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HTC 8X is now getting OTA firmware update following last OS patch

HTC and Microsoft are now pushing a firmware update over-the-air for the 8X Windows Phone (unbranded and unlocked). We reported just two nights ago that the OS was being updated to ‘Portico’ aka build 10211 but what was curious was there was no firmware change. That appears to have been remedied tonight. 

We had the phone check for an update manually and sure enough, it began to download and prepare the device for installation (this time it was much quicker). Another screen was presented this time indicating that this was an ‘HTC Update’ referencing the firmware changes.

New auto-connect to hotspot feature

Firmware updates often accompany OS update as they can fine tweak some of the hardware features e.g. screen brightness, volume, sensor adjustments, etc. and maybe even take advantage of some new OS features, should they have been enabled.

We’re still collecting information on the firmware change and will update this post when we have the details. Thanks, Rocket Riot (for images) and AndreiX, for the tips! Read more in our forums.

Update: The new firmware is 20003 (updated from 10022)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Here's the obligatory rant about how come HTC is getting updates first before Nokia. Blah, blah, etc. :)
  • Here! In reality though, HTC has been in with Microsoft forever, so I understand. I still have my 8125 around here somewhere.......
  • Oh Lord, we have two of those old buggers, and the Fuze, Tilt and Tilt II. :-)
  • you have no reason to complain about Nokia exclusives.
  • Come on bypass stupid carriers and give me my update.
  • I'm tired of carriers being allowed to hold consumers hostage. Give everyone who bought a Windows Phone the freaking update!
  • As I've numerous times, at this point this is less about carriers and more about MS testing how OTA updates work on a small, more controlled situation. Be patient. Case in point: My reviewer edition of the 8X is now dead (had conflicting firmware). It's in a constant reset loop because of this update. See about unintended consequences? 
  • I wouldn't call that "unintended consequences" so much as just a "fail."
  • I think you meant "failure". "fail" is a verb.
  • I think you meant 'Epic Fail' because not only are we misusing the word fail .. it seems that any minor issue is considered an epic fail if you dislike it enough.
  • Fail is informally now also a noun.  That is why I preceded it with the article "a."
  • No it's not. The English language isn't going to "informally" change for a word that is used out of context.
  • Oh no! We got a smart ass here kids!
  • The English language will change whether you like it or not, ya fail.
  • Sure it can.
  • Grammar police fail
  • Lol this is a funny back and forth
  • I know that everyone will get these updates (especially since Microsoft blogged a few weeks ago stating as such), but I can't help but be annoyed that after 7 years of bitching about HTC never getting software updates in a timely manner, the first time I move away from HTC... I get proven wrong. WTF, lol.
  • Always buy last year's model and you don't need to worry about getting software updates in a timely manner!  Early adopters will always suffer.
  • Hoenstly one of the silliest things I've heard
  • OK, maybe 8 months.  If you buy a Lumia 900 today (and many people still are), for example, it will be a better experience then had you bought in April.  Yeah, I know you consumers need it all NOW NOW NOW, but for the rest of us this works well.
  • lippidp, "Rest of us"? You speak for all?
  • LOL!
  • No, you're right; just me and people I know. I would correct it if I could, but the Edit button is still a fail. ;)
  • I do want the update first ... mainly for bragging rights ... but I'm not having any issues with my 920. I'd rather they get it right though. I have to believe the problem Daniel is having is isolated ... if it's not ... HTC are kinda screwed.
  • Daniel, obviously, isn't the only one with a "review edition" though. Hopefully it's something that can be resolved or was a fluke.
    Anyway, agreed... in the grand scheme of things, I'd rather it be "right" more than delivered fast.
  • What is the back-out procedure should something go wrong?  Before we could restore via Zune, in theory.
  • SkyDrive backup... And the OEMs should have a restore program for firmware or OS crash.
  • Is SkyDrive backup the only way to backup now?  Is there a way to backup to my own computer?
  • Windows Phone desktop app or W8 store app...
  • OK; thanks.
  • Nokia care suite :)
  • I have a damn developer device, I should've received the updates first!
  • This HTC firmware update is causing lot of devices to go into a restart loop. HTC knows about this and is looking into the issue. It is NOT ADVISED to download and install it. Good Luck.
  • Not calling you wrong, just wondering where do you get the "lots of devices" claim?
  • He posted the same thing in WMP. I asked him for a link to his "lots of devices" posting and have not received a response yet.
  • mine bricked. global 8x.
  • I want it on my att 920.
  • This is most likely what a signature device
  • You want an 8X firmware update on your 920? Talk about bricking a phone. ;)
  • Glad HTC is bring updates to 8X owners.
    Fact: a Windows phone with Windows phone naming on the front will very likely get updates first.
  • It seems i can now run the "Make more space" App from HTC.
  • The infinite reboot issue I also hit without even updating anything. I had to replace it with 2nd device.
    I hope they fixed the speaker phone distortion (since there's no distortion in web sites / video I assume it's software issue).
  • Or a microphone recording issue
  • Updated a few minutes ago, and so far everything seems to be working fine.  Will keep testing (at least Dr.Pickaxe is OK :) )   .....and report if there are any problems
  • No update here (T-Mobile) on my device.... My phone has been acting up too..
  • backlashsid has posted above that "This HTC firmware update is causing lot of devices to go into a restart loop" so is this a common experience, an isolated one, or just FUD? So could those who already did the update post your experience to guide the rest of us? Thanks.
  • Any idea if this fixes the "SIM error" a lot of 8xs get?
  • Hopefully Nokia is doing some extra testing and is not just 'being slow'. Nokia has a lot more to lose if they don't get this right.
  • Everyone knew that they did buy a Nokia Lumia with Nokia Live Tiles and not a Windows Phone device. So nobody should complain that real Windows Phone devices are getting the update first.
  • I would love to know what this even means... Real windows phone device?
  • new update available also here in Romania...installed without any problems..."The spice must flow!!!"....
  • No problem here either.
  • Ah, yes!
  • This is very strange!!! I downloaded and installed the portico update yesterday and nothing else. Now, when I check the firmware it is up to date with the 20003 version. May it be, I got both updates at once?? Cause I've never updated anything else and auto updates are OFF!!! *o*
  • Same here! I think we had latest firmware preinstalled on our phones before Portico even. Where are you based? I'm in UK and bough an unlocked 8X from the very first shipment in the beginning of November.
  • I'm from Italy, but bought mine on Expansys... The shipment started at Heathrow - so it should be a British one, too. :))
  • When I got the portico update the other day I noticed that this HTC firmware was in the list of updates to be applied. I have 20003 firmware installed now. It didn't come pre-installed on my 8X from Phones4U in UK.
  • Hi, i leave in French and i have a an other revision firmware that 20003 ...
    Look at the picture :)
    The update HTC is delivering together with the Portico update !
  • Yes... the French and maybe others get 20004...
  • Just updated my blue 8X from 10022 to 20003, no issues! There seem to be some Apple or Android ghosts around here...
  • Yes, only firmware 10022 was not updated to 20003 with the OS update... I had posted that after noticing that after updating.
  • I got the firmware update included with the Portico update.
  • I got it with Portico too
  • I am thinking of getting the 8x and while playing around with it at the store i noticed the screen resonsiveness is a bit sluggish. Well, actuallly more than a bit. So i started to wonder if HTC did that on purpose because it is very notacible. If so i wouldn't expect a fix via firmware update. Did you notice changes to the screen responsiveness after the update? 
  • Nothing sluggish here.
  • I know what you mean, I got my phone 2 weeks ago and it is a little laggy and yesterday my apps started to open by themselves and I couldn't close them or anything else......It was so buggy and it has never done this before..
  • Everything's super smooth on my 8X no matter what I do. No sluggishness at all. The store display model was probably messed up from too much abuse.
  • This firmware update came with Portico on my unlocked and unbranded European 8X
  • Installed patch yesterday, absolutely fine. Installed firmware update just now, phone is now in a never-ending boot loop! Did factory reset via hard key combo, no luck. It still won't boot!!! Going to cry, literally. Anyone know how to restore previous firmware? :-(
  • I had the random reboot issue before the update and now I still have the random reboot after the update!
  • The screen is not turning on now when receiving a text message or an alarm notification. This is very unpleasant.
    L.E The problem seems to have vanished, everything is working just fine right now.
    L.E 2 The problem is back now, and even after a reboot it persists.
  • I hve HTC 8X (India) updated to Portico but firmware shows 2001? Is that correct for this region? 
  • Everybody got this fw update?
    And this udpate is fix the problems? 
    I mean the random restarts.
    I still waiting for it...  :(
  • I downloaded the update last week and my phone continuously crashes since then. I had to reset it continued having a strange behavior, crashing within secs. Any suggestions please?