Fast on-board Wi-Fi is in the works for European flights

Flights within Europe are to be equipped with tech to provide passengers with fast internet connectivity. A joint venture between UK-based Inmarsat and operator Deutsche Telekom could well make flying that much more enjoyable with access to the outside world. The companies have announced a new framework that combines LTE and satellite networks to deliver high-speed internet called the European Aviation Network.

Similar to what Gogo provides in the US, Inmarsat will provide satellite coverage, while Deutsche Telekom will deploy 300 modified LTE sites that have a range of up to 80 kilometers and will be able to handle a plane travelling thousands of feet above. Lufthansa will be the first Europe-based airline to trial the new framework. 2017 will see the carrier's aircraft fitted with equipment to connect to satellite and ground LTE sites to provide reliable in-flight Wi-Fi.

Source: Inmarsat, via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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