FCC docs reveal Sprint’s Samsung ATIV S Neo will come with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

We know that Bluetooth 4.0 with low-energy support is coming to Windows Phone 8 sooner than later. Nokia has reportedly been hard at work getting their devices ready and we wouldn’t be shocked to see it come officially from Microsoft in GDR3, expected later this year.

In documents posted to the FCC on the upcoming Samsung ATIV S Neo, due on Sprint on August 16th, it’s revealed that the device has evidently been cleared with Bluetooth LE on board, meaning 4.0 status. That’s good news for those on Sprint waiting for a high end Windows Phone to carry them into 2014, as BT4.0 will ensure greater device capability, better battery usage and open new avenues for accessories.

Low energy is a Bluetooth 4.0 core standard that allows “novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, security, and home entertainment industries” but with reduced power consumption. Think of fitness items like Fitbit, which would be able to sync almost continuously to your phone directly, or Nokia’s upcoming Treasure Tags.

The ATIV S Neo is basically just a revamped CDMA variant of last year’s Samsung ATIV S. It features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU, expandable storage and a large, replaceable battery. While it may not be the most stylish device, its traditional design should appeal to those in business, enterprise or for those who want something powerful, yet low key.

Official pricing and specs of the ATIV S have yet to be revealed, but an announcement is expected in the coming weeks. A hands on video preview of the device was recently posted, showing the device in more detail.

Source: FCC; Thanks, Tom (hdrpunk), for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Is BT 4.0 LE depending on hardware or is software only needed to implement it?
    i.e., will current models be able to use it?
  • The current thought is all (or most) Windows Phone 8 devices have the hardware/chipset. But what is needed are the drivers, which had to be recoded/adapted.
  • A free snow cone to who can get the for sure answer from Microsoft...
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  • There is only one Phone that can save Sprint.......Neo
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  • Neo still won, great comment!
  • But this device is blue...and Neo choose the red pill...lol
  • Correction, NASCAR is the only thing saving Sprint.
  • I miss the Winston Cup days...
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  • Actually, a 9xx variant would be much more successful.. Just saying.
  • That will happen the moment Nokia agrees in writing they will only use Qualcomm manufactured CDMA components (and you can apply the same condition for all other CDMA carriers not carrying Nokia devices, which is everyone but Verizon)
  • It needs to believe first
  • I really like this device, but if it is 8gb. of internal memory that's heartbreaking... :'(
  • Fingers crossed it has at least 16GB, otherwise....(shakes fist at Sprint)
  • My first Windows Phone ever was the HTC Arrive on Sprint. It even had 16gb. of internal memory lol.
  • +1 and to downgrade to a smaller memory (though the phone is an upgrade altogether) made me finally give in and get the 925 from T-mobile. Hope they get it with 16gb though.
  • Samsung knows better than that
  • Eh through a storage card in it for help! At least it can take it, my 920 is all buttoned up.
  • About time.
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  • I just sent sprint a tweet asking them if the phone does indeed only have 8GB onboard. This was the response I got @q21701 Happy to help! I don't have an official spec sheet on it quite yet but normally a phone like that will have more than 8GB. *CDM
  • "normally" Sprint has one of the worst customer service reps., whether it's over the phone or in store. I trust their word as much as I trust the NSA's....
  • Dissent? Your name has been collated and recorded as a trouble maker/terrorist... for YOUR protection. Have a nice day :P
  • No, no. I think you misunderstand Cory he trusts the NSA. Alot. A whole lot. More than you can imagine. O_O *hides in corner*
  • When I say NSA I hear the "Halloween" theme song in my head. (Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis lol)
  • Hoping that good features like this one keep getting revealed on the Neo so Sprint can actually be proud of a Windows device, market it, and possibly be successful with it for once... high hopes?
    This is the phone I'm waiting for, since I'm sticking with Sprint and not completely on board with the 8XT. I fully intend on getting a new backplate for the Neo and swapping the original out for something a little more colorful to make it look and feel like more of a Windows Phone to me. The only thing I'm still worried about that hasn't been confirmed is the 8GB vs 16GB storage. Lots of conflicting reports all around and I'm treating them all like rumors until official word is out.
  • The considerable clout of Samsung's marketing would go a long way. However, a little bit of Nokia-esque substance would be better. If they could push a decent suite of actually USEFUL apps (i.e. not like the junk that came with my HTC HD7) it would mean a bit more credibility. How about porting that Siri competitor of theirs? It may or may not be a gimmick but it's a massive win for a presumably small outlay.
  • What kind of backplate are you talking about here? The Ativ S has the speaker in a different place, so that wouldn't work. I want a Neo with a different backplate too, but don't see any options.
  • Well, I know the normal ATIV S backplate likely won't work. I was just talking about when the phone actually releases. Usually, any new Samsung phone has a good amount of backs, covers, etc. I would expect the S Neo to be no different. I don't think they've announced any options yet, as the phones date hasn't even been solidified officially. But I'd bet my mother that in the days that follow its release, you'll be able to find stuff for it.
  • For your mother's sake (and mine) I really hope you're right. That would make it so much better.
    Just throwing this out there, because I am so ready to step up from my HTC Arrive, I'm leaning towards the 8XT, but I'd take a Nokia in a heartbeat. So I am just curious to anybody's prediction and logic (or lack of) as to if Sprint will/will not get Nokia soon.
  • Honest opinion? No. My understanding is that Sprint's flavor of CDMA network and Nokia's current way of making phones just don't go together. We shouldn't expect Nokia to start catering to Sprint when they're still trying to get AT&T customers convinced.
    If you're staying on Sprint, just wait for the Samsung ATIV S Neo. I honestly think all the OMG NOKIA NOKIA YEAHHH NOKIA hype is a little much and overblown. People are swooning over Nokia a bit too frequently here and forgetting that there are others out there trying to make the Windows Phone branding happen. It's not the only manufacturer that can be successful with WP8, it's just the first. Give other phones a chance.
  • Thanks for your reply. To what you've said, makes me wonder though how much better is this Neo to the 8XT? I mean, I can glare over the specs and sure this number is greater than that. I'll really have to just wait and put one of each in each of my hands, and compare.
  • Here's a clue why people appreciate Nokia over other OEMs - Amber. While HTC and Samsung are content to push the bare GDR2 update Nokia goes above that with the features in Amber. No need to try and say Nokia doesn't deserve the praise they get, and as for others trying to "make the WP brand happen", there's precious little evidence of that. And that's purely on the OEMs who aren't making as much effort as Nokia, no one else. Especially since they were not the first, as you claim but they are certainly the best.
  • The HTC 8XT just came out maybe 2 weeks ago - It shipped with GDR2, but it'd be silly to think that it should already have some sort of major firmware update. The Samsung isn't even out yet.
    I'm not bashing Nokia or saying that its efforts shouldn't be admired or appreciated in any way shape or form, or that it doesn't deserve praise. All I was saying is... If I had to guess a number, I'd say at least half the comments on any random article regarding a phone that isn't Nokia is just a ton of people pretty much going "OMG NOKIA BETTER YES NOKIA BUY NOKIA".  Rather than becoming constructive comments on the actual article or other phones, it just becomes a circle-jerk for Nokia fans. The amount of bashing on other phones not Nokia is ridiculous.
    Nokia is good. We get it. Shout it from the rooftops... or whatever.
  • Knowing everything Nokia has to offer,, you would still choose the others over a Lumia❔
  • The horror.
  • I never said that. I'd weigh the options, carrier, price, etc. For example, if it was a Lumia 1020, I probably wouldn't get it. I don't wanna pay that much cash (on contract) for essentially a camera with phone capabilities. I'm no photographer (and I'm not on AT&T).  That was purely an example... 
    I, like many people who are on Sprint waiting on the Samsung ATIV S Neo, don't have the choice of a Nokia phone. We have HTC or Samsung. Some people don't want to switch carriers, or can't for any number of reasons. I appreciate what Nokia has done for Windows Phones and if they ever in my lifetime chose to put a device out for Sprint, I'd consider it. But this article isn't about Lumia... it's about Samsung.
  • I feel ya❕❗❕
  • The article isn't about Nokia, but the comments always are.
  • LOL
    "Constructive comments"... I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing.
    I'd say 1/250 comments on here are intelligent and constructive. The rest are either grossly misinformed or trollish.
  • you and I are in the same boat, I've given up on HTC and Samsung as far as phones are concerned. I would like to try my hand at a Nokia device for more than one reason. I am curious to know what happens when my Arrive reaches its last leg and I need to do an insurance claim, what will my options be...
    *Here's to hoping that some investigative journalism takes place to help us Sprint customers interested in a Lumia device can have finally have a concrete answer as to why Sprint and Nokia won't work together*
  • If I were in your shoes and ready to upgrade, I'd hop on over to T-Mobile and grab that awesome Lumia 925. Not trying to be biased here, because I'm on AT&T (Lumia 920). But if u want one of the best WP8 devices, that's one of the best. And it might still be $0 down with a new plan.
  • Windows-Samsung-at&t.... When??? I've been with the 7.5 Focus S for a long time.
  • I was waiting for the Ativ S on AT&T as well.  I have the first Samsung Focus still.  Nokia 920 is way too heavy and the 1020 is too expensive.  AT&T either should lower the price of the 1020 by $100 at least or get the Samsung Ativ S which would probably cost around $149 with a 2 year contract.  Then I'll get a new Windows phone with AT&T. Or maybe I should switch carriers and get either the Ativ S or Nokia Lumia 925...
  • Too heavy?
    Sounds like your mom needs to buy you more protein shakes. Hit the gym bro.
    There is literally a 1.5 oz difference in the 920 & 925. Honestly, is that gonna matter?
  • "do you even lift bro?!" lol j/k. My contract is up for and upgrade in the fall, so if Sammy doesn't come out with something huge like the galaxy s 4, then I will be jumping back to Nokia.
  • By the time it comes officially, the next version of Bluetooth will come out. -_-
  • +5.0
  • I predict by Q1 of 2014 Nokia will announce a handset on the Sprint network. They already have phones on all the other carriers.Nokia want to dominate the WP market and Sprint is last holdup. The reason...the outdated CDMA technology. Sprint is always last in line to get the latest hardware due to "re-engineering" the devices to handle their CDMA technology. (another reason why you cant use their phones overseas)
  • Sprint is not the hold up.  Nokia is the hold up for any other CDMA carrier in the US (National and Regional, Prepaid and Postpaid) carrying their devices for on reason:  LACK OF TRUST ON WHAT NOKIA USES FOR COMPONENTS.   No CDMA carrier outside of Verizon will allow Nokia to use components outside of those directly manufactured by Qualcomm.
    mnow, if anyone have doubts, check the regionals like C Spire , Nex-Tech, Open Mobile, US Cellular and Sprint about it.
  • Any chance that we could exchange that dull blue plastic back to the brushed aluminum plastic back?
  • Based upon the hands-on video and pictures I've seen of the Neo, the backplate is a little longer than the international ATIV S because the Sprint version lacks the little 'speaker grille' section near the bottom. The Sprint version has the speaker moved up next to the camera like on the Galaxy S3. Since the grille section is gone, I BELIEVE the backplate is longer to make up for the space.
    This is all my guess based upon the pictures I've seen. I'm sure the dimensions are slightly different as well (CDMA phones sometimes get a smidge thicker than their GSM counterparts, idk why -_- the other dimensions may be similar or different).
    I miss the brushed metal look but having it gone is hardly a dealbreaker. I can't wait for this phone!
  • I would highly recommend putting it in a protective case, regardless how it looks. Protect your investment!
  • You said counterparts..
  • There were only two things that would have prevented me from upgrading my Arrive to this.  Having BT 4.0
    was one.  the other is having less than 16gb.  Here's hoping it doesn't
  • Even tho sprint is a useless carrier its good to see Windows Phone on it again
  • oh please people....this is jus thte hardware.  The stack isn't coming until later.
  • Stack❔.. You're not going to start that discriminatory stuff up again,, are you❔... LOL❕❕
  • Daniel, how about you stop lying about the lack of pricing from Sprint for the Ativ S Neo?  It was announced the same day the 8XT was announced, which was befor the keynote speech by Steve Ballmer at /build/:
      www.wpcentral.com/sprint-announces-two-windows-phone-8-handsets-htc- 8xt-and-samsung-ativ-s-neo   now go ahead and say Rich Edmonds was lying when he published this minutes before the keynote by Ballmer.
  • Whoah, someone's quick to jump to snarky remarks. The phone price could honestly change at any point up to its release, but to address your point, the only price announced for it was the on-contract pricing. The actual cost of the phone off-contract is still up in the air and anyone's guess until it's been made official.
  • Not trying to be snarky, but the pricing with a contract was announced, and this is the second time someone has to let Daniel know there was a price announced.  
    Off contraxt is not announced normally until near launch like any other device on Sprint (or any carrier).
  • Not really snarky. Contradicting information being published needs to be addressed.
  • At least someone agrees with me.
  • I would say calling someone a liar at the same time implying that he didn't know the price is not only uncalled for but it doesn't make any sense.
    Your point may be valid, but your tone is all wrong.
  • The problem with your analogy is that you need to check the other report by Daniel where he has said Sprint has not announced the pricing for it.  How can someone make the same mistake twice in a row without reading the article where the device was actually announced by Sprint, along with contract pricing?
    Spunds to me (and others) his bias against Sprint and Samsung is playing a role once again, because making the same mistake twice in less than 14 days and not making a proper correction on it is unlikely.  But then, it's a device from Samsung going to Sprint (and hae in mind none of the WP8 devices Samsung has on US carriers are on any GSM carrier).
  • I wouldn't go so far to say that there is a bias. The issue is conflicting information being published, and all parties involved must work to remedy this. I suggest sending a tip to Daniel informing him instead of leaving a remark in the comments where it is buried and not likely to be seen by any editors.
  • Tried that route before, and has gone in deaf ears.
    also, as the editor in chief of wpcentral, he does know what is published and when is published as he is the top administrator ofthe site, and to say he does not have a clue on what is published, when is published and who publishes it is a weak argument at the very least, especially since Him and Rich Edmonds  were at /build/ as he me tioned on his twitter account.
    I could  go on all day with this, but that will label me as a Sprint loving shill who has decided to open the eyes of man in regards to all the inconsistencies that have been published on this site by the same guy who keeps saying the pricing for the Ativ S Neo has not been officially announced, and he was at /build/...
  • No part of my argument suggested that Daniel was unaware.
  • It looks like they have moved the speaker on the Neo in relation to the original Ativ S. I wonder if this has improved the volume output? My Ativ S seems quite quiet in comparison to my Omnia 7.
  • I feel like this will be doa. just poor marketing.
  • Oh yeah, marketing.. I haven't seen any from Sprint.. Has anyone❔
  • Nooooooooooooooope. But if you go to their forums, the reps will tell you that they have the phone now so that's marketing enough and that everyone needs to calm down. Amazing.......
  • have 8xt since day it came out. Very happy with it. Like the feel of it over my sons galaxy s3 which the neo is based on.
  • What I want to know is that if the battery from the Ativ S will fit in the Ativ S Neo.  It's a larger battery which would be very appealing to me.  Otherwise, I can't wait for this phone to be out.  Just became available for an upgrade on 8-1 so I'll definately be getting this phone when it comes out.