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Flory IM now in English, adds integrated Facebook messaging

We told you v1.6 was coming and sure enough, the new Flory is now live in the Marketplace.

The biggest change is of course the availability in English (and Italian) which should make the program more accessible for many out there (we love how it still says "googles" though). The other addition is it now has built in Facebook IM, which acts through the Flory servers bringing direct, pushed chat right to your phone. Combined with the already featured Google Talk and this is one powerfully IM app.

The program is still free and after Flory upgraded their servers today, everything seem to be in working order. Grab it here, nao. Thanks, Alan, for the heads up.

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  • i've installed the update but it's still coming up in german? i've uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still the same problem.anybody know how to fix it?
  • Try uninstalling first, soft reset and then go to Marketplace to re-download.I'm rocking English here like nobody's biz since yesterday.
  • Finally a good IM app. Now we just need someone to make a good windows live messenger app...c'mon Microsoft :D
  • how we change language in 1.6?
  • odd - I can't get the Facebook chat feature to log in... it just shows "checking connection..." anybody else get it working?
  • Whats the input to login to the facebookIM? I've tried my regular ID, my and ...hmm don't know what else to do.
  • Got the app - works like a charm. Wish it would run in the background - when I close the app it all goes away :(
  • But it gets push notifications...why do you need it running in the background?
  • For some reason I wasn't staying signed in to GTalk - I checked from a different account and was unable to send myself messages from that different account. Now I seem to be logged in most times I check - but not all.
  • Just downloaded 1.6, and it doesn't work at all.I can't log into anything, it just keeps telling me my user names and passwords are incorrect (I'm typing them correctly, other WP7 apps can log in just fine).
  • I can't get facebook chat to work.
  • Installed, but alas cannot speak german :(
  • Toast and live tile doesn't seem to work since the update. A few days ago it was working perfectly, but now it logs out every time i return to my home screen
  • glad its not just me that noticed that...
  • Their servers might've been overloaded as mine works now. You have to enter in your
  • still in do we get to try the English version?
  • ok I have the language issue I'm also stuck in german however I can assist in getting FB chat running your username for the login is simply your FB nickname you find this by loading your profile and looking at the URL it will read brilliant on my omnia 7except that I suck at german...
  • After some confusion, I successfuly have gtalk and facebook chat working correctly (and in English). Just to clear something up, your facebook "username" is not your email address or It's just your username, which can be found by going to Settings. Also, with both gtalk and facebook, I received emails alerting me to possible fraudulent activity (since I suppose the servers are in Germany). In facebook's case, my account was temporaily locked and I had to log into the website and answer some questions to unlock it. I wasn't able to log into facebook chat on Flory until I unlocked the account.