FIFA 17 Mobile gets added polish with gameplay enhancements, visual tweaks and more

FIFA Mobile, the Windows 10 Mobile companion app for FIFA 17, has picked up a bit of extra polish and tweaks with its latest update. Included in the update is a round of visual improvements and "enhanced gameplay" intended to make the whole experience more enjoyable from a gameplay perspective.

Here's a look at what's new in FIFA Mobile version

  • Enhanced gameplay, featuring better crossing speed and accuracy, lobbed pass targeting, and chip shot control
  • Attack Mode polishing – balancing tactics, increasing deep and wide free kicks, and ensuring each goal matters when gaining fans
  • Improved difficulty levels in Attack Mode, Seasons, and skill games
  • Visual enhancements in skill game zones and maps, Plans slots, and in Attack Mode and Live Events
  • Camera adjustments for a wider pitch view
  • Revised stats in Player Items
  • An improved tutorial flow
  • Language support for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese

FIFA Mobile just kicked things off for FIFA 17 under two weeks ago, so it's good to see it pick up such a comprehensive update so soon. If you've been keeping up with the FIFA action on the go, you can grab the latest update to the app from the Windows Store now.

Download FIFA 17 Mobile from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: FIFA 17 Mobile

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  • really wish for achievements
  • Intersting to see such a big company release a game for mobile
  • But really needs an update just to iron out a few issues on mobile
  • If you had iOS or Android you would see many games from EA
  • I'd all see the lamest, most dumbed down OS ever. Potäto...potâto.
  • its now also for PC (x86 tablets)
  • I have downloaded to my desktop, but cant play via keyboard. Is there anyone who can do that, if it is only for touchscreens, why is the game available for non touch screens???
  • It was since day one. I download it there with library on Windows Store
  • does it work on lumia 730??  
  • work, but lags
  • And what is the catch if this is free?
  • No catch that I see, works the same as any other freemium game with limited play based on your ⚡ 's which replenish over time and completely after every level up. The attack mode is fun, turn based action which allows for simpler online play since the other team isn't required to be around at the time you want to play. Runs well on my Lumia icon. One of the adjustments they made in the update was for colorblind people like myself. Damn red/green squares...always a bad choice!
  • Now we just need other EA titles such as madden mobile and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heros. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would love to have Madden on my Lumia!
  • Dislike this game, especially on attack mode. Play half field sucks
  • That's why it is called attack mode..! Realistic because defenders always push the ball into the opponents half more often than not.
  • Wish the made am NHL companion app like this.
  • I don't the fact that you can only play the game online. I thought the game was internal like Dream League Soccer but Oops! Too much data. It's not for me.
  • I don't the fact that you can only play the game online. I thought the game was internal like Dream League Soccer but Oops! Too much data. It's not for me.
  • Update does add polish but for me, the game seems to lag more on my 950XL. Still a great title to have and great to kill a few spare minutes.
  • Continuum support?
  • I can't install the game, it shows 'error, cannot download'.
  • Is it an online game
  • Cant we play offline