Food Company Sara Lee chooses Nokia Lumia over Blackberry, Apple and Samsung

Sara Lee has announced that they are standardising their smartphone plans around Windows Phone with a roll out of Lumia 800 devices.

After considering alternatives from Apple and Samsung, the company chose Nokia Lumia as a clear winner, even citing Windows Phone as offering a stronger enterprise solution.

Good news indeed for Windows Phone and we’re sure Nokia are more than pleased to be supplying the company with fresh new handsets. They say that to date 70 Lumias have gone out with more expected to reach their workforce of over 500 people, everyone from execs to factory floor are in line to get them.

Here is what Sarah Lee IT program manager, Michael Holt, had to say about their decision:-

"We considered alternatives such as iPhone and Samsung, however, Nokia Lumia was a clear winner The Windows Phone platform offers a stronger enterprise solution, which provides better back and front office integration for the Sara Lee business."

It’s clear the company has been sold on the benefits of Office integration and Nokia’s own specific apps such as Drive get special mention:-

"We have effectively been able to utilise our own enterprise telephony solution directly from the mobile device.”

Holt also liked how the phone connected to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, and the inclusion of Nokia apps like Nokia Drive. Staff are now able to access and edit documents on the fly and exchange sales collateral with customers.

Nokia Lumia 800, good like cake!

Even more positive spin comes when Michael gives some kudos to what is arguably Windows Phone’s greatest strength, those Live Tiles. Saying this:-

"Feedback about the live tiles has been particularly positive, staff can get the most fundamental tasks done much more quickly and there is more information available on the home screen compared to the static Android or iOS set up"

With many companies fleeing the ailing Blackberry solution for business needs, there is real opportunity for the likes of Nokia, Samsung and HTC to start pushing the often superior features of Windows Phone. Sara Lee have begun their roll out using Windows Phone 7 devices but have plans to move things to Windows Phone 8 when they start appearing. With the improved security and app deployment that the new version of the OS brings we could see much more uptake for the operating system in the work place.

Well, with words like these starting to revolve around Windows Phone, things could be looking up!

"Microsoft and Nokia have also provided us with excellent direct support, including hands on training sessions by Nokia at our two major sites in Gordon and Lisarow, which was very well received by staff. This support has made the transition from a less sophisticated fleet of handsets much smoother"

We’d like to hear your take on this, can Windows Phone start making a dent in the business market? Know of any other companies that are ditching Blackberry for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments. 

Source : Delimiter

  • Perfect example indicating the potential of Windows phone OS.
  • Assimilation has begun :-)
  • Resistance is futile, LOL!
  • Lol exactly :-)
  • Ha, geeks. Mind you I know what you are talking about, so, hello fellow geeks!
  • Lol i enjoyed that post. and the one after.
  • Now we just need the Borg Phone 8X to be released and the galaxy will be a much better place :P
  • Mmmm... I just got a craving for some Sara Lee pound cake!
  • I just had a flashback of my mom serving my siblings and I some Sara Lee pound cake. Aaah, the simple things in life!
  • I remember eating their rectangular cakes straight out of the freezer. Yum!
  • The TV jingle popped into my head. Probably won't leave until I eat one.
  • This is another reason for MS to not put office on competition phones for a while until WP gains market share
  • ++
    Didn't either see the point when MS made it available for the competition at this time...
  • Do you know how much money Office makes Microsoft? Especially when compared to Windows Phone? Leaving their best money making product off of the most popular mobile platforms doesn't help Microsoft. Office apps won't drive sales to Windows Phone, and only allows room for someone else to come in with a better cross-platform Office alternative.
  • Not one of MS's best decisions to allow Office to the competition. But if they do, I hope there's a nice hefty price tag for the application. If you want Office for free on your mobile/cell then buy WP, if not, expect to pay top $ for the privilege to have it on your inferior piece of crap.
  • ^this though i doubt that ms would put it on competitive devices for free anyway.
  • I suspect that MS Office will be free on the platforms with a subscription to Office365. They sure as heck don't want to give Apple (or Google for that matter) 30% cut of the price of every installation of Office on iphone or android.
  • There is no need to withhold Office from competing platforms.  WP is so much better than the other platforms for business as it is.  They just need to do a better job of selling them.
  • Agree with that, was about the timing. They released it to comp. just before launching wp8. Thought that was strange timing...
  • I'll admit it: Sara Lee was THE last company I expected to go for Windows Phone for enterprise solutions. I'm glad I finished reading the article fully; I'm glad they made it clear they're going for Windows 8 Phone (yes I said it that way, it feels right to me. And yes, I know Gates called it Windows 8 Phone, too) as soon as it becomes available; I was ready to balk about them sticking with WP7. But as I said, they're the last company I expected to take to WP!
  • I fully agree. The name "Sara Lee" had completely left my memory until I saw this post. Never in a million years I would've called this one.
  • Very happy to read this article. St times I feel like im part of some rebellion vs some invading force that took over earth. That quote about the live tiles finally shows me that ppl get it! It has been a battle but finally ppl are seeing the light
  • Haha! I feel the same.
  • Hmm, so we're rebels, huh? Which "Empire" are you fighting against the most, Apple or Samsung? ;-)
  • Empire known as ignorance and bias! If people were more open minded, we could all live like a democracy instead of an empire. Han solo did not shoot first
  • PREACH! BROTHER, i completely agree, ignorance and bias are killing us man. DEATH TO IGNORANCE AND BIAS :P
  • Absolutely!  I preach against Android all the time, but not iPhone.  Yes, I give iSheeple I know a hard time, but they know that I know that we need the competition.  My Android friends?  I just ask them how they're liking their Virus Phones.
    Han did shoot first.  I saw it in theaters in 1977, before they had a chance to alter it, and convince this younger generation otherwise!
  • Lol. In my case I grew up in the VHS/laserdisc era of Star Wars movies. The originals had errors but ten times as much charm as the new ones. Everytime George alters them I'm like, " stop ruining my childhood". :-(
  • This is really great for Windows Phone. The Sara Lee employees will no doubt provide their feedback to friends and family when they ask about the phone, so there's a word-of-mouth angle to this as well.
  • +1
  • +2 here! And this is a return to Aubrey for agreeing with my post earlier! ;-)
  • Great choice! Just like mine.
  • I can vouch for that, I work in an ice cream factory and when the clients from Sara lee have been coming in during the last 3 or so months they've all had LUMIA 800's
  • Didn't Cook just say the other day "a majority of Fortune 500 companies are testing and deploying iPads" ? I wonder if it is like the most advanced screen on the 5. WP8 is going to take enterprise over, the ease of management without extra software is going to be the key.
  • My wife is happy as can be. Her school district is removing NetBooks and distributing iPads to all teachers for use in the classroom. Another missed opportunity for MS.
  • Missed or late to the party?
  • Missed.
  • Educational sector has been favorable to Apple for a long time. It's not just an Ipad thing.
  • I'd say more testing than actually deploying. Typical Apple BS/spin. Different markets anyway (tablets vs mobiles). W8 tablets are sure to make waves, as most IT staff with existing Windows networks don't want to support iDevices.
  • Awesome news, but I wonder why they're choosing the 800 instead of the 820 or 920... or perhaps that's why they've only rolled out 70, and they'll switch the model once available.
  • It says they'll roll out WP8 devices when they come available
  • That... And the 800 is cheap vs. The newerr models
  • Happy to see WinPhone getting picked up by corporate customers. I would like to see Office 365 bundled with a WP8/Surface phone. With the recent US Government (ICE) buy of 17,676 iPhones (from BB), time is growing shorter by the day to gain Government/Corporate contracts and traction.
  • Great :-) it's beginning...
  • Great choice!
  • These guys are right in my neighborhood. Good to hear.
  • I agree with you all the take over has begun. Occupy Market share!
  • i'm glad someone figured it out.  Windows Phone IS the best enterprise solution.  Now get in that kitchen, and make me some Sara Lee apps!
  • Odd choice on the 800. I thought the 800 was pretty much a Eurasia only phone. Not available at any US carrier store or bricks & mortar store. Unless they tested what was available, then they'll roll out the 920/820/822 from here on out.
  • They probably got a good deal on the 800s. The article points out they'll move to the WP8 devices when they become available.
  • The Lumia 800 was sold in Canada by Telus, so it should work fine in the US on AT&T.
    Plus, I hope they were just using the 800 for testing purposes, and will roll out either then 810/820 or 920 to the entire company.
  • Just returned from a trip to USA. I can confirm that my Australian based Lumia 800 works just fine on AT&T's 3G network. Used one of their prepaid voice and data packs. No problems.
  • The Sarah Lee factory is based in Lisarow, NSW Australia. We have the Lumia 800 down here.
  • Any company who's bought into the Office 365 cloud offering from MS, will likely be putting Windows Phone 8 in front of their employees. Software and tooling Integration to the enterprise is key. For example some big software components to this are the integrated Phone 8 SharePoint connections, integrated Outlook mail, Office Hub, and  Lync, MS's instant messaging product. Which are all secured by extremely supportable enterprise class infrastructure. That's alot of companies people - and that's alot of phones. From an enterprise perspective, this is more of a death knell for Blackberry, than Apple. Phone 8 will also stand on it's own as a legit consumer device over time, so I think Apple and Samsung both will see slippage in share during the course.  But this is nothing new, just ask the smart folks who examine these types of things will tell you..  
  • My brothers security company is also looking into changing their phones from iPhone to windows phone. Yay!!!
  • That is good news indeed. Nokia and MSFT need to really take care of this company. Sara Lee is a pretty large company.
  • That logo looks alot like coca cola..
  • Just cause it has white letters on a solid, primary color background?  That describes a lot of logos.
    And the font is not block letters, but it is way different.
  • Never realized how many foods are included under Sara Lee. Check out the brands section in the Wikipedia entry.
  • This is great start for enterprises. Hopefully more will see its benefits and kudos to MS and Nokia for providing the support they needed...
  • Sweet!
  • I wonder what they will use as an MDM solution. We are looking to switch from BlackBerry to Windows Phone but have yet to find a decent MDM solution that offers everything we need. In particular, VPN. BES offers a built in VPN solution using the BlackBerry network. Every other MDM solution we've tested requires a third-party hardware or SSL VPN, which is quite costly.
  • So who's going to be the one to tell Sara Lee that their huge rollout of Lumia 800's isn't upgradeable to Windows Phone 8? #oops
  • Our company employs about 80 windows phones. The office is a definite necessity, and the IE ability of using multiple tabs is a must. We can only use IE for our field personnel as all others allow only one pop up, and then you're stopped.