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A fix for Final Fantasy XV's blurriness on Xbox One is on the way

According to a comment obtained by ICXM, Square Enix acknowledged Final Fantasy XV's issues with texture compression and resolution scaling, both of which seem to contribute to the game's blurry appearance on Xbox One.

When asked about FFXV's graphical problems, Square Enix offered the following statement:

"We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible in an upcoming patch scheduled for early next year."

For a basic example of some of the issues impacting FFXV's visuals, you can see in the images below how textures become aggressively compressed when the camera moves even slightly away. Stepping backward and forwards one step towards this sign causes the text to get progressively worse until it's illegible.

I wrote in my early impressions that the game is horribly blurry on Xbox One, so it's good to know that it's not the fault of my glasses. While Final Fantasy XV's art direction is gorgeous, wholly triumphant even, the technical issues plaguing the engine are holding the game back. FFXV is resoundingly fun, so hopefully, it'll soon get the visuals to match.

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  • Oh good, because that was annoying me to no end!
  • Same, it's super distracting >_<
  • Even some of my snapshots from Prompto show excessive tearing and blurriness.  Even one of my characters was a transparent pixelated ghost at one point!  The snapshot even captured it!
  • That happened to me too but on my ps4
  • I think that was deliberated. Accidental double exposure from Prompto.
  • Oh the problem is on PS4 as well?
  • I have that problem on my ps4as well
  • I can't play this until Xmas since it's one of my gifts from the gf. So hopefully I don't get too far into the game before the patch comes out so I can enjoy the graphics
  • This game seems to suck. All I've read suggests it runs like a dog, isn't nearly worth the long ass development time.
  • It's fun! Just visually disappointing
  • It's actually a very good game. The shame is that people can't enjoy it fully due to the terrible cavalcade of problems on all platforms.
  • Runs like a dog? I guess you don't mean a Greyhound then?
  • Like most internet comments, there's a lot of hyperbole.  An instance of tearing and all of a sudden the entire game is somehow crap. :/  The game is pretty fun and I don't really notice too many bugs.  One glitch had it so there were no mobs spawning.  A game reset fixes it.  Compared to other games, this one has relatively few bugs.
  • The development really switched over 3 years ago. The time before that it was a different game. I'm playing on PS4 Pro and it runs fine, looks great... no visual issues I've seen at all. But I did encounter a bug last night, where wait mode stopped working.   
  • Will they fix the blurry texture on the ps4 too or is it just xbox 1?
  • I think they are more concerned about the framerate issues on PS4. But hopefully they patch everything.
  • While it's good to know this is going to get fixed most people will be done with this game by the time they do it. This is a real shame too. Knowing that the XBOX ONE version is capable of better visuals but it won't be addressed till post release and a month plus after. I love this game and I've gotten use to the blurry graphics but I can't say I'm happy about this.
  • Are they gonna rent gpu power from a park?
  • The blurryness really is a shame. I've noticed it right from the star. Heck, even my non-gamey wife noticed it without a glance! Besides I'm now over 10 hrs in and only reached chapter 3 of 16, but I'm loving it! No other issues so far with the game.
  • This is good news. Here I was attributing the blurryness to old age.
  • Lol consoles
  • At the moment it's the only option.
  • Lol its not on PC