Fnatic REACT review: A great-sounding headset all gamers can enjoy

Fnatic made a stellar stereo gaming headset.

Fnatic REACT
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Fnatic has been involved in the esports scene for many years, winning countless trophies in a variety of games — most notably League of Legends. The company has since started to produce some branded gear for fans, which now includes mechanical keyboards, mice, and headsets.

We've got the Fnatic REACT gaming headset in for review to see how these branded cups from an esports pedigree stack up against the competition.

Fnatic REACT specs

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CategoryFnatic REACT
Drivers53 mm
Frequency20 - 40,000 Hz
Cabling1.2m2m extension
Impedance23 Ohm

Fnatic REACT rocks amazing audio quality

Fnatic REACT

Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central)

The Fnatic REACT is enclosed in tight packaging along with documentation, a cable extension, and a detachable microphone. The design of the headset itself is solid with good use of metal in the frame. It actually feels more expensive than the asking price. The esports organization logo is present on both cups, and Fnatic is printed atop the headband.

Audio quality is great on the Fnatic REACT, so too is the detachable mic.

The entire headset is black, aside from the insides of each cup, which is orange — the second color part of Fnatic's branding —with R and L printed black to help wear the REACT correctly. Even though I've been spoiled by SteelSeries and its ski-band style headbands that really take comfort up to the next level, Fnatic has done a commendable job here with ergonomics.

Even wearing the headset for more than six hours to fully test out the esports cups with media consumption and some time in Grand Theft Auto V, there was no discomfort at all. There's enough give in the headband to avoid feeling too tight and restrictive, though the headset never moves about unless you throw one some Carpenter Brut and make some moves.

The REACT is comfortable to use for long gaming sessions, but that wouldn't matter if the audio quality didn't check the box. Thankfully, Fnatic chose to invest the time and money into the areas that matter most to its professional athletes and the wider gaming audience — audio quality and the microphone.

Two 53mm drivers do a stellar job in delivering crips audio across the ranges, whether you're listening to some music or avoiding on-screen explosions in PUBG. There's no surround sound to immerse one in the game, but for a stereo setup, this is about as good as it gets at this price range. One area where the headset is a little weak is bass.

One other highlight of the REACT is how easy it is to use. Everything is handled via 3.5mm connections, allowing you to plug in the headset and start gaming. There are no pointless RGB LEDs, nor is there any companion software you need to install. It's also compatible with consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

The 2-meter extension cable is frankly far too long, but it's perfect for those who enjoy routing their cables through specific points. Lastly, using the microphone to talk to friends and guild pals through Discord was a pleasant experience for everyone to hear my voice with such clarity. It's just a shame the REACT doesn't improve your vocal cords.

What you might dislike about the Fnatic REACT

Fnatic REACT

Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central)

The REACT isn't without some flaws, however. The main 1.2-meter cable that's attached to the headset cannot be removed, which will become an issue if the connection begins to deteriorate. It's also non-braided, and while I didn't experience any problems while testing, it would have been a nice touch.

The sound insulation isn't particularly great. Gaming headsets often do not have as advanced sound dampening and cancellation as more premium headphones since they're primarily designed for use with a PC in a room, but should you want to detach the microphone on the REACT and take it outside for music consumption, you may need to turn it up considerably.

Because Fnatic chose to focus more on delivering excellent sound across the board, the bass isn't quite as punchy as you'd find on Razer headsets, which may be a sore point for anyone who enjoys the deep lows. Finally, there's no surround sound. This isn't a deal-breaker since I don't particularly enjoy such implementations (especially virtual), but if you need this feature, it's not here.

Should you buy the Fnatic REACT?

Fnatic REACT

Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rich Edmonds /Windows Central)

If all you require is a decent gaming headset with a microphone that'll pick up your voice without issue, the Fnatic REACT is a great option, even if you do not support the esports organization. The microphone is excellent, so too is the driver setup thanks to the team focusing on what matters most to gamers in a headset.

The lack of RGB lighting is also a refreshing touch in a sea of lit cups. What you may miss with this headset is the surround sound, though, for the price, you shouldn't really be hoping for such advanced functionality. So long as you don't take the REACT outside, the slightly weaker sound insulation will be able to handle even the rowdy housemate.

As a brand, it would be convenient for Fnatic to charge an arm and leg for the luxury of using its own headset, but priced accordingly, the esports organization is clearly serious about absorbing some of the PC accessory market share from Razer, SteelSeries, HyperX, and others. And the Fnatic REACT is a solid start.

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