First Canadian Microsoft Store opens at Yorkdale Mall, Toronto

The first Microsoft Store in Canada has opened at Yorkdale Mall, Toronto. The brick and mortar store will provide Microsoft with the capacity to accommodate consumers inside a specially crafted experience to ensure everyone gets the most out of what the company has to offer - whether it be Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, cloud services, Office, Xbox and more.

We've previously covered Microsoft opening a number of permanent and temporary holiday stores across the US to further push its new Surface Windows RT tablet, which launched in October. Unfortunately for anyone who resides outside the states, there's still no word on a Microsoft Store opening up on foreign lands. We're still expecting to see this change in the future.

The Microsoft Store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto is a permanent establishment and as one can see from the photos we've received from a reader who attended the opening ceremony, it received a positive reception from consumers with large numbers turning up.

Opening up its doors on the Friday morning just passed, Microsoft held a concert in the parking area with Grammy Award winning rock band Train. First 200 attendees in the queue for the store opening found themselves receiving red carpet treatment and meeting the band after its performance. We're told that no celebrities were present in-store when it opened, so all interest shown in the photos are for Microsoft's product line.

As well as Microsoft products, ASUS and Samsung Windows RT tablets were also present as well as a number of netbooks and hybrids running Windows 8 Pro. As we've witnessed ourselves by visiting a Microsoft Store, the Surface tablet really is the highlighted act of the show. It's good to see excitement for Microsoft as a company, and with the high interest in its stores we hope Microsoft continues to expand to reach out to other markets.

Be sure to check out more shots below.

Thanks, Rob, for the tip and photos!

Microsoft Store Toronto

Microsoft Store Toronto

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