Fanband and Cortanium for Windows 10 Mobile get new updates

Liquid Daffodil, the developer behind the Fanband and Cortanium apps for Windows 10 Mobile, has launched new versions for both apps. The Fanband app adds search features, while the Cortanium app adds some new commands.

The Fanband app, which allows Microsoft Band 2 owners to choose themes for the fitness wearable, can now let users search to find the best theme from the over 2,000 selections that are available. This feature was previously available only in the Windows PC version of the app.


The Cortanium update includes the following new Cortana commands:

  • Netflix Roulette - You can now say to Cortana "Hey flix me" and she's grab a random Netflix show for you to check out
  • Lock Computer - Along with the already existing Cortanium Shutdown/Restart/Logoff commands, you can now say to Cortana "Hey lock me" to quickly lock your computer!
  • what3words Integration - You can now get your what3words ( location at any time right from Cortana!

Download Fanband from the Windows Store

QR: Fanband

Download Cortanium from the Windows Store

QR: Cortanium

John Callaham