Fitness Month: Windows Phone for vegans and vegetarians

Over the past few years, as consumers have become more concerned with how and what they eat, the number of people choosing to lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has increased dramatically.  And while being vegetarian has become much easier since I first started over 13 years ago, it can still be a challenging road to navigate, be it grocery shopping, traveling, or just trying to keep things new and different when cooking at home.  Thankfully, with Windows Phone it's that much easier, whether you are a seasoned veggie veteran or just starting out.  With February being Fitness Month here at WPCentral and Mobile Nations, we thought we take a look at several vegetarian apps.


The basic gist of not eating meat, poultry and fish is pretty straight-forward; however, in this day of cryptically-named, multi-syllabic ingredients, it can be difficult to determine if even everyday foods contain animal products.  With the Ingredients Guide app by the Vegetarian Resource Group, this task becomes much simpler.  Ingredients Guide is a free app that contains a pretty comprehensive list of common ingredients and explains their derivations, uses, and common aliases.  Unsure if something fits your lifestyle?  Look it up, and even save it as a Favorite.  You can also look up foods by category: vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, etc.  Ingredients Guide offers up a user-friendly interface that is a great resource everyone for the beginner looking to learn the vegetarian ropes to the long-timer who is a little fuzzy on the details. 

You can get it here for free.


Now that you've gotten your groceries, it's time to make something tasty.  If you're like me, you sometimes get stuck in a rut of making your favorite recipes over and over again.  With Windows Phone, you can break out of your routine and discover some new favorites.  The Marketplace has some great food apps for everyone, like AllRecipes and Epicurious, but there are also some that cater specifically to vegetarians and vegans.  One such app, is Bimby Recipes - Main Dishes Vegetarian.  This is a free app that features recipes posted by different people, which gets updated from time to time.  The list is fairly limited, but, hey, it's free.  There is also a collection of veggie-friendly eBooks by Digi-Apps-Media for $.99 each: New Vegetarian Dishes, The Healthy Life Cook Book, Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery, and The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book.

However, my favorite find is definitely VGRecipes.  This $2.99 app compiles vegan recipes from various blogs.  The best part is that it is regularly updated, so the content is ever-changing.  You can search category, like Appetizers, Breads, Desserts, etc., though sadly, there is no Main Course section, so you will have to figure that one out for yourself.  The recipes are well-detailed and accompanied by pictures, so failure is not an option.

Dining Out:

If you are traveling, or just don't feel like cooking, it's nice to know that you can count on Windows Phone to find a place that suits your lifestyle.  You can surely use WP's built-in Bing search or apps like Yelp to find some veggie vittles, but I recommend checking out Happy Cow.  Happy Cow is a location-based app, brought to you by the website of the same name, that will seek out vegan and vegetarian restaurants and stores using options you set.  Once places are found, Happy Cow will show you distance, average rating, and price rates.  You can also select each location for detailed business information and customer reviews, then map it right from the app.  This is a must-have travel app for the wandering veggie-lover.  The app cost $2.99 in the Marketplace and is worth every penny.

As you can see, Windows Phone offers a wide variety of tools to accommodate a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, whether you're looking to make the jump,  been doing it for years, or are just plain curious.

Seth Brodeur
  • I tried to use this app for a recipe for a cheeseburger. O.O then I uninstalled it.
  • Meat was incredibly important for the evolution of our species, especially our brain development. If you're truly serious about eating healthy you'd give up processed foods and carbs, and eat the foods we ate during our development as a species. Namely, whole cuts of meat and fish, vegetables, nuts, fruits and plenty of water. It's sugar and carbs that are killing us, not meat.
  • Not everyone gives up meat for strictly personal health issues--there's also animal cruelty and the ethics involved. I don't want to debate those issues here so don't expect me to, I'm just pointing out there is more to vegetarianism than personal health concerns for some. (And for the record, I've been vegetarian for 15 years.)
  • Are you kidding me? human began to eat meat because we didnt know better. Our caveman ancestors were hunter gatherers and knew nothing of agriculture. While I agree about the processed foods and certain carbs meat has no true nutritional value. Meat does not help brain development in fact it is one of yhe main reason we have many chronic diseases today. Fish is toxic and filled with mercury. while it does help with brain development due to its omega essential oils it also destroys our body. Why not go directly to the source for our essential omega oils which is phytoplankton and cytoplankton which are plant basedand the reason why fish oil is filled with omega 3,6,9. We have been told to eat meat by who? The meat packing industries with there marketing and "resesrch" as well as supporting the food pyramid with their money. The same goes for the dairy industry. Which claims to this day that milk helps prevent osteoporosis. If it did prevent it then why do women still get the disease. Flesh is not essential for us and we can get everything we need from plants including protein, yes, protein. Nuts, legumes, dark leafy veggies (chlorella), and superfoods like spirulina which contains many essential vitamins, amino.acids, nutrients, and has 25% more protein then meat. Human need to continue to evolve not justify a primitive way of eating.
  • I am a vegetarian and I continue to be one. It started off as for religious reasons, but now it's become my choice for reasons Daniel mentioned above.
    On a lighter note... When I was young and my "friends" called me a wuss for not eating meat, my mom would tell me to look at elephants and whales and giraffes....  they don't eat meat; yet they are big, tall and strong, and so eating meat is not necessary to grow big and strong... ;) :)  I felt really happy!! 
  • Re: the 2 above comments clockwork. Every time.
    Anyway, thanks for posting! We have enough veg cookbooks with recipes we still haven't tried to last a lifetime, but it's nice to know WP offers options!
  • Sometimes a comment is predictable because it's true ya know.
  • Whether it's true or not doesn't matter. On a post about vegetarianism on any site that isn't dedicated to vegitarianism, you can always predict that some non-veg person will provide a response touting the "superior" nature of their dietary lifestyle choice...even when it has NOTHING to do with a post (have no use for a vegetarian friendly app? move along then).
    And then the same types of folks complain when PETA does the same thing. It's a valid complaint, but it's completely hypocritical.
  • I'm glad civilization had meat when they needed it!! Hahaha. I am a happy vegetarian for 9 years and have never felt better or healthier. But yea, I don't care what others eat or believe other than it's always good to realize we're all different. Great post, Seth! Thanks very much.
  • That is a good attitude. I feel the same way, although I do eat meat. It's all about personal taste (LOL). I have a lot of veg friends. Some of whom just don't like meat and some who are on the PETA bandwagon. Whatever makes you feel better and happy is all that matters. Who cares what you eat as long as you do. :)
  • Totally agree.
  • So you wouldn't mind if someone ate one of your family or pets? I don't care what anyone eats but when you're enslaving, killing, torturing and raping innocent sentient beings purely for pleasure then that's when it becomes other peoples business. Imagine a murderer telling a cop or judge to stop forcing their opinions on people! Us vegans are living proof that humans don't need meat.