Fly, swim, and rocket your way to epic endless runner adventure in Floaties

Floaties is an endless runner game for Windows 10 where you take to the sky, ocean, and land to see how far you can guide a host of characters. The game of survival is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, with the likes of drones, dinosaurs, submarines and more to race.

Gaming mechanics are simple, graphics are bright and colorful with gameplay offering plenty of challenge. It is a fun game to spend a little down time with and a refreshing addition to the endless runner style of games. Floaties is regularly priced at $4.25 but is on sale for $2.25 until August 30, 2016.


The primary menu for Floaties provides you with options to access the game's settings, view the top scores, visit the character store and choose your gaming mode.

The gaming modes include single and multiplayer gaming (up to four players). The multiplayer mode is accomplished with a single screen and multiple gaming control points, which can become a little cramped when playing Floaties from the smaller screen of a Windows 10 Mobile phone.

The character store displays the fifty gaming characters available. You begin gameplay using a drone with the likes of prehistoric dinosaurs, scuba divers, birds, crabs and more being available for in-app purchase with the gaming coins you earn or unlocked by using a mini-game of chance. Characters are sorted into sets with each set having a unique world to tackle and can advance in abilities as the gain gaming experience.

Jumping into gameplay has you seeing a "3,2,1" countdown and your character begins their floating journey. The single player starts with your character collecting charms that increase your characters to four, allowing you to crash a few into things and survive. Lose all four characters and the game is over.


Multiplayer games vary in the number of characters you simultaneously control. The two-player game affords each player two characters and the three and four-player games affords each player one character.

Gaming controls are simple: you tap and hold the screen to have your character move up the screen and release the screen to have them descend. This does get complicated with the multiplayer games — each player has a section of the screen to touch and control their characters.

Your forward motion is automatic and there are plenty of dangers to avoid as you guide your characters through the game, including rotating dinosaur bones, submarines, boulders and lightning bolts. There are several power-ups or bonuses to collect as you travel across the gaming screen as well. If you lose a team character, you can collect tokens that replenish the lost characters. There are also coins that can be collected as you travel that can be used to unlock additional characters in the store. Coins are also awarded at the end of the game based on the distance traveled.

There are two mini-games with Floaties that appear periodically in between games. One is a slot machine where you can win free coins and the other is a spinning wheel (costs 50 coins) where you can randomly unlock new characters.

Floaties is a feature rich Windows 10 game, but simple to pick up and play. Graphics are bright, colorful and full of detail and gameplay is no push over. Floaties test your skills at timing, reactions and touch. There is a slight addictive quality to Floaties and while it is a fun game to pass the time with, don't be shocked if you have a hard time putting the game down.

Floaties is regularly priced at $4.25, but is currently on sale for $2.25 through August 30, 2016. It is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The multiplayer game is challenging on its own, but the single player is a great time waster of a game.

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