FIFA 17 Mobile is now available for Windows 10 Mobile

FIFA 17 Mobile seems to be a fairly feature-rich take on the popular Xbox football title. It's free to play, as you might expect, complete with time-gating and accelerator micro-transactions that speed up the acquisition of different football stars.

FIFA 17 Mobile leverage's EA's exclusive access to official football data, featuring 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and 17,000 real players. FIFA 17 Mobile allows you to manage and create your own Ultimate Team, complete with all-new touch controls and new ways to play.

Playing soccer has never been more exciting than in the new FIFA Mobile! Build and manage your team, go head to head, and keep coming back for daily content. Whether you're a savvy veteran or just starting out on the soccer pitch, FIFA Mobile is bigger and better than ever, completely redesigned and built exclusively for mobile – meaning you can get into the game while on the go.

As of writing, there are widespread reports of crashing from reviews on the game, but I haven't experienced any so far on my Lumia 950 XL. As a 3D title with surprisingly decent visuals, FIFA 17 Mobile is a little laggy even on the Lumia's Snapdragon 810. I imagine lower-end phones might experience greater difficulty.

If you pick up FIFA 17 Mobile let us know what you think in the comments. Sadly, there's no Xbox integration as seen in previous FIFA mobile games, but it's still pretty encouraging to see a big name game make its way over to Windows 10 Mobile.

Download FIFA 17 Mobile from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: FIFA 17 Mobile

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Xbox is dead on mobile!
  • :(
  • This is amazing? Still giving support?... WOWZAS!
  • Even though it's part of the ID@Xbox program. I wish more developers took advantage of that. But I guess Windows Mobile is just not big enough. Especially now that it's declining instead of growing.
  • I don't even play games that lack xbox support. So i am passing this
  • ..
  • I got 10000+G by playing on mobile and pc. Why waste time on games without achievements!
    And i dont have any console
  • I don't know, to enjoy?
  • Exactly, Games are an interactive art from some may not be to everyones taste but they are created to be enjoyed. Not for achievement hunting... seriously before trophies and achievements did people playing the games aeons ago complain about achievements? If people complained achievements we most likely will not have seen the games we all grew up with as pretty much all these had were "hi-scores"..
  • We played games before achievements but we never actually finished most of them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Beating the game was the "achievement" .
  • true. But I am kind of an achievement hunter. Its the same reason i don't play games on Steam. No Xbox Achievements.
  • Steam has achievements though.
  • Well alot of people get to the end of a game natural and then get stuck or a new game comes out and they forget about that game they loved so much. Personally when I see ive completed 90% of Achievements it motivates me to come back and do that other thing. Which usually takes more that just beating the game. Achievements are more than just fun they are challenging and motivate you to ramp up the difficulties. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True but as wpn00b states beating the game WAS the achievement which is why I think Nintendo have the right idea.
  • 10k+ is nothing these days.
  • Tell me when u do it without a console
  • You can't so that's a bit of a silly thing to ask. I have an 8 year tenure on Xbox Live with a 33k Gamerscore and most of that is from the Xbox 360.
  • You can with a windows phone or pc.. I too have like 40k gamerscore and have never owned an Xbox..
  • Ok, but how many games on PC are Xbox enabled, not a huge amount. That means you really have to go after achievements.
  • And some are too annoying. Headache
  • I have 15 563GS on Windows and 17 607GS on Windows Phone. ;)
  • Ignore the judgm​ental jerks on here dictating to you how you should enjoy games. If not having achievements is a deal-breaker for you, then you have no obligation to buy or play a game without them. I don't know why everyone here thinks you're running a charity with your time and m​oney, expecting you to play gam​es lacking the features you're interested in. That's asinine. Be yourself. #SaveXboxWP
  • That's fine.... if you want to kill ALL developer support!!!!
  • Since when are games only for achievements?
  • Then why iOS and Android users playing games on mobile?
  • Almost al android games have google services which grants them achievements and ios have gamecentre
  • The keyword in your post is "Almost" meaning that it isn't a requirement, just like Xbox Live.
  • Yes it's optional. But still there are so many games that have achievements.
  • I've always felt that achievements are just a way for people to extend their "e-peen" via an increase in Gamerscore, reminds me of the Gear Score in The Division. Yes achievements are nice but they only give you a sense of satisfaction that you achieved something. My personal favourite game isn't on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC, it's on the Wii U and has no achievements at all. It's called Super Mario Maker.
  • You have a very narrow point of view, in my opinion. I was a game developer for 15yrs... Gamers want all sorts of things. Some want leader boards... Some want achievements... Some just want to play and don't want to compete at all. A good developer picks and chooses their market and focused on that.. But there is definitely a place for achievements, even if you don't want to increase your epeen. A lot of times, it just gives people a goal, something to do after everything else has been completed.
  • I don't think so, I've just got older and those things don't appeal to me any more, I would rather play a game for fun these days instead. What I posted was my opinion nothing more.
  • Last month it grew by .005 blip? I dunno maybe we could be seeing some trend with hp/ others soon
  • Yeah, from 2.30% to 2.35%
  • Negative votes :D
  • Why not find a nice quiet room a couple of Kleenex and get your rocks off there and leave the constructive criticism to others.
  • And life has given up on you.
  • I believe Dream League Soccer is better than FIFA. For one it is offline and second the graphics are amazing. The other things like making teams and all. I'm not sure about that. Also its only around 120mb. Well even FIFA 17 is 117 Mb now but I'm sure they will tell to download more once you open it.
  • It's sad to see that most of the comments here are not about the game but the lack of xbl and also that most will be avoiding the game because of it. It's a sad case of catch22, we don't DL because of no xbl, the dev doesn't support because of lack of engagement, a vicious cycle indeed. Well I for one don't really mind, im downloading to show support for the platform, xbl is but a part of the whole. Anyway, the game itself is great but not without minor lagging on my 950xl. Hoping to see updates soon.
  • Agreed. I think we need to show support to developers for the platform.
    Developers, gametrooper for example, thrive on users support. So, without our support, we will see less and less developers releasing their products (apps & games) to the platform. It's business at the end of the day.
  • why do you think that every user of WP has an Xbox too?? I have a WP but use a PS4PRO, never wanted a Xbox and I wont change this :)
  • I don't get the point you are trying to make. What does xbl on WM have to do with your preference of games consoles?
  • The whole achievements (and, for that matter, competing against friends/leaderboards) thing matters more if you are ingrained in the full Xbox ecosystem.
  • I'm ingrained in the Xbox ecosystem but I couldn't care less about achievements, competing with friends/ leaderboards. I would rather play a game for what it is rather than extending my e-peen.
  • Oh, it's not an exclusive thing, the two don't have to go hand in hand, but what I mean is that someone with an Xbox game console may be more inclined to chase achievements or whatever on their phone than someone with a PS4 because they have already developed a friend list to compete against, or whatever. But yeah, I didn't mean to imply that because someone has an Xbox games console they are automatically going to care about xbl on phones.
  • Haha I wasn't even thinking of xbl when I saw the cool screenshots of this game.
  • Can anyone tell me how it performs on lower end processors e.g 730
  • Works fine enough on my 535. Not the best, but fine enough :D
  • Do you have issues with background music and crashes?
  • No crashes so far, but the music is a bit laggy sometimes.
  • Crashes on my 550.
  • Try it on the internal memory. I also installed it there ;)
  • Feels good to see the game on Windows Store.
  • Before Android as well!!
  • Is it available on wp8.1?
  • Nope, which m​eans about 87% of Windows phone users can't download it even if they wanted to,
  • Move on already. 8.1 is the past :D
  • I'd love to. But MS won't allow it
  • Hack it
  • Wow. . ^_^ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just installed and it does not work; it gets stuck on the splash screen (blu win hd lte)
  • What phone are you using?
  • Blu win hd lte
    Installed on internal memory
  • It probably won't work but have you tried reinstalling it?
  • No but I keep it on the phone so to be notified when an update will be available
  • Doesn't even open on 640
  • Article does say could be issue on lower spec devices
  • The game is not available in my lumia 640 xl
  • Did you search on the store or use the link/QR Code in the article in the Windows Central app?
  • Works fine at my Lumia 640 XL DS Fast ring.
  • Honestly? I would love to play Scrabble
  • While this does have issues with the background music and frequent crashes on my Lumia 930 it's nice to see W10M get something before Android for a change.
  • Does it support Xbox controller?
  • Not sure as I don't have an Xbox One S controller to try it.
  • I saw on other site that it supports continuum. Will try it later.. But I have no controller yet.
  • Id be so interested in this. Do you know of other games that support a controller in continuum use?
  • The Emulators support it, so it's technically feasible.
  • Can you reply here and confirm if it works after you try? Thanks in advance.
  • I think this is great news, quit the complaining. If you don't download it because it doesn't support Xbox then you're clearly not a fan of this sport to begin with. For those of us that are fans this awesome, been playing non stop. Very happy chap.
  • Exactly, you don't see iOS users complaining that games don't use Gamecenter or Android users complaining when games don't use Google Play Games.
  • I'm 100% sure there are such users. This is the internet after all
  • When windows 10 will be available for L920? I downgraded it to wp8.1 last month. Now I can't find the windows 10 update through insider app.
  • Completely unrelated, you need to post this in the forums instead. The short answer is you won't, as the ring required to get Windows 10 on x20 series devices is now on Redstone builds.
  • Upgrade advisor from store
  • That won't work as the rings have been moved to Redstone builds. Not only that but it's a 920 and those were never officially upgraded to W10M.
  • Come on let's get NBA along with other games on windows mobile.
  • I'm not a big NBA fan, give me NFL any day, but it would be a nice addition
  • cool ill get it for my s7 edge.  Is paypal, heremaps and gestures back on windows phone yet?  I think paypal is a much biger issue than a game coming.
  • It's not out for Android yet and HERE Maps is already on W10M as the Maps app uses HERE Maps data. Not quite sure what you mean by gestures though.
  • Gestures refers to being able to pickup device to answer call without touching screen, in call move phone away from ear to auto place on speaker or place down on back, flip to silence etc. Not just to auto move from ear to put on speaker as it is currently. I miss auto answering a call by placing phone to ear.
  • Ah, yes the Gestures Beta. You can install it on W10M but, unfortunately, it doesn't work
  • There is no volume in the game ?!!
    Installed in my Lumia 650. Works fine.
  • I'm downloading this game just to post a 5 star review in the store listing! The intention and dedication to bring an AAA title to Windows Mobile/Phone deserve positive rating from users. Even if it has bugs, you can always report them in the review description.
  • 5 stars for buggy laggy crashy game? Well perhaps it's not fault of the game but OS.
  • The game itself is decent but it does crash and that is nothing to do with the OS, I'm running it on a Surface 3 with no issues. Remember that Windows 10 and W10M run off the same core.
  • As it turns out, it has 0 bug. I've been playing for over 2 hours and everything worked fine. It's even smoother than Tiki Taka Soccer on my 950. Definitely a 5-star app.
  • Works better on tablet. I download it from library and didn't have any issues.
  • Odd, when I tired to download it on my Surface 3 it said it was incompatible.
  • Really? Works well on my Acer Aspire Switch 10 e
  • Is that a Windows Tablet?
  • Yeap. Got it with windows 10 preinstalled
  • That's odd, just looked in My Library and it lets me install it.
  • Maybe its a store bug or something. I installed it like this with library. Hope you enjoy it on your surface
  • I have played the previous version on my Surface and really enjoyed it.
  • The game is.great but it needs update and if you not download the game and support it we will never get updates
  • Exactly, even if you download it, open it once to set it up and then never play it again it shows support for the developer. I remember when they were going to stop support for The Sims Freeplay when they then, eventually, fixed the cloud saves issue I bet people came back to it again which now means that they have decided to keep supporting it on W10M.
  • Please also make available for windows mobile 8.1 Lumia 520
  • I seriously doubt that will happen but you would need to speak to EA as we have no say in what games come to what devices.
  • Not 100% optimized on lower end phones but it's feature rich. Installed it on my 640 and it's been above average. Doesn't have Xbox integration but it does have Facebook integration and a live feature which allows you to play with other people online.
  • I've been playing it for hours, pretty fun game. But still have no idea what I'm doing tho
  • They need to prepare an updated version as soon as possible.I'm using lumia 950, the game is soo laggy and sometimes the fps goes down to 10-15. There's a problem,that's for sure.
  • I played DL... its awesome .Which is better now?? FIFA??
  • I am not able to download it. Its stuck after downloading 534 KB.
  • I am embarrassed to call myself a Windows fan after reading some of these comments smh. Destroying your own platform with your own hands because a game you have been begging for for ages finally arrives and doesn't support Xbox live? Stop ********, download the damn game and grow your platform. Absolutely shameful!
  • Totally agree, as I said above even if you download it and set it up then never play it again it shows developers that you want the app/game on the platform
  • So you've downloaded every single gam​e and app in the Store, then, right? Or are you just hypocritically lecturing people on this page who aren't downloading the game you're interested in?
  • No I haven't and no I'm not. I just find it silly that people are willing to cut off a game simply because it doesn't use one feature of the platform. W10M doesn't have a high market share as it is, I doubt EA would continue support for this platform if a minority of a minority downloaded their games, do you? We've argued this point before and I'm not willing to discuss my opinion any more than what I've written above.
  • I like this and hope they bring American Football game
  • FIFA 17 crushes
  • Did we get it before Android and iOS?
  • Yes, as searching for FIFA Mobile only allows you to register to receive notifications when it's available.
  • Greatest happiness ever, Cheers to Windows 10 Mobile! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It works fine on 950xl but a bit of lag sometimes. I think it's the release preview build. It has caused performance issues for me on other games I play often as well and never happened before. I gotta stop using insider gee.
  • Working fine on lumia 950 :)
  • Can you guys help to get FIFA 16 pc game .. that works without internet.. m tried of waiting for the crack version ☹
  • Talking about cracks and hacks is not up for discussion on here.
  • Can some one install commentarists?
  • If you mean commentary then it looks as though this was removed.
  • Downloading! Greetings from Portugal
  • First time ever, any big game has already launched in Windows 10 Mobile but not in Android! In India, it says coming soon in the play store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This loads and runs in Continuum....But I don't think there's any Xbox Controller support. How awesome would that be though if there WAS a Fifa game that works w/ Continuum w/ Xbox controller support. If MS could work with a company like EA to produce a few mobile games that support the Xbox One controller along with Continuum it would be a really cool feature to show off. Versions of popular EA games w/ reduced graphics would be amazing. It's not the focus of Continuum right now but it would get a LOT of love and a bit of jealously from some people using iOS/Android.
  • I can't play for two minutes straight on my Lumia 640 without crashing. So, as much as I would like to be excited to have new games on Windows 10 Mobile, this is garbage. I'll just keep gaming to my Nintendo devices, and communications with my Lumia's.
  • I can't play for two minutes straight on my Lumia 640 without crashing. So, as much as I would like to be excited to have new games on Windows 10 Mobile, this is garbage. I'll just keep gaming to my Nintendo devices, and communications with my Lumia's. If only we had the new Super Mario iOS is getting this year.
  • I don't care about Xbox. But I can't play for two minutes straight on my Lumia 640 without crashing. So, as much as I would like to be excited to have new games on Windows 10 Mobile, this is garbage. I'll just keep gaming to my Nintendo devices, and communications with my Lumia's. If only we had the new Super Mario iOS is getting this year.
  • Plays great on my 950
  • Crashing on my 730, but going to give 5 stars for making available
  • Installed on my lumia 950...gameplay is smooth..lovin it Posted via Limited Edition Lumia 950 with Mozo Case or Beautiful Gold S7 Edge or Surface pro 4 or Lumia 1020 or motoe or iphone 5s
  • It crashed before the tutorial finished downloading.
  • Not working well in L535