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FlipSomeTiles, a golden game for your Windows Phone

FlipSomeTiles is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone 7.x or 8 device. The goal is simple, trace a path from the Start Tile to the End Tile, turning the tiles gold in the process.

The challenge is that once you turn a tile gold, you can't retrace back over it. So you'll need to choose your path carefully.  FlipSomeTiles is a fun game for your Windows Phone to pass short bits of time with and it does have a slight addictive quality to it.

The main menu for FlipSomeTiles has options to start the game, rate the game, view other apps from the developer and view the developer credits. You can mute the game sounds by tapping on the bullhorn that sits in the upper right corner.

FlipSomeTiles has thirty levels of play in the free, ad-supported version and one hundred-five levels of play with the paid version.

Again, game play is simple, start tracing the tiles with the "start" tile and work your way to the "end" tile. As you trace over a white tile, it turns gold and you can not re-trace back over that tile. The trace has to be continuous and if you make a wrong move or lift your finger you fail that level.

There are specialty tiles that appear as you advance through the levels that do allow you to re-trace your path. For example, there is a glass tile that lets you re-trace the path twice before shattering and a steel plate that can be re-traced over countless times.

There is a help button on each level that doesn't send you to a Help Section but instead solves the puzzle for you. Personally, I think the button should be re-labeled to "hint" and only show you the first few moves. As is, you can breeze through the entire game by just tapping the help button.

The puzzles aren't too hard but will make you think things out. All in all, FlipSomeTiles is a nice game for your Windows Phone to help you pass the time.

There are two versions of FlipSomeTiles available. You have the free, ad-supported version that has thirty levels of play and a paid version (that seems to have disappeared from the Store) that has one hundred-five levels of play.  Not sure where the paid version went but you can find the free version of FlipSomeTiles here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Update: The paid version re-appeared in the Store this morning and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store or purchase it from within the free version of FlipSomeTiles to unlock the additional levels.

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  • Beat the 30 levels after reading this article. Games alright I found it a tad easy.
  • about 5 mins to do the 30 levels in trail version. Seems a bit too easy.
  • Enjoyed the 30 levels in the trial, paid the 99 cents for the remaining 70 (that aren't so easy ;-)).
  • Stick at it and they may be able to improve it
  • A new release of FlipSomeTiles (v1.4) is now available.
    It has now 140 levels (40 in trial/free) and a better design.
    Visit FlipSomeTiles web page.
  • FlipSomeTiles is now available on Windows 8 :