Fitbit Surge and Windows Phone

Fitbit is on a roll this holiday season as update after update keeps coming out. This list is in addition to new devices like the Charge and – in super limited supply – their Surge 'super watch'.

Tonight, version 9.2 of the firmware for the Surge has trickled out, and we can confirm that the activity tracker now syncs directly with Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The update requires version 1.5 of the Windows Phone app along with an updated Surge.

If you are lucky enough to have procured the rare Surge, the easiest way to update the new firmware is via PC and the Fitbit desktop sync software. Updating should take around 5-10 minutes. Although Fitbit did not mention Windows Phone compatibility, we have confirmed it with our Lumia 1520. In addition, the new firmware also addresses numerous other issues, including:

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  • Fixed an issue where runs or exercises being tracked at midnight (when the tracker resets) weren't displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with inflated steps and calories during runs.
  • Improved GPS stability.
  • Improved battery-level accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the tracker wasn't turning on after a shutdown.

As of now, notifications and music controls do not yet work for Windows Phone users. However, support for notifications is actively being worked on and should come first, followed by music controls later perhaps early next year. As of now, Windows Phone users can sync, change clock faces, and alter exercise shortcuts through Settings.

Syncing with Windows Phone and the Surge is still a bit finicky, but even on iOS and Android there are some minor syncing issues as well. Presumably Fitbit will improve things as mass production begins to ramp up in 2015. Either way, it is great to see it all working and in action ahead of schedule.