Here's a first look at Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One

Halo 3: ODST for Xbox One has been out for a couple of days now and I'm sure most of you are already enjoying it. But for those of you that aren't, we're going hands on with this atmospheric first-person shooter.

Halo 3: ODST has joined Halo: The Master Chief Collection due to the fiasco late last year after the game's launch. The game hit shelves with a completely broken multiplayer experience that virtually didn't allow for anyone to connect to matchmaking.

The game differs from other Halo titles, as you play as a normal human that's part of the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper team. It also features a somewhat open world as well as a new tone in setting. The game takes place mostly at night, which is also accompanied by a darker soundtrack.

If you got Halo: The Master Chief Collection before December 19, 2014 you can expect to receive a code for ODST for free. If you purchased the game after that date, you can still buy the ODST DLC for a mere $5.

So if you enjoyed the video and are a fan of the Halo series, definitely check the game out as soon as possible!

Halo 3: ODST - $4.99 - Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

Jonathan Dollison
  • I'm glad they are selling it for that price. Should have sold more when they first launched it but they priced it as a full size game instead of a big dlc
  • I completely agree! Had they set the price at $29.99 or $39.99 it would have definitely sold more than they anticipated. I hope that they decide firefight around for this as well.
  • Are you guys talking about the original launch of ODST back on Xbox 360? It didn't sell well? It's not a full game?
  • I guess this is the best DLC i've ever played then! 8-)
  • Yup the og. It sold well but would have sold a lot more had it been priced less. It was a great game but being called Halo 3 ODST makes it story dlc. That doesn't make it a bad expansion just wish they treated it as such.
  • It was a full game... perhaps not as lengthy as Halo 3, but it was completely different and I really liked it. You're not a spartan so you can't jump like a gazelle and take a million hits, so it's perhaps a more "realistic" and strategic style of play (although you can still run-n-gun if you want). They also included ALL of the Halo 3 multiplayer DLC/map packs on a 2nd disc, so it was still good value if you didn't own them all already.
  • I guess they figured Spartan ops would do but the fan base strongly disagrees
  • Yesterday I bought halo Spartan strike, I am impressed with the quality of it, it is awesome for a mobile game, fantastic
  • Great game. Wrong topic bro.
  • At this rate they just need to release reach as dlc too. Just to have it all... And five bucks, great deal!
  • +1
  • ODST was basically DLC on Halo 3 -- the engine was the same. Reach would be another port.
  • I like it as a standalone game though. It brought more of a "lone wolf" approach, with a while new dynamic with the night vision and broken city. Stealth could be used instead of massive firefights, although there are some great firefights. The soundtrack was really good too, and the environments were memorable.
  • For those don't get it free this is so cheap - full game with full 1000GS - Actishition should take note with their rip off DLC, but there's always retards with too much money that like paying for utter tripe
  • What he said
  • A first look? We've probably all seen it already since it released 3 days ago.
  • Well this is the first look of it on Xbox One ;)
  • Best single player game in the entire Halo franchise. I saw today I have a code and I can't wait to play ODST again.
  • Too bad there isn't any co-op. I'd say let's suit up together! Edit: I lied it does have co-op just haven't figured out how to get it to work on MCC.
  • Was there no co-op on 360 either? That's so lame.
  • Co-op on both, STHU
  • You might see a medical professional about something for that butthurt. I asked a question, and you went from zero to full butthurt in no time.
  • 0-100 real quick Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • best campaign and i have already finished for the 4th time (3x on xbox 360). :(
  • Downloading here.
  • When am I gonna be able to watch video from in the app??? I hate switching back and forth.
  • I simply can't understand why do this game gets so much hate, for me it was fantastic, the darker tone overall and the fact that you were discovering the city made this game so different than other Halo games. The soundtrack is AMAZING, the best in the series IMO, sometimes I play it on YouTube just for the pleasure of listening to it. The only downside that I'm able to remember about it is that sometimes it was super dark in some areas and the difficulty of the last level was very challenging, couldn't get it finished without a friend on XBL.
  • On Legendary BTW...
  • I asked my friend why he hated it and he said that going from a Spartan to ODST wasn't great. I disagreed but all get their own opinions.
  • I feel like it made the player more "mortal" where damage actually HAS repercussions. I like it. 10/10 on soundtrack too.
  • Still haven't played it yet and I got my code and downloaded it already. I just can't get into the Halo lore like other people can.
  • Try this one! It's definitely different from the others
  • What's so different about it?
  • Different point of view. Story isn't as crazy as the main games where you are trying to save all humans. You aren't playing as a super spartan guy so you have to play more cautiously.
  • have to play more cautiously
    You can do this with MCC, just turn on the Restart the mission at the beginning Skull everytime you die.. :) I thought HALO:CE in MCC was more fun that way...
  • Good for you bud Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sarcasm or......?
  • Game sucked
  • Your mother should've sucked, just to spare us your comment...
  • Good game, just bought cause than I won't be bored. Online matching still sucks, been waiting to find 1 match for 20 min, ridiculus.
  • I loved this game on 360. But for some reason, it feels sluggish on the xb1. It appears to be missing cut scenes as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It feels the same to me as on the 360, and all the cut scenes I remember are still there. Odd.
  • ODST's are not "normal humans"
  • They aren't war machines like Spartans though
  • They're on the cusp of being Spartans. Deranged and with a death wish. Odsts see themselves as better or as good as Spartans and wonder why they get all the "glory".
  • So,I'm pretty sure I bought the game day 1, but I never got a code.... Does it come to your email? Or a message on your Xbox? Do you have to have Xbox live?
  • It should have been sent in an Xbox message. To my understanding you didn't need to have Live, but you did need to have been connected to the internet at least once between launch and the cutoff date, so that they know you played the game.
  • Does it work as a standalone game, or I must have MCC ?
  • You need MCC.
  • I received the message, downloaded ODST but can't find the game in MCC. The new achievements are there but the game doesn't appear in the MCC home screen. Am I missing something?
  • You need to go to halo 3 in the mcc. It's is right next to it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android