Find on Page

The highly missed 'Find on Page' feature which was present in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Phone but subsequently removed in the Mango update, is making a return in Apollo if a demonstration from the Lumia 920 announcement is anything to go by. The ability to locate text loaded on the webpage was a useful tool that plays an important role in finding information on a cluttered website. 

Microsoft -for whatever reason- decided this feature had no place in the Windows Phone Mango update that included IE9 and removed it from the mobile browser. The company then received countless complaints from Windows Phone owners questioning why the feature was removed. We were eagerly awaiting Tango to see if the menu entry in IE would be restored, but alas it was never to be.

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Looking at the Lumia 920 presentation from last week, one can clearly see 'Find on Page' listed in the above photo. Good news all around as it seems this will be one long lost family member that will be returned home. The full list of improvements in Windows Phone 8 is yet to be revealed, but it's positive to see Microsoft continuing to not only add new features, but also improving and in strange cases reintroducing established functionality.

Details are non-existent for the time being, and we're unsure as to whether or not this will be included in Windows Phone 7.8, but there's always hope.

Thanks, Jamal F, for the heads up!

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