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Follow Apple's Sept. 12 event on iMore for iPhone 8 news (and everything else)

There is no question that the details on the new iPhones will be among the biggest tech stories of the year. It doesn't matter if you're still hanging on to a Lumia 950 or wielding a Galaxy S8, if you're attuned to the comings and goings of the mobile industry, what Apple does matters. And you should pay attention.

iMore, will be on the scene in California covering all of the excitement (and, inevitably, a bit of the crow eating) as it goes down on Tuesday, Sept. 12 starting at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET.

Here are the important details you need to know:

Plus, our favorite Apple pundits will be on the ground in Cupertino showcasing the new Apple campus and all the other minutiae, so be sure to follow them:

Are you excited about the Apple event? Couldn't care less? Let us know in the comments below.

  • LOL. Everyone will be bloggin about this... 
  • I wonder if they will FINALLY unveil the Surface Phone😆😆😆
  • What if the iPhone X with all MS Apps preinstalled was actually the Surface Phone?
  • It is.
  • Until they implement Windows 10 Mobile UI. (Live tiles..) it'll never be a surface phone for me. 
  • Right now there is no OS to run on the Surface Phone, not one that MS is ready to speak about, and they most likely wouldn't do that until Build 2018 (March/April).. So, that's how long It's gonna be if they have something to share. Lol. Seriously. Apple would've put out 4 phones by the time MS has a Surface Phone available.
  • Who knows, maybe they're pulling an Apple and waiting until certain technologies are mature enough to launch their Surface phone with an almost perfect software and hardware synergy. Apple always releases changes to the hardware when the technology is mature enough to be used without killing that battery in seconds.
  • That would be the smart thing to do. Release another half baked product, after all they've been through? That's suicide.
  • The only phone Satya is willing to release is an Azure phone, outside of that, it's not happening despite promises made at least 1.5yrs ago; Others release phones every 6-8 months.
  • Oh, it's happening. It's happening big time. You better believe it. Something is happening, happening right now, in a big way. It's huge, it's revolutionary... Oooooooh, it's happening🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🏄🏽🛀🏽🚵🏽⛷🏽⛷🏽⛷🏽⛷🏽⛷🏽⛷🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽👈🏽 🤼🏽👈🏽 🤼🏽👈🏽 🤼🏽👈🏽 🤼🏽👈🏽🏋🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽👯🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽👈🏽 Satya
  • I have to admit that this new IPHONEX is pretty cool. Terrific device. It's very beautiful, TEN times better execution than Samsung ever had.. iPhones have always been extraordinary hardware, in my book. MS could make a Surface device this sweet...
    But, I will say that as much as I see Apple saying how innovative it is, and claiming it to be the device of the future,,,, I see nothing new... In fact, my stupid little 950 does a lot of what Apple is claiming makes this phone so innovative...
    Man, I tell you. Microsoft is stupid a ****. SMDH
  • I bet MS will be there with an announcement or two.
  • Hopefully Nadella will be there to hear about his new 'mobile' thing the kids are all talking about.
  • I don't know why people are giving you the thumbs down, after all, those of us who still use a windows mobile phone have to watch Samsung and Apple events to see new mobile products! While I love my surface devices,  but each of them run a desktop OS that regular updates and version changes have been occuring for 30+ years. It's time for Microsoft to take mobile seriously....Ballmer started correcting his mobile mistake when he got back into mobile and struck a deal with Nokia, but Satya has negated that and abondoned mobile again which makes his mis-steps worse that the original (Ballmer)! Having apps on other platforms isn't taking mobile seriously and will only make it easier for users to adopt anohter desktop OS outside of windows.
  • I bet MS will carry the iPhone 8 Microsoft Edition™, iPhone 8+ Microsoft Edition™ and iPhone X Microsoft Edition™ 
  • That will happen, you did see how they get updates on ms apps on ios
  • What else would they carry?
  • I bet if they do, I won't use office or any MS product on it!
  • Every year when this happens, WC announces that we should go to iMore to try to create some traffic for them. People here start complaining about how they don't like seeing this type of article in their news. And usually I defend it, because seeing what the competition is doing is always a good thing. But not this time. iMore, and specifically Rene has been on the warpath recently. A few weeks ago he wrote a long article complaining about how if anyone criticizes Apple, then it just means that they are some low life that is just showing how bad of a person they are. In the days following that he went on to attack every competitor to Apple, the competition's users, and anyone who happened to disagree with him. In a rare comment over in iMore land, I called him on his hypocrisy and in typical Apple fanboy fashion, it was treated as an offense to the almighty Apple and Apple users everywhere. We rarely see these types of articles in reciprocity, and when Microsoft does announce something they go on to trash it - not in the lets compare and find the Apple product is better because they are Apple users, but to attack. You should have seen their response to the Surface Laptop, where he complained about it being "graded on a curve" which is unfair to Apple. Please, stop posting these. The writers for this site have shown nothing but class when it is about products from Microsoft competitors, but a couple of the iMore writers have shown they cannot do the same.
  • I bet that dannyJJK was one of the retaliators.  Over on Imore he's one of the people who if you say ANYTHING negative about apple,  he will go on a rene'ish tirade about how apple is better than everything no matter what...
  • No, it was Rene himself.
  • ha ha thats too funny!  At least here you can have an intelligent conversation with Dan and he won't fanboy out on you.  But Rene takes the cake...or should I say apple pie!
  • I think now I get why iPhone fans are so annoying lol, a friend of mine is Apple guy he was talking about iPhone 8 facial recognize to unlock phone like he sees it for the 1st lol
  • Yeah, they are treating it like Apple invented face reco, wireless charging, etc. Meanwhile they forget how Windows has had Windows Hello for years (not that MS invented it, others had it before), they forget how they thought wireless charging was the worst idea when it was introduced on Lumia, and so on. Compare that to how, a few months back Samsung had announced they were going to start selling a black phone. The Apple fans were raging over how Samsung were shameless in how they copied Apple using the color black.
  • This is just tech fans all over. I don't get how people feel they have to Slag other tech off and defend another. Enjoy the os/devices you like and let others do there's. I'm not an apple fan and I was not the biggest android fan until last year when I moved over and although ide move back to Windows phone if the big apps come back Android is not as bad as it once was and some great hardware outside of the big 2 in Android to. I got the Sony xperia xz premium and for me I love it has a lot of Nokia about it to in its looks and camera button
  • Hate to tell you MS fans that android had face unlock AGES before MS did it with hello.  Just sayin.  My galaxy s2x had face unlock.  Its not just apple fanboys's fanboys of ANY platform...They are ALL annoying.  
  • If the Galaxy s2x face unlocking was anything like the Samsung Galaxy S8 it isn't secure and can be unlocked using a photo. Android may have done it first but Microsoft did it much better and much safer.
  • No one said how good it was.  the MS fans were saying they did it first with hello which is untrue.  If you want to go that route apple's system is much safer than MSs and works better and faster.  
  • Or not.... I think I would literally do anything else rather than watch an apple event... oh and yeah... WHY THE HELL IS THIS ADVERT FOR APPLE IN A WINDOWS SITE?... sorry, just had to get it out of my system :)
  • They have gone full Apple fanboy that is why. 
  • As I windows phone fan, I will make sure to ignore this....
  • Well as a Windows Phone fan everyone, Microsoft included, has made sure to ignore you, too. Spoken from a former WP fan.
  • I dont feel like I am ignored, getting updated on regular basis for fixing small things needed to be fixed and as far as my phone goes (950XL), I am currenty in possession of the phone that can do most of the things that new iphone 8 will be able to do. I use basic apps needed for my work and dont need 10K of the ones not available on windows 10 mobile. For me app gap dont bother me at all. This phone has been with me for almost 2 years and I love the fact that am not hooked to a constant refresh of the iPhone trend. If I dont get another device for another year I will be fine.
  • Wait, you say not hooked to the constant refresh of the iPhone trend? You choose whether to buy every new model or not. If you don't at least you get up to 4 YEARS of updates. We all know the track record of MS supporting their own OS.
  • For me updates for phones should go for at least 2 years.  The 950 is still getting updated.  
  • Lol. Right.
  • Exactly 100% true scumdogmillionaire.  
  • I'll be sure to ignore you ignoring him..   Spoken as a current WP fan.
  • Why did you comment if you were ignoring him.  It is the truth...they (microsoft) are lobbing softballs at you for updates.  they are just in RT mode with mobile.  watch the latest podcast video of Dan and Zac,  they pretty well come out and say microsoft has checked out when it comes to consumer and mobile.  
  • Funny how hardcore fans of Microsoft here are proclaiming how they'll ignore this, how Microsoft did this or that first etc when Microsoft themselves will be falling over themselves to be at the event and fawning over everything apple announces. Definitely a problem when the fans care more than the actual manufacturer....
  • I don't see Microsoft "fawning over everything apple announces." Apple announced MBP but Microsoft was not fawning over it. They released Office with support for that stupid touch bar, but I didn't see anywhere Microsoft make it off to be something that was better than the Surface devices. Likewise, they announced Office for the iPad, but never saw Microsoft fawn all over the iPad. In fact, Microsoft has made many comments about how they thought their products, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, etc. were better than the Apple offerings - and the Apple fanboys screamed bloody murder over it, wondering how dare Microsoft say anything about Apple products, how Microsoft can't let their products stand on their own, etc. I could be wrong, but I remember you saying something similar, complaining about how Microsoft could compare their products to an Apple product. Apple announced the horrible Air Pods, I don't recall Microsoft fawning over them. Apple announced the horrible Apple Music, I don't recall Microsoft fawning over it. Apple announced the neutered VRKit, I don't recall Microsoft fawning over it. And so on, and so on, and so on. That is quite a bit of revisionist history you got going on.
  • Hopefully a new iPod Touch would also be announced...
  • Just wondering how much traffic Imore or what ever its call has pushed to this site.? Guess little to non. Come here for windows related stuff but get bombarded with suggestions that I go read somewhere else.
  • Is this like every single other release of an "S" model, where people rave about incredible new features on the iPhone 5/6/7 and then Apple release a 4/5/6S instead with an incremental update over the previous year? Because that is literally what has happened every single year after one of the new Apple numbered phones drop. I will be pleasantly surprised if they actually do announce an iPhone 8, instead of iPhone 7S, though.
  • You must not have kept up with the leaks, yes there will be an all-new design.
  • Yes this time the phone is going to be in circular shape 😜
  •  for the rumoured iPhone X, not the phone everyone is calling the iPhone 8.  as an aside, if the iPhone X really does look like leaks suggest Apple will actually be first to market with a true edge to edge screen (four directional).  
  • Meh. The screen is whatever. The real news for me will be fingerprint reader in screen. Samsung and LG and others have basically done the screen already
  • Yeah, but again, if it actually is as the renders imply it is quite literally a screen on the entire front of the phone, that hasn't been done before.
  • No, I'm not. But I'm sure they are excited about MS event in London.  
  • No thanks. I think I'll get my coverage from a site that actually casts a critical eye over Apple, rather than just zealously lapping up everything they do without a modicum of unbiased judgement.
  • Couldn't give a fxck about Apple, why is Windows Central even promoting this event?
  • Because if they don't the iSheeps crawl out from under their rocks to complain that there's no coverage. They can't win either way ;-)
  • They just like giving windows fanboys a glimpse into what could have been!
  • Drinking game.  Everyone takes a shot when they hear "magical" or "amazing".
  • lbp,  Im in!!!!!  what are we shootin?   I have some awesome single malt here...might as well kill that!
  • I gave up on iMore a couple of years ago. At least WC is realistic about Microsoft and its products and points out both the innovative features as well as the poor implementation of others. Over at iMore things got to be way too one-sided. Rene pushed everything Apple did as perfection and was critical of those that thought otherwise. It just got old so I stopped visiting there. I like Apple products and have multiple iPhones, iPods, and an iPad. I also have two Surface Pros (2 & 4), an Xbox One, and a Windows based workstation. Each has their own use and I'm happy with all of them. I follow Apple news on a couple of websites along with Windows news on WC, ONMSFT, and MSPU. There is plenty of room for innovation and competition and I support sites that respect open discussion. I understand promoting your sister site, but I will be following the Apple announcement on another site along with Paul Thurrott's commentary on Twitter just to keep things balanced.
  • just going to add "best apple .........ever"!  to the drinking game!  im going to be ****** up quick me thinks.
  • oh look the littlepussyfanbitch is in here downvoting big of a little baby to directly comment on my posts....*****!
  • Pass, thanks. I pass too on having to read about it here. But maybe that's just me, looking for Windows news on a Windows blog.
  • So I am watching this, and Apple just announced their 4K Apple TV.  And of course, they are going to start supporting 4K videos on iTunes.  This pisses me off to no end.  Since a year ago, the Xbox One S supported 4K video.  It's great that they had a 4K BluRay player, but why didn't MS go the extra mile and announce that 4K videos will also be available on Xbox Video?!?!?!?  They could have announced pretty much the same thing Apple is announcing today a year ago!  Worse MS still hasn't announced any 4K video support on their store for the Xbox One X.  It little details like this...  MS could have had 4K video available on Xbox/Windows 10 a year ago, and at least have feature parity. 
  • Marekt,  because Microsoft does not care about consumer.  visit dan and zac's latest podcast.