Samsung ATIV S Neo coming to Sprint within the month

Hey Sprint friends, some good news is coming your way.

You can finally now purchase a new device with Windows Phone 8 – the HTC 8XT. But if you’re not too keen on the low screen DPI on the 8XT you might be waiting for the Samsung ATIV S Neo for Sprint. Thankfully you don’t have to wait much longer, the device should be out within the month.

Details after the break.

Some leaked internal documents show an August 16th launch date for the ATIV S Neo. No word on when you can place your pre-orders, but at least you have a spot to mark on your calendar. What are you getting with the ATIV S Neo? Basically the ATIV S, but with a few differences like a Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.4GH dual-core CPU and 1800mAh battery (down from 2300mAh on the ATIV S). You also get 8GB of storage that you can expand with microSD card support up to 64GB, 4G LTE, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera and 1.6MP front facing camera.

Anybody getting this bad boy when it comes to Sprint?

Source: EngadgetThanks for the tip everyone!

  • uglier ativ s
  • I wouldn't say ugly, but definately not very sexy. 
  • "I wouldn't say ugly, but definately not very sexy."
    In that case they should rename it The Minnie Driver.
  • I actually think it's better looking. To each their own, I guess...
  • Admittedly it is toned down......but the phone is designed more for the conference room than the night club.  I thnk it is pretty classy looking.
  • Why do people keep complaining about how ugly this phone is? I think it looks fine. Sure, the 8Xt may be nicer looking but this is the phone I plan on getting. Unless Sprint announces something better between now and August 16th.
  • Probably because a lot of people don't like the way it looks and are accordingly disappointed.
  • +1020
  • I feel like im the only one in the world that doesn't go crazy over Samsung phones. Nevertheless I welcome the addition to the Sprint family.
  • Nope... I stick with Nokia in the windows phone world. I lost faith in Samsung from the android world when the SII came out after the S and you could see the decline in solid craftsmanship from each one thereafter and I didn't buy Samsung anymore. Battery door got thin as paper. Its all about money with them not quality.
  • +1020
  • Only 8gb? Ugh.
  • Yes but it is like the ativ s capable to use sd cards so not a big deal and u can change the battery. Samsung changes the way how windows phone should be. SD card and removable battery. That's how it should be.
  • SD card, I understand, but what's the advantage of a removable battery?
  • They lose charge over time, you can carry charged spares, etc etc..
  • If it freezes, you can battery pull
  • SD card can't store like internal memory, no games or apps only media files and maps so 8gb is bad. Also looks the same as a galaxy..*shudders*
  • I don't think you can store maps on SD, if I'm wrong I'd like to no how.
  • You are probably right Josh, I recall reading that an update to here maps included SD storage but I don't know for sure, last phone I had that supported SD was N8. Its really stupid that devices from 5 years ago had up to 64gb built in and new phones today get 8-16gb? My 2year old N9 has 64gb built in but my L925 has 16gb....
  • All other reports have stated 16 or 32 so where did 8 come from?
  • Did u read the article? It clearly says 8gb u idiot
  • I know but thats a max 8gb for apps regardless of how much extra I throw in.
  • Less than 8 GB, actually.  More like 5-6 GB, probably.  Some games are nearing 1 GB in size.  8 GB should not be an option anymore in 2013.  Should be 16 GB minimum.
  • I agree... I love even my Nokia Lumia 810 which has the top 1.5Ghz dual core and 1GB ram but came with the puny 8GB which is like 5.4 formatted. Its cool that has mem slot and removable battery but with all apps I got installed I couldn't even play order and chaos online cause I believe it needs 2.4GB free internal and I only got 1.8GB left now. Sigh... 16GB minimum should be it... Flash memory costs almost nothing to these companies, they could do 16GB for sure.
  • That's awesome news for those still with Sprint but, 8gb of Internal Storage? We all know that's somewhat of a joke in these phones, I can't believe the flagship would have such low storage. I'm glad I made the decision to move to T-Mobile and get the 925. I love this phone so far. Slippery as heck but glad someone tipped me on the tech21 case... jejeje Either way, glad Sprint finally did it. Too bad it was too late for me.
  • The 925 is almost just as bad with only 16gb. My music alone takes that up.
  • That's alot of music. I use my phone for business then pleasure. But I agree. More space is always welcome so no matter how its sliced, 8GB should be a definite no-no for any new phone (unless an entry phone ala 521). This small storage is just bad.
  • I don't think anyone has referred to this thing as a flagship. The 8 GB sucks, but at least there's a microSD slot. Will be interesting to see how much Sprint pushes these devices and how well they sell.
  • It's going for $149.99, right? If so, then that price says flagship.
  • I see your point cory, but I think marketing makes a flagship, not the price. My gut says we'll see next to nothing in terms of ads, print or media, for any Sprint Windows Phone.
  • Oh goodie, we can all have a jolly ol' time playing with the Samsung exclusive apps /s
  • lol, I can't believe I'm surviving without any exclusive brandnamed apps on my ATIV S...smh
  • How dare we be satisfied with our product!
  • "Only" 8gb?? I thought I'd pick this Samsung over the HTC 8XT, but maybe not after all. Ativ S has better screen resolution obviously, maybe better something else too... but from reading several reviews, people have been pleased with the 8XT, and they also say the audio on it is really outstanding with Beats.
    Just to rant: Samsung Mobile is so not in my (and shouldn't be for any WP user) good graces for all the attention it puts on messed up Droid and their Galaxy S-whatever. Furhtermore, I have been very, very content with my HTC Arrive, given where it is with only WP7.5 OS. But it has been quite solid. Having said that, I would have no problem taking a lower-end HTC over this. Yet, NOKIA would come first, hands down!!!
  • That and its actually got stereo sound coming out the front thanks to 2 front facing speakers instead of 1 on the back. Beats is mainly for headphones but regardless even tho I'm a Nokia fan I'll say HTC has been doing pretty good with sound output on phones and I love the stereo design. Its neat.
  • Folks, if you want the best phones just switch to AT&T. They always have the best and their 4G is the fastest. These other carriers are spares. (Yes, even Verizon)
  • AT&T may have the fastest LTE somewhere but not in SoCal.
  • Where does ATT have the fastest LTE? In Florida my brother girlfriend gets 10-16Mbps Avg... 16 being not as much. I get 12-26Mbps and I actually get over 20Mbps a lot on HSPA+ on my non LTE Lumia 810 on Tmobile. So if my HSPA+ is tearing her HTC One speeds apart... Then I'm good without expensive ATT for slower speeds. Speeds vary across the country... Should think about that before making a bold statement.
  • Anecdotal impressions aside, the latest empirical studies reported by PC World/Tech Hive, PC Mag, and RootMetrics say that AT&T has the fastest overall 4G LTE network. So, that's what I was thinking.
  • Actually the only reason they have the fastest is because it is just now being expanded and less of their phones are able to access it. When their 4G LTE gets to encompass the amount that Verizon has, they'll be at the same speeds. More people on a certain brandwith the less goes to individuals.
  • There have been several updates to the firmware of both phones. Good luck in getting them from Sprint
  • I'm worried about this too.
  • I would imagine that the latest firmware and OS version is preloaded into the device.
  • Here, the one thing you can say for the ATIV S and the Neo is that at least it doesn't look like a kids toy. I'd feel embarrassed taking some of the coloured Nokias and all of the coloured HTC WP8 phones out in a meeting say.
  • Since when did colored devices for kids? Is white car a kids car? Or blue airplane is for kids airplane?
  • Lumia 920,820,620,520, and others also available in black and white too for traditional people like you.
  • Nokias come in black too you know.
  • Sorry, I didn't mean that to come out in any way troll-ish, and embarrassing was perhaps not the right word. All I meant was there is nothing wrong with the Samsung phones being a bit more conservative.
  • Sprint can go suck it! I waited forever for them to announce a release date for this phone. I couldn't take it anymore and switched to T-mobile last weekend and got the Lumia 925. Amazing phone and pretty good service plan too. So glad I ditched Sprint.
  • Glad to see a lot got the 925 from TMobile. I have the 810 on TMobile but will be getting the 925 in the next month when I can afford to drop the $530 outright for it. I hope the 925 is treating you well, as the design just looks amazing...
  • What is the size of the screen? 
    Best regards!
  • 4.8"
  • The more phones available the better it is for the platform. Not a fan of Samsung devices, but would enjoy a review here on WPCentral!
  • I'm with you on that. I don't have sprint or want them but am happy to see the carrier enter the windows phone 8 game to help push the platform more even if it means with cheap Samsung. Its for the greater good of the OS tho.
  • It will be interesting to see how these sell! I have a phone with only 8gigs of space and it does EVERYTHING I need and expect it to do. Just because it doesn't fit your specific need doesn't mean someone else won't find it a joy to use :D
  • I'm coming off an HTC android phone with 2GB of space. So 8 is going to feel like I've moved from a studio apartment to a penthouse. I don't get the critique though if I can toss 64 GBs in the SD slot. Is on device space an issue for gaming?
  • Yea, it kinda is an issue. Can't install apps to SD.
    16GB really should be the enforced minimum by Microsoft until they allow apps to be transferred to SD  
  • They would have to restrict it in some strange way (by country? I really don't know). I thought they had talked about having as little as 4 GB in some developing countries while having a microSD slot for added storage.
  • Bad idea. Many of us don't install hundreds of apps and enormous games. For us, 8GB is plenty.
  • I only use like 3 additional apps, mostly use the stuff that is baked in, that is why 8gb is good enough for me. If it fits my need and saves me money then I'm good :)
  • 8 GB is only speculated. There's still reason to believe that it will launch with 16 GB of internal storage.
  • Unfortunately, I don't see Sprint doing pre-orders for this. They didn't for the HTC 8XT and they probably won't for this one either. It's not an iPhone, so "fuck it", right? >_>
    I'm waiting on this one over the HTC. It's the clear choice if you're on Sprint. I'm still holding out hope that the 8GB internal storage was just on the early demo models and that there will be a 16GB option. 8 Gig is not cool...
  • Retired my Arrive for the 8XT on launch day; haven't looked back, except for my live tile placement, of course. But maybe I can convince my mom to drop her GSII... :)
  • I moved my dad over from a Galaxy Nexus to my old HD7 and he finds it so much easier to use. Just need to get my mum switched to a Windows Phone now and that's easier said than done!!!
  • I seem to be the odd man out. I actually think this is a nice looking phone (although the Ariv S faux metal back is nicer) and the HTC 8XT is pretty ugly.
    What happened to the battery? Everything has been saying it's 2000 mAh, but this says 1800 mAh. Also not happy with 8gb. I was really hoping for the 16gb option. Still planning on picking one of these up to start my WP experience.
  • I believe the battery is 2000mAh, and the 8GB of space has been rumored only based on the PhoneArena pre-production review unit. It should be 16GBs in the final retail unit.
  • Yea I remember them saying that Samsung will likely make changes in the final unit for storage
  • The battery should be the same as the International version which is 2300mAh and I would have thought that 16GB would be correct as well.
  • I'm actually considering it. Bought a Focus S for my daughter and found it uninspiring in terms of form factor. I'm a hard core WinPhan and find both the S and the Neo to be enticing designs, complimented by their unique Windows button. In a perfect world I would own every model of Windows Phone to hit the shelf, however I try and keep it to no more than 4 a year and I think this might be one of them. In addition, because Samsung is already quite adept at large screens/phablets, their 4.8" I'm sure will look great and bring an additional 'wow' factor to our already 'wow' factor OS! :)
  • I always admired Samsung WPs they pefer functionality over looks. While I have a Nokia. I'll always love Samsung windows phones and so do other people :-)
  • Thank you, that's nice to hear coming from a Nokia Lumia user and you're right, Samsung designs are unstated but they don't go for looks.
  • Speak for yourself, sir. I can never like Samsung. So, not all people like Samsung.
  • Last I checked, "other people" does not mean "all people."
  • Fair enough. :I
  • I'm getting one. I'd love to hear from S owners on how the camera works.I get it has 8mp, but aside from that, are the pictures actually any good? On par with Nokia? iPhone?
  • Pictures are identical to the GS3 as the 8MP sensor is exactly the same. TBH I don't really use my phone to take pictures as I have a DSLR but for a Camera Phone the pictures are decent enough and the extra lenses add more functionality, I tend to use the Pro Shot lens as it adds a lot of SLR functions but it does have issues with the firmware on the ATIV S though.
  • Its very good but nothing overly impressive. As in, it doesn't let the phone down but it wouldn't be a selling point like say the Lumia 925 (or obviously the 1020). Its very good for its price though!
  • Screw this. I'm done. Only 8GB of internal storage? I'll be ordering an htc One from Amazon tonight for $100. I'll check out Windows Phone in two years, if it's still around.
  • Dude phonearena said it was a pre production unit. They said that storage will change
  • When customers have been waiting as long as Sprint users have, you can't blame them for overreacting. 
    They say that patience pays off, but not for Sprint customers.
  • Agreed. :/
  • If you would even consider Android then you must be pissed out of your mind.. Please son, please calm down.. Just please take a few deep breaths... Don't jump, its not worth it.. You have a lot of people here that love you and are gonna miss you when you're gone.. Now, just step away from the ledge, and hand me the gun... That's right,, slowly, slowly.. You can trust me now because I have you.. Rodney's gonna make everything all better,, that's right........ Ok, now, say "I love WP" and it will all be over with.. You can do it.. That's right, yeah, just like that.. Good❕...
    Man, that was a close one... I'm getting to old for this $hit...
  • Android, a ledge AND a gun? He must be serious!
  • Your avoiding WP because 1 device has low storage? You know there is more than 1 device carrying the WP8 OS right?
    You're either a moron or a troll or both. Have fun with the HTC One, is a piece
  • Sprint lost me because they waited to long. I had my HTC Arrive and couldn't wait any longer. Jumped ship and LOVE my Nokia 928!!!!
  • Why does it seem that Sprint not only took two phone models that are a year old, but downgraded them when you'd think they would be upgraded versions?
  • I feel the sae way about te Lumia 925 and 928.  So what's your point on carriers taking year old devices?
  • Read
  • I read, and I still ask the same question in regards to the Nokia Lumia 925 on TMobile and the Lumia 928 on Verizon which have the same specs as the Lumia 920 which is almost a year old.
  • Sam are you really sure its going to be 8GB? Cause I think phonearena said theirs was a pre production unit. Its common to have less storage then the final unit
  • Man that phone ugly. If you were to relate that phone to a celeb, it would be Susan Boyle. Not like my sexy 925 with all the sexiness of Adriana Lima.
  • Should say though, each to their own!
  • Ok.. Good.. Now, can we please get more from Samsung❕
  • I would only trust Nokia with WP. They are only dedicated to the WP eco system.
  • Yeah well.........where do I begin with that one............
  • Sorry, but, Yea, Nokia tries to get all these exclusive apps and pays good money for that.  I had an HTC 8X (yea, as you would say poor app support) and know what ?  I thought my app selection was fine, sure a few games that I MIGHT play I cant but, everything else was there. Who really cares, there wasn't any apps I wanted to play anyway ?
    and Yea, I have a Nokia 928....but, if HTC made a better WP8 device, I would not even think twice about it.... Why ?
    I had a 822 and after a few days, it would not boot any more, back to Nokia service, 2 times. Then I get a brand new 928 and the wireless charging does not work, AND THERE IS STILL CRAP BEHIND THE WINDOWS BUTTON (even though I asked for it to be fixed when it went to service).
    Do you know how many HTC 8X's or HTC Trophy's I had ? 1 of each and know how many problems ???? None  In my eyes Nokia is a great phone but, quality control is not there no mattter what the fanboys say.
    So, Nokia fanboy, they are not perfect and if this Samsung had more memory and I had a choice, I might actually chose this over the 928....
  • I have a 822, no problem here. Wireless charging works great too. You must have got a bad device.
    The advantage of a Nokia WP goes beyond exclusive apps, just look at Amber and the large selection of Windows Phones in the Nokia collection compared to the 2 or 3 models provided by other manufacturers. Anot