Now I want the red one. 
  • Which one do you have? You can always ask Paul, he has one of each color. :)
  • It makes me very glad so many people like the video, a perfect ending to the day (00:54 here).
    The dog is already snoring :)
  • I have a red Lumia as well and I live it. My wife couldn't wait for a yellow, so she bought a white one, since I already had the color she wanted next. Anyway, nice video. Enjoy your 920.
  • One more thing I wanted to you already know, the cons in your video are WP8 related, not Nokia Lumia 920's shortcomings.
  • What's the name of the app of mario bros???
  • vNESlight Pro is the emulator.
  • Great NES emulator...I helped bug it and add images to help Nuda in creating it...You'll see my name in the credits to the game :)  VNESlight Pro is the only NES emulator for WP7 that works great.
  • Oh really, awesome.
  • Thanks!!!
  • vNESlight
  • Very nice video. More effective than some of the MS ads I have seen.
    If BB10 does not take off my next phone will probably be from the Lumia series. 
  • BB10 looks awesome I might get a blackberry phone to use with my 920 just to experience BB10 but I'll never ditch Nokia ;)
  • I definitely like two challengers, BB10 amd WP8, more than the incumbent kings, iOS and Android. I think iOS is too stale now and the UX restricting. I got the 5th gen iPod Touch after a 2 year departure from iOS. The dumbed down UX is frustrating. Granted apps are good.
    I like Android's flexibility, but it has its own set of problems.
    I got the PlayBook on launch day, almost two years ago, and I have yet to regret it, even with the fire sales. The device is incredibly fast, both then and now. Sadly we all know how poorly the launch was executed. BB10 looks promising and I am hoping it puts RIM back in the radar.
    WP8, as I said will be my next if BB10 fails. It looks unique and I love the hardware from both Nokia and HTC. Samsung needs to do better I think though. The OS also is intriguing and I hope MS polishes up all the pitfalls and adds the missing critical features like notifications.
  • Very nice video
  • That was beautiful!
  • Lol @ the cooking scene. I thought it was gonna get a plate at the dinner table too for a second :)
  • I cried. Twice.
    Someone hold me.
  • Lol
  • Love it!!! As one Nokia and windows phone fan to another... Thx for doing this!!!
  • OMG That video was great! I watched it again!
    The Forest Gump music brought a tear to my eye... :-)
    The dog scene at the end made me giggle. :-)
  • not good enough to make me switch to ATT>
  • Very nice. Loved the dog sleeping with the phone lol. Two precious things together!
  • But...the phone is so heavy ;)
  • This may be a very effective commercial if Microsoft/Nokia were to use it :)
  • Agreed, it'd make a really great TV ad. Just as long as it didn't end with a screen of vibrant pink, and the Windows Phone logo was just layered onto the last second or two with a transparent background.....
  • Great video. I can't wait to get one to compliment my new surface. Someone should do a tribute to the surface. My sister got an iPad for Christmas while I got the surface. Lets just say after some time spent at a hotspot I had to pry my surface away from her. What killed it for her is when I pulled out my thumb drive and popped it in. Look on her face: priceless. LOL
  • this ^^
  • Here's a music video I just shot of my band with my Nokia 920 and those magnetic wide angle lenses that were reviewed here. It's not pretty or beautiful in fact it may give you an upset stomach. But It was fun to shoot.

  • And that's my phone !! I heard nokia going aluminum... I hope its not light like that long ass iphone5 or plastic feeling like the Samsung products
  • I was so much obsessed with the elusive Yellow 920 and I have never been satisfied settling with the Red but this Video makes me feel comfortable now with the Red L920. After all the Red is as gorgeous as the Yellow.
  • WOW, there was a tear going down my eye on this one....great video. Making me wish I actually went to AT&T from Verizon to get one...but, that red one...WOW.
  • Finally.... an awesome review for a well deserved phone.... I agree with this Nokia fan. This is an amazing device. 
  • This vid is epic I have a red 920 in transit at this time. I have a white one right now
  • If there is a better looking phone in red please show it to me so I can disagree with you love this video
  • LOVED the video. Great tongue in cheek narration. FANTASTIC. Feel sorry for those who don't "get it".
  • Nice video
  • This makes me wish I had gone red. Lumia's aren't just a phone.. They are a piece of art.
  • How did he get Mario bros on there?
  • vNes Pro ... It is a Nes emulator available on the marketplace
  • To clear up your question. the emulator is VNESlight pro (there is a free with adds in the marketplace as well), it does not come with roms but, you can move your roms to your skydrive and add them from there....
  • Beautiful !!! Bravo Bravo !!!
  • Cool thanks, now I wonder if there is a snes emu.
  • My wife and I got the Peppermint Stick 920 for Christmas...a WHITE one for her, and a sexy RED one for me.  This is after I got the WHITE one, she got a new ehPhone, and after TWO DAYS stole mine :)  Nice video by the way...
  • Got a red one as well...its just gorgeous ...and the video rocks
  • Boy is it nice to wake up and start the day by reading coments like this, using my Lumia of course :)
  • I love my 920.
  • Great hardware, terrible or non existent apps= future novelty phone. Nokia dropped the ball teaming with Microsoft. Nokia and Microsoft, the two biggest dinosaurs in the tech world, producing the biggest, heaviest, app less smartphone on the market! Who would've figured?
  • But the 32 GB is to small for the 120 000+ apps that are out there to day, so for me its enough. And yes, the hardware is awsome :)
  • How easy people forget about other new technology devices. Every new product has to start from scratch and build/work its way up. Look at the iPhone. When it first came out, it had a ton of "junk" apps as well. But over time, as it matured and became more available and widely used, companies started jumping in and making useful apps for the platform. I am betting that we will see the same for WP8. 
    I have the Red 920 myself and love it. IMO it is a much better device than the iPhones I have owned. Does it have all the apps available that I had on the iPhone, no. However, I can use the IE browser to get access to the mobile sites that dont have the apps I am missing. Is it as clean and easy to use as an app, no, but I understood that when I purchase my 920. Could I be wrong and this be a big flop? Anything is possible, but I highly doubt it. 
    I  see a real benefit with my 920 as I am already in the MS ecosystem they are building. I have the 920, an Xbox 360, my work laptop has Win8 and my home desktop will be Win8 soon as well. I never would have achieved that unity with an iPhone as the cost of their hardware is outside of my reach. Android doesnt have an ecosystem near as well as what MS and Apple has in place. So, bang for the buck, MS is the way to go. 
    At any rate, sorry for the long rant. I get tired of hearing all the bashing but people don't think outside of their views, which is ok since your allowed to speak your opinion. 
  • Who cares about junk apps? The terrible navigation software, lack of media integration, and disjointed OS means WP8 is a non factor in the smartphone industry.
  • You cared about the junk apps, that was your only valid input in your first comment. 
    You should have added these things to the first one.
    The navigation is imo realy good, dont know what you meen with "Media integration" and "disjointed OS"?
  • Nokia Maps suck, can't purchase movies on phone, missing basic features such as data tracking and notification center. You bought up the 120000 apps, I'm saying their junk.
  • But you said "who cares about junk apps" and now their a dealbreaker again???
    Yes you can watch movies on the phone, you can buy them in iTunes or use Netflix or some other service.
    I dont know what you meen by "data tracking".
    Any who, I hope you find a Phone that you like an have as good hardware as you think the Lumia have. 
  • Let the troll go..... Coming from an iPhone5, I don't regret at all the switch; looking at the apps I REALLY use and need, I found almost everything.. And it was a good opportunity to get rid of all the google stuff and move to outlook all my contacts/calendar/emails.
    The Lumia is a very beautiful phone and I don't care about the extra weight; at least I can "feel" my money with the Lumia 920.
    Got the wireless charging plate and can't wait to get the wireless charging stand and the fatboy pillow (Useless but I like it)
  • Its not useless if it makes you happy, then it is priceless :)
  • Thank you, I was waiting to somebody to tell me that :-)
  • Oh, and the navigation is very accurate...... BTW, beautiful video!!!!
  • So in the video I see him playing Mario Bros, however I cannot find and Mario Bros application in the Store?
  • Look for vNESlight Pro.
  • Most of the native software is inferior to the 3rd party apps, and I think I'll throw up if I hear another person compare anything Google makes to the terrible software that is WP8. Great looking phone, but blown opportunity to make a splash into the smartphone market.
  • very nice video