MSN Apps for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft's new universal Windows MSN apps have been out for Windows 10 PC for a few weeks now, but we are now seeing them arrive for phones as well.

MSN Weather, News, Sports and Money all have the new design that ditches pivots for split-view menus. Indeed, all the new Microsoft apps do feel very coherent in that their design elements are all reused for each app. This experience gives an enjoyable familiarity when using Windows 10 Mobile, something we are sure to see more of in the future.

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For now, we will just leave the new screenshots below to give you an idea of the new design for mobile. We will say they do feel quite fast and fluid when in use, which is a impressive sign.

MSN Weather

MSN Weather for Windows 10 Mobile

MSN Weather for Windows 10 Mobile

MSN News

MSN News for Windows 10 Mobile

MSN Sports

MSN Sports for Windows 10 Mobile

MSN Money

MSN Money for Windows 10 Mobile

Shout out in comments on what you think and if you are finally coming around to the new design language found in Windows 10 and universal apps.

Thanks, Aakash S., for the tip