HTC and Microsoft are now pushing a firmware update over-the-air for the 8X Windows Phone (unbranded and unlocked). We reported just two nights ago that the OS was being updated to ‘Portico’ aka build 10211 but what was curious was there was no firmware change. That appears to have been remedied tonight. 

We had the phone check for an update manually and sure enough, it began to download and prepare the device for installation (this time it was much quicker). Another screen was presented this time indicating that this was an ‘HTC Update’ referencing the firmware changes.

New auto-connect to hotspot feature

Firmware updates often accompany OS update as they can fine tweak some of the hardware features e.g. screen brightness, volume, sensor adjustments, etc. and maybe even take advantage of some new OS features, should they have been enabled.

We’re still collecting information on the firmware change and will update this post when we have the details. Thanks, Rocket Riot (for images) and AndreiX, for the tips! Read more in our forums.

Update: The new firmware is 20003 (updated from 10022)