Fitbit Surge now syncs with Windows Phone with latest firmware update!

Fitbit is on a roll this holiday season as update after update keeps coming out. This list is in addition to new devices like the Charge and – in super limited supply – their Surge 'super watch'.

Tonight, version 9.2 of the firmware for the Surge has trickled out, and we can confirm that the activity tracker now syncs directly with Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The update requires version 1.5 of the Windows Phone app along with an updated Surge.

If you are lucky enough to have procured the rare Surge, the easiest way to update the new firmware is via PC and the Fitbit desktop sync software. Updating should take around 5-10 minutes. Although Fitbit did not mention Windows Phone compatibility, we have confirmed it with our Lumia 1520. In addition, the new firmware also addresses numerous other issues, including:

  • Fixed an issue where runs or exercises being tracked at midnight (when the tracker resets) weren't displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with inflated steps and calories during runs.
  • Improved GPS stability.
  • Improved battery-level accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the tracker wasn't turning on after a shutdown.

As of now, notifications and music controls do not yet work for Windows Phone users. However, support for notifications is actively being worked on and should come first, followed by music controls later perhaps early next year. As of now, Windows Phone users can sync, change clock faces, and alter exercise shortcuts through Settings.

Syncing with Windows Phone and the Surge is still a bit finicky, but even on iOS and Android there are some minor syncing issues as well. Presumably Fitbit will improve things as mass production begins to ramp up in 2015. Either way, it is great to see it all working and in action ahead of schedule.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Heart is beating faster at 85 times per minute ..... It's should be 71/72 times per minute take care of your health
  • Dude, really? Pretty sure I can crush 90% of you in fitness, lol.
  • can . I am still kid
  • Couldn't keep up with me, Daniel... Never.
  • Next windows central contest idea. Out fitness the writers... Lol
  • Great idea! I'd be in ^_^
  • I bet you couldn't do 4 quarters of primetimes, or 20 gassers, or 4 big threes. Maybe you can do liners xD
  • fitbit reports
  • He was just really excited to see it working. ;)
  • 60 to 90 bpm is normal range for adult
  • Lol mine is 100 bpm
  • This is the best time for WP since it's launch..So many updates altogether..!!
  • Yeah, a lot of official apps this week..
    Off subject, but when did they add a
    Cellular Data toggle in the action center? I just got that update today..
  • It was long back before 2 weeks I think . That minor developer preview update added data connection toggle and auto updating battery tile
  • No, they are separate updates... The battery tile update was the first one.. It gave our devices the capabilities to update on their own.. Can you show me where WC covered the CD toggle?
  • Here's right...2 weeks ago (12/5) on the latest Dev Preview release:
  • How did I miss this??
    Well, I had to hard reset my 1520, and that knocked my PFD app out.. I reactivated it today, so here we are... I see now.. Cool! I need that damn toggle, and screw you guys for not telling me about it.. Lol.
  • Screw you for missing it..!! :P :P
  • Lol.
  • It came in the last to last PFD update..It's also known as 'Mobile Data'..!!
  • This mobile data toggle is extremely useful though! +520 with Denim
  • Yes!! Finally.
  • I didn't got Denim in mah 520 yet..!! PDF off..REGION AND ALL Set To India..Still....!!!! Urgh..!!
  • Cool.
  • My Charge HR wont send live heart rate to the app. Frustratin'
  • Hi, Yes we know about this issue. Charge HR is my go to tracker and believe me this is something I would love to see work. Ironically this is a quirk of BT being implemented according to the BT 4.0 spec. Something to be fixed in the future.  :)
  • So wait, is this a BT 4.0 limitation, a problem on WP's end, or Fitbit's problem to solve?   Appreciate the response!
  • It's not something that we'll have a short term fix for unfortunately. I'll post an update when we have some news. :)
  • Something new about this? 
  • So are you saying that the Surge went against the BT 4.0 spec?
  • Surge connects differently to Charge HR. So it doesn't encounter this limitation.
  • Meh.
  • Cyan required? Verizon users screwed?
  • Cyan has always been a requirement of Fitbit
  • Cyan has proper Bluetooth certification.
  • I'd like to imagine that if everyone keeps making noise they'll release the update. I'm not sure what their plans are, but this is certainly a frustrating situation. We'd love for everyone on Windows Phone to be able to use our products.
  • Where'd you find a charge HR? Is not out yet
  • Some of us (me, too!) got a Charge HR as part of a limited release in the last couple weeks offered by invitation. I had a Force that was sent back, so I think that's why I was invited to purchase a limited one early.
  • When do we get the GPS tracking that iPhone got a while back?! I am happy to see the barcode scanner FINALLY arrive though.
  • Barcode??
  • Guess all of that bitching we did on their forums worked. Safe to say, us early adopters were not happy with their announcement to wait until after Christmas to release this.
  • +1
  • If only it were so! There was a very good chance that this release would have gone out after Christmas and so I communicated as much. I'm just as happy as you that it was ready today though.
  • You've been very active and informative over there. Our community is lucky to have you. I know we do our best to thank you over there, but I hope you realize that many of us truly appreciate your efforts, and patience with our complaints ;)
  • FitBit and Mint give Windows Phone users a first class app experience. Thank you. Oh yeah and WindowsCentral of course!
  • Does anybody have any problems downloading the FitBit app? I had to factory reset my Lumia 830 (AT&T) and now can't download the app at all. It hangs at pending and I just got a message that the app has been removed which isn't - shouldn't be -accurate. Any advice?
  • So it will sync with Windows Phones on Verizon?
    Yeah, didn't think so.
  • It requires the cyan update which Verizon is quite tardy in releasing
  • Never...ever...purchase a carrier locked phone. Never...again... BTW happy with my international orange 930 :)
  • Thank you Fitbit devs.  This is great news for when I get my next Fitbit band.
  • Ugh, where did my post go...?  Ok, like I was saying...  The sleep data screens look all new and the heart rate screens are new in the phone app.  This is a huge update.  Here is what it looks like:    
  • This band looks neat, but can you aim it at the sun for an instant UV rating? Lol. Love my MSFT band in case you didn't notice. 10 sensors. Superior, IMO.
  • The Band is both superior and inferior in several important ways.  I had the Microsoft Band for a month before I got the Surge.  Here is where the Surge is Superior to the Band: - 6 days of battery life (I got 1.5 days with the Band showing the time continuously like the Surge; which means it will die in the night an give you huge gaps in your sleep data) - Automatic Sleep tracking on Surge (This is great because I forgot to set the sleep mode frequently with the Band) - Real continuous heart rate tracking (Band samples HR periodically, which is fine, but not superior) - Surge is far more comfortable than the Band, hands down.  The Band feels like a stiff bracelet.  The Surge has a very soft, wide, and comfortable band.    - Weekday based alarm is fantastic for waking up for workdays (Band alarm is a single time everyday) - The Glass on the Surge is Gorilla Glass 3 (The Band is easily scratched)  Both have step tracking, heart rate monitor, and step tracking.  I do miss the Band's weather app.  That was very nice.  So the band has a UV sensor.  Meh.  I think most people would take a 6 day battery and automatic sleep tracking over that.  Enjoy charging your band everyday.  
  • Wow man. You made the wisest consumer purchase ever. Us band owners could learn so much from you! The band is junk, we get it. BTW if anyone's band is dying while they are sleeping, well, then I don't know what can be done for you. It's hopeless. Thanks for the dedication though!
  • I purchased the Microsoft Band and the Fitbit Surge.  Which one are you saying is the wisest?  The Band is certainly not junk.  Everyone will weigh the feature importance based on their own lifestyle.  I just wanted to point out mine.  It is likely that there are VERY few people with experience with both.  I wore the Band for a month and the Surge for most 2 weeks now.  I'm just trying to give people my perspective. 
  • Great points, surge for me based upon what you said. Plus surge is 5metres waterproof.
  • " Plus surge is 5metres waterproof."
    Yeah, that is not actually accurate. You are talking 5 ATM, which is not meters, and if you look at the Fitbit forums, you can see this is very controversial. In short, do NOT wear in the pool and even the shower is a risk.
  • What's controversial about it, Fitbit's own help section says its not waterproof...I'd say its pretty clear that is no more waterproof than the MS Band is, no?   "Your Surge is water-resistant. It is rain and splash proof and can stand up to the sweatiest workout. Remove before showering or swimming."
  • Daniel Rubino is correct as usual :) 
  • Some of your points are actually an opinion. 1. Automatic sleep tracking - watched a movie yet? You forgot to set the sleep mode on the Band? 2. Continuious HR monitoring - sampling every hour is still continuious. I don't need it to monitor every second of every day. The prime reason for hr monitoring is to determine if you are hitting your target hr zone while exercising. 3. Uncomfortable to you is not going to be uncomfortable to everyone. Maybe you have scrawny wrists. 4. Weekday alarm? My work week is Wed night - Sunday night. So no, not everybody works the traditional Mon - Fri 9 - 5 job. So to me a single daily alarm is just fine. 5. Band UV sensor over auto sleep tracking? No, we already covered that. A UV sensor actually makes sense, health-wise. It's important everyone monitor their UV levels. If you're that concerned about sleep tracking, you'll remember to push a button to set sleep mode, right about the same time you set your alarm.
  • @11B1P - Thanks for the response.  Of course the importance of one feature versus another is an opinion.  But I disagree that my points are overly opinionated.  They are based on my real world use of both devices.  Long battery life is very important to me.  After a month of daily charging I was on the brink of not wanting to bother with the Band anymore.  1. Yes, I have watched a movie.  What's your question?  Are you suggesting that the Surge would confuse that with sleep?  because it has not.  It even tracked a nap I had last weekend on the couch.  I woke and was wondering, huh how long was I asleep?  I was able to login and see that it was 45 minutes.  I NEVER would have put the Band in sleep mode because I was not intending to fall asleep.  It is flawless for me.  Yes, I would forgot to put the Band in sleep mode.  I don't think that is hard to believe.  2. The Surge's continuous HR gives you more accurate calorie burn calculations.  That is a fact, not an opinion.  3. Scrawny wrists?  What is that about?  Why would that matter?  My wrists are opposite of scrawny.  I wore the Large size Band and Surge.  And the Large size Surge barely fits my wrist with not an extra rung to spare.  How it feels is certainly an opinion.  However, having used both, the Surge is more comfortable for me, and it's not even close.  The Band is basically lumpy, with it's flat top, battery bumps and protruding HR sensor, which is rather exposed.  The Surge is a soft rubber material with a smooth glass enclosure for the HR sensor.  The Band does have a better clasp mechanism.  4.  I think you are misunderstanding the weekday alarm.  Based on your schedule, the Surge would work great for you.  You see, you can have multiple alarm times.  Each alarm time you set can specifically work on a particular day of the week.  So for you, you can set an alarm for 8PM that only goes off on Wed - Sunday.  And on your days off, it won't go off!  This cannot be done with the Band, and that was my point.  And that is a fact.    5.  Ok, the importance of the UV sensor versus Auto sleep tracking is certainly an opinion.  For you that UV sensor is essential.  For me, that feature might get used a handful of times per year. 
  • I don't understand this trend to be offended because someone else gives a thoughtful opinion on his use. i had a band and returned it, I agree with Valkyrie on some of his points. The sleep monitoring on the band is very good. For a brief time I tried a Galaxy S smartwatch. The sleep monitor was just stupid. The monitoring was " you were still for 7 hours". Gee thank you for that in depth report Samsung.  
  • Enjoy not getting calendar notifications Enjoy not being able to clear the notifications icon Enjoy not knowing the time or date of incoming calls or texts I'll enjoy charging my Band every other day. The Surge really doesn't live up to the hype.
  • @afripino -  Actually I do miss the calendar notifications, although that is coming in the next few months and already works for other platforms, just not Windows Phone yet.  I don't know what you're talking about with the clearing of notifications.  Not knowing the time or date of calls or texts?  Why would I need to know the time and date for calls and texts?  Wouldn't it always be right now?  I can look on my phone for history if that's what you are talking about.  The Band is terrible for looking back through texts as all the messages get cut off after a few short lines.  The Caller ID on the Band is nice, but that too is already on the Surge for other platforms.  This feature is supposed to be supported on Windows Phone very soon.  You are not comparing apples to apples if you insist the battery life is 2 days.  Yes, the Band when not using Watch mode can last 2 days.  But, to be a fair comparison, I am comparing the Band with Watch mode on, which is the same as the Surge always displaying the time.  For that comparison, from my real world experience, I got 1.5 days for the Band and 6 days for the Surge.  Those are not the manufacturer claims.  That is my real world experience.  "The Surge really doesn't live up to the hype" - Believing pre-launch rumours is a sure way to be disappointed.  Having said that, I am not disappointed.  I was pleasantly surprised that the battery life claims are real.  So, what pre-launch hype did you hear that did not materialize?     
  • Calendar notifications don't work on iOS. How do you clear the notification icon??? I'm talking about the little box that pops up on the top right with the three dots. Hmm??? That's what I'm talking about clearing the notification icon. Yes, I need to know the date and time of texts. Just because you don't need to know, doesn't mean everyone else doesn't need to know. EVERY text messaging program shows date and time. It's Basic Features 101. You show a time and date for notifications. I need to know how long ago someone sent me a text so I know if it is relevant to now or if the question / answer came hours ago. You may not need it, but I do. The Band is GREAT for looking back through texts. You scroll up to see the rest of the text message. The caller ID doesn't work on the Surge after receiving a call. I've used it on iOS. I can go on about my experience, but I didn't want to copy and paste what I already said here: The bottom line is:
    -The battery life claim wasn't real for mine
    -The notifications are buggy as hell and missing features (not a superwatch, not even a smartwatch)
    -Some watch faces that were advertised don't exist yet
    -I paid $250 for incomplete software on a comfortable fitness tracker. Your money would be better spent on the Charge HR because it has a display, and does the fitness stuff which is the only benefit of the Surge at this time. The notifications / smartwatch features are a joke at this time and I think it is BS that they are having us crowd-fund their incomplete software.
  • Microsoft has quite a ways to go before the band and app are really useful. I would prefer one app to manage food and exercise. Heck I would pay for my MS Band to work with the fitbit app so I can compete with friends. I would even get the aria scale.
  • That would be awesome, would be great if the band worked with fit bit app, don't see too much of my peeps buying the band.
  • That's funny.  I want the opposite.  I loved the Microsoft Health app on the Microsoft Band and I prefer having my data in the Microsoft ecosystem.  The fitbit friends thing isn't something I've found useful. 
  • Fitbit has been in the fitness band field longer, and they do have helpful software.   I've tried most of their products, but was very disappointed with the display scratching on the Charge models.  I find it interesting that my Band does not sync with Health Vault, but Fitbit devices do.  The data from Fitbit trackers is retained in that application.  It's also funny that so many versions of trackers are supported in Vault, but not the Microsoft Band.  If we see updates to the Band software, this is one area to address. The other major factor I would like to see is close integration with MyFitnessPal.  Now, only dedicated workouts transfer data.  All other trackers have a two way integration.  The tracker sends step and workout data to MFP, and it syncs back the calories consumed in a day.  Then, the apps can display a comparison between calories burned and calories consumed.   This is an important piece of data for me. Finally, it would be nice to see some documentation on "what were they thinking" when designing the data output.  I mean this literally.  When I look at the labels, I'm not sure what the data actually represents.   I'd love to see some docs that deals with the various labels, and perhaps the fitness guide