Fitbit for Windows 10 updated with new dashboard design and more

Fitbit for Windows 10 has received a pretty nice update, bringing along a new dashboard design with new visuals for all of the tiles along with improved performance and much more. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in the latest version of Fitbit for Windows 10:

  • New visuals for all tiles.
  • Substantially improved performance (faster loading and window resizing performance).
  • New Device tile.
  • Accessible from the command bar.
  • New sync progress bar.
  • Fixed certain syncing issues affecting some users.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

And there you have it. Be sure to hit up the Windows Store link below to grab the latest version of Fitbit for Windows 10 and start enjoying those new visuals.

Download Fitbit for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)


Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I'm so happy companies are finally making good apps for windows. Windows 8 and 8.1 apps were very crappy, hard to use, buggy and slow. Now they're quick, fluid, useful and they're coming in droves
  • They are still buggy and slow.
  • What apps are you using?
  • Microsoft stock apps. The Mail app is slower than the one in Windows 8.1 and often crash. Groove also regularly crashes when I watch mp4s. myTube! is the fastest and most stable app I used so far.
  • Groove and mail app is working fine for me. Guess i'm lucky.
  • Internet, full of whine. The UWP apps runs very quickly, and the new split view in things like Groove look excellent. The store Office apps, all startup quickly. To the point I hate waiting the 7 seconds for full Word to startup these days ;) Funny what you get used to.
  • nice update I guess this was taking all their time while I've been waiting to find a solution to my errored out aria
  • It's raining applications!
  • Better than men, that is for sure! ;)
  • Lol
  • Does this support the new Fitbit blaze?
  • Blaze will be supported from day 1 on Windows 10 / Mobile. :)
  • Well other than notifications and connected GPS. (Or are you hinting that Microsoft will have added the necessary GATT Server by March when the Blaze starts shipping?)
  • Hi Tristian,  Will this include music control? And the ability to run voice feedback while playing music during an activity?  Cheers, 
  • These guys are great! Thank you!
  • But do notifications & playback controls work with Windows Mobile yet?
  • Not yet.
  • Music playback does work on Windows devices. If you have a Surge (or the awesome Blaze like I have on my wrist right now ;) ), then you shouldn't have any issues with Music control. Notifications and Connected GPS (for Blaze) both depend on Bluetooth GATT Server technology at the OS level. As soon as this is implemented in Windows we'll make sure those features work.
  • So Notifications are awaiting MS to make an OS level change?
    Why is it that the MSBand can handle them then? I miss Fitbit, but without notifications my MS Band 2 wins the round.
  • How is the fitness tracker now? Have you tried it? Wondering if it is better or on-par with runtastic pro!  Music control (backround play) and voice feedback together is key for me. 
  • MS uses a BT technology that's different than everyone else, so only their bands can display notifications.
  • It's still crap. It would be nice if one could move, add and delete tiles from the dashboard like you can on the website.  In the app all my important stuff is on the bottom and the stuff I dont care about is stuck at the top and I really dont even need to see that stuff.
  • That's next one the list! We've been working towards this new universal design for a while. Now that we have a single UI design that can scale for all screen sizes, we can work on a great implementation of customization. I know this has been missing for a while, but it's coming!
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks for the comment. BTW, I didn't mean the app is crap just that the experience is still crapped up because of my reasoning above. Once those issues are resolved then it will be great and I'll praise it in the reviews.
  •   It's really interesting to see that Fitbit people are following this site. The support given to Win10 mobile made me buy a Charge HR during the holydays. May I propose another improvement to the mobile site? I'm logging my calories and the barcode scanner is really good but is it possible to add the information to the database when the barcode is not recognized through the app? Thank you.    
  • Very nice. Almost makes me want to install Windows 10 to try it out. Almost. ​Will never forgive MS for junking MSN Health & Fitness, the best health app on any platform. The MS Health app is a joke. Idiots.  
  • The Health app is for the band. It's not a replacement for the Health and Fitness app.
  • Obviously. It's garbage.
  • Nice! I just bought the Charge HR! It's awesome
  • Not sure when the software actually updated, but it still won't update my sister in laws surge. To be honest, i like nothing about the hardware or software so far.  If this wasn't a gift from someone, i would make her return it and get a band 2. Others have had the same issue on windows 10, you can't use the device unless you update the software (only can be done on computer, not mobile device), and the update always fails.  Rendering the whole thing useless. Tried many things including resetting the device, deleting the software etc. App finds the surge, but never updates. Doesn't help either that fitbit may have designed the worst charging socket/cable in history.  I hate to tell her she has to exchange it for another, but it may be looking that way.
  • Well is it worse than the original band. I'm on my third.and.each one has developed more and more issues with charging where I have to spend 15 to 20 minutes almost every time I need to charge fiddling with the cable contacts and contacts in the band to get it to start charging. It's maddeningly ridiculous.
  • You forgot advertisments in the "full breakdown of what's new"   :)  Actually maybe it's just the one Aria ad, either way I'll still use it on both phones, laptop, desktop and Surface pro      
  • Does this connect with MS Band 2?
  • No.
  • Great news, the app is one of my main ones on Windows 10 glad to see fitbit supporting it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • With this new update, syncing with dongle stopped as well. Good work, guess I have to sell my 1 month old HR :(
  • Same on w10m on lumia 950XL, impossible to sync... :(
  • Will we ever be able to import our Band data into the Fitbit apps? I love my Band 2 but I also have to wear my Fitbit Zip so I can compete with family on Fitbit.
  • I'm hoping some day that a partnership will be done. Not sure how likely that is
  • Yup, same. Not using a Fitbit any more, but Band 2 needs FB or some other social integration.