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File restore feature reportedly coming to OneDrive soon

According to a post shared to Twitter by Ryan Shouten, a Microsoft SharePoint MVP, OneDrive for Business senior product manager Stephen L. Rose announced the feature on stage at a SharePoint event on January 13 (via MSPU). Due in "the next couple of weeks," the file restore feature should allow you to restore a file from any point after you've deleted it.

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OneDrive already includes file versioning, which allows you to track of changes to everything from PDFs and CAD files to photos and videos, but file restore would apply to deleted files. Details are light for the moment, but file restore could come in handy for accidental deletions or if you find yourself having to recover from malware.

There's no exact date for release, and it's not clear if the feature is intended just for OneDrive for Business users or OneDrive users as a whole. We'll update this post should more information become available.

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  • Oh yeah a feature that was in SkyDrive in Windows 8 is finally coming back!
  • I thought OneDrive already had this?
  • yeah back in Windows 8 (2012) and then was removed in 2014 when Windows 10 was starting development.
  • Yes, it is already present in the web interface. May be they are bringing this to other interfaces. Or improving the feature to make it more visible.
  • The OneDrive app has the Recycle Bin. Maybe they are expanding it to include files not deleted.
  • This is a super useful feature for those relying on storing data in the cloud.  Excited to see this coming as it will provide peace of mind against Ransomware encrypting synced OneDrive data.
  • What's the difference to the recycle bin?
  • The photo in the article shows that this is a full OneDrive restore where you pick a point in the past and have it restore your ENTIRE OneDrive to the state it was at that point. So this is in addition to the file versioning and Recycle Bin options that are already in place for individual files. Like the Twitter post points out, this would be ideal for something like a ransomware hit that encrypts all the files on your PC (and thereby any OneDrive files you have synced to the infected PC). Instead of having to go through the process of using the versioning or recycle bin for every individual file, which could be in the 100's of thousands, you simply restore your entire OneDrive to a snapshot point in the past. The prompt on the screen appears to say "Are you sure you want to restore your OneDrive?" "Restoring you OneDrive to 8/12/2017 3:49:02 PM will revert 7,300 changes.." "[Restore] [Cancel]" Not sure if this is for the free OneDrive too or just the O365 OneDrive for business / SharePoint though...
  • amazing... love ONEDRIVE