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FandangoNOW comes to Xbox One with on-demand movies and more

Fandango has officially launched FandangoNOW, its premium on-demand streaming service, for the Xbox One. With this launch, this marks the first time FandangoNOW is available for a video game console, Fandango says.

If you're unfamiliar with FandangoNOW, the service lets you access a wide range of on-demand video. In fact, Fandango notes that FandangoNOW sports more than 40,000 movies and TV shows that are available to stream. As for pricing, the service doesn't carry a subscription fee. Rather, you can purchase or rent movies as you please. TV shows are also available by the episode or as full season passes.

If you're interested in checking out FandangoNOW, it should be available for download now via the Store on your Xbox One. If you want to check out more about the service itself, including a look at some of the titles on offer, you can head to the FandangoNOW website (opens in new tab).

See FandangoNOW at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • just in time for T mobile tuesdays
  • came here to say this lol. this is exactly what tmobile customers needed!
  • Yeah, the free movie rentals are nice but the in-browser viewer is a mess. So this solves that problem.
  • I hope it is coming to w10 pc, because I really want to have this app
  • Fandango never.
  • 'Sorry, FandangoNOW is not currently available in your region'
  • 'Sorry, FandangoNOW is not currently available in your region'
  • Does it have 4K movies? 
  • 'Sorry, FandangoNOW is not currently available in your region'
  • I have absolutely no idea why anyone would not just use the MS store on Xbox One, Windows 10 for movies and TV shows they wish to own or rent. Amazon, Sony and even Apple do not have a streaming technique and bitrate that better it. And MS has every film release at good prices and great sales and specials. Bundles like The Hobbit cheaper than the shops. I'm just baffled that people use inferior options of over the in built stores amazing film and TV service.
  • Think a part of it is if you already have a sizable UltraViolet collection, that you can't watch it on the movies & tv app (thankfully you can link Disney movies though). And outside of the Microsoft environment, that movies & tv app is not on Roku, other streaming devices, etc. limiting potential viewing.
  • While I suppose I do see your point. It's a shame people don't realise that 1 purchase on windows 10 store means that film is playable on any windows 10 device. Instead of wasting money on something like a Roku box. Bit an Xbox One S which is a 4K bluray player, game machine, streaming device, app device all for £249.99. Then throw everything else under your TV away. I got rid of cable recently. And still have access to the same material. Without contracts now. It really is one box for everything.
  • That is what we call lack of awareness. Hello Kenya.