FIFA 19 goes up for preorder

FIFA 2019 is the latest entry in the staple football franchise. The game is usually the best-selling title around the world every year, and has garnered a passionate fan base over the years. FIFA 19 is dropping on September 28, 2018 for Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. EA has also won the rights to the coveted Champion's League from Konami, and will be incorporating it into FIFA 2019 as well.

EA says FIFA 2019 will showcase new technical innovations for movement, in addition to all the other improvements you can expect from the annualized series. The series has evolved to a greater degree ever since the development team switched over the the Frostbite engine.

The game is currently available for preorder at various retailers, starting at $59.99 for the FIFA 19 Standard Edition. However, if you want to play it early on September 25, you have to purchase the FIFA 19 Champions Edition (opens in new tab) for $79.99 or FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition (opens in new tab) for $99.99. EA Access members receive an additional discount on digital purchases on Xbox One.

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Asher Madan

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